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Once apon a time...there were five girls: Serena, Leta, Raye, Amy ,and Mina.

There were also five boys: Kento, Rowan, Ryo, Sage, and Sai.

They met one day in the city of Tokyo completely by chance
and it was as if they had been struck with love at first sight.
They became couples: Serena and Sage, Leta and Kento,
Raye and Ryo, Amy and Rowan, and Mina and Sai.

The became inseperable. They went to dances, parties, restaurants
and everything togethor. But pretty soon...they began to get tired
of each other and they would argue...

Raye: "You?? Stronger than me?? Hah! Don't make me laugh! Sailor Mars
is sooo much more powerful than the stupid , Armor of the Wildfire!
Ryo: Yea? Well, what about the Armor of the Inferno??? Huh??? Huh???
Raye: Hah! I bet I'm even stronger than that!
Ryo: Oh yea? Wanna find out?
Amy: (cuts in) Come on guys! Your are supposed to be boyfriend
and girlfriend... not enemies!
Raye: I don't know...There is still a chance that these armored
freaks are from the Negaverse..
Ryo: Armored freaks?!?!? Well at least we're not skimpy Sailor
Suited Sluts! I bet you guys are from the Evil Dynasty!
Raye: SLUTS? Why I oughtta...

Hahaha! Get the picture? Anyway they would argue... and then Serena began to think
about Darien(they broke up right before the Inner Soldiers met the Ronin Warriors)...

Sage: Um... Serena? Hello????
Serena: Huh? Oh. Did you say something, Sage?
Sage: Uh yea... I wanted to know if you wanted some popcorn...
Serena:Oh, thank you. Your so thoughtful, Darien.
Sage: Um...I'm Sage...
Serena: Of course you are! Didn't I say that?

And after awhile Sage kind of began to think about Mia...

Serena: Aren't those beautiful flowers, Sage?

Sage: Hmm. Yea... Almost as beautiful as you, Mia.
What did you just call me?
Sage: Oh...what?
Serena: I could of sworn that you just called me Mia...
Sage: Don't be silly, honey.

Well, sooner or later Serena broke up with Sage to be with Darien
(YOOHOO USAGI AND MAMORU!!!) After this the rest of the inners
couldn't help but wonder...Maybe the Ronin Warriors weren't as
perfect for them as they thought...The inners winded up breaking up
with the rest of the Ronins. After breaking up with the Ronins the
inners ran happilly into the arms of the ones they truly loved. Leta
ran to her old friend Ken, Amy ran to Greg, Raye ran to Chad
(after thinking about it for a very long time trying to figure out
if it was worth it to be his girlfriend even if she would to have to
hear him sing everyday),and Mina ran to Andrew(who decided that Mina
was really cool and long distance relationships suck so he broke up with Rita).

So all the Ronins except for Sage were totally dumped and alone. Sage
of course went running to his honey Mia... BUUUT!!! One day, Mia
decided that Sage was too young for her. (Well he is only..what 14???
And Mia is old enough to drive... Nope. Sorry. It just doesn't work.)
Miraculously, the very same day a big tall guy in armor suddenly
dropped from the Sky. Mia was shocked. She ran to the body at once.
It was...(NO not Ryo! Ryo is as young as Sage)...It was Anubis!
He was brought back to life by the ancient one! Mia was sooo happy.
She dumped Sage that day. (Yep she did and she broke his poor wittle
bity heart too :( ) The day after Anubis and Mia got on a flight to
Las Vagas where they got hitched. (If you ask me... there is something
wrong with this girl. Mia... ::rolls eyes:: How can she dump
Sage<3 <3 <3 for Anubis ?!?!?! )


Okay...So that it how it happened. How what happened? Well how
the Ronin Warriors ended up losers without a place to call home!
So if you are a true Ronin Warrior fan, you will adopt one of these
homeless hunkies and give them a good home on your homepage!

Ronin Babies!
Lately, the Ronin Warriors have been feeling kind of down because
they haven't been adopted that much! They have been turned into
little babies. Aw, they'll cry soon if you don't adopt one today!!!

To adopt a Ronin Warrior email with your name,
homepage address, and which Ronin you want to adopt.
I will send you the html code ASAP. Or...if you don't want to wait...
save and upload the picture yourself. If you do that make sure you
link it to

If you do that please email me anyway so that I know that you adopted one.

Let's give these cute little guys a good home!

Sailor Moon
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Sailor Moon
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