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A Walk In the Clouds

Famous Angel Encounters

In the Middle Ages, Joan of Arc, a 16-year-old farm girl, lead an army that defeated the English and saved the French throne. She said she was inspired by the voice of two archangels, Michael and Gabriel, to take up arms against the invaders.

South Pole explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton reported he and his party were always aware of "one more" who traveled with them across the treacherous ice until they reached safety.

When Francis Sydney Smythe tackled Mt. Everest in the 1930's, a "friendly presence" climbed by his side throughout his journey and made him feel safe in the midst of danger. At one point, this friendly presence seemed so real that Smythe divided his meager ration of chocolate to share with it. "In its company," he recalled, "I could not feel lonely, neither could I come to any harm. It was always there to sustain me on my solitary climb."

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