Pic & caption courtesy of Lee Munsick

I thought sure I had saved a few of the tricky little WMTR memo pads c. 1950, but only just now came across one.
Not in pristine condition, but basically all there and still "working".
By that I mean one can still use it.
One writes with a pencil, stylus or some pointed object on a thin sheet of plastic, below which is a sheet of onionskin, under that a layer of black carbon or some such.
The writing sticks to the bottom of the onionskin and shows through.
To erase, one simply lifts up the onionskin and voila! the writing disappears, gone, ready for something else.
It's marked "Permanent Memo Pad".
Unfortunately, someone wrote on the plastic with a ballpoint and something is still there - perhaps could be removed.
At the top on a panel of genuine imitation leatherette naugahyde or whatever on cardboard, next to the script words "Smiling Mike" is a picture of "Smiling Mike" - Merrill Morris's trademark for the station, below which appear the words WMTR 1250 on Your Dial and "In the Service of Northern New Jersey".

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