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Catholic Doctrine in Scripture

A Guide to The Verses
That Are Key
To the Catholic Faith

Catholic Doctrine in Scripture is being presented on the Web in four volumes. The contents are:
Volume I

Introduction, Preface, Church Authority and Infallibility, Peter as First Pope, Ordination and Priesthood, Salvation Not by Faith Alone, Doctrines, Free Will, Abortion, Contraception, Homosexuality and Divorce.
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Volume II

Life after Death, Intercessory Prayer, Indulgences, Purgatory, Forgiveness/Everlasting Life, Infant Baptism, The Necessity of Baptism, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Mortal/Venial Sin, The Mass, Sunday Worship, the Eucharist.
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Volume III

Call No Man "Father." Unity, Schism/Apostasy, The "Great Apostasy," Vain Repetitions, Graven Images, Veneration of Relics, Crucifixes, Persecution, Guardian Angels, Heaven Closed Until Jesus' Sacrifice, Excommunication, Dietary Laws and Alcohol as Sin, Celibacy, Ash Wednesday/Lenten Devotions, The Divinity of Jesus, The Holy Trinity, Jesus Not an Angel.
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Volume IV

Mary the Mother of God, Communion of Saints, New Covenant Fulfills the Old, Interpreting Scripture, Not by Scripture Alone, Bibliography.
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