Photos (and captions) courtesy of Lance DeBock

Live Remote at The Ocean County Mall-Late 70's.

Left to right, News Director Art Sarnoski, Dan Collins (Palumbo), Lance DeBock. Behind Dan is Sue Kasuba, (white shirt).

Dan Collins (Palumbo) and Morning Man Bill Everett (Yannette).
OC Mall Remote-Late 70's.

Ocean County Mall News Studio.
For reference, Center court is to the right behind the information booth.
Macys Mall entrance is to the left of Father & Son store.

Ocean County Mall News Studio-Interior

WJRZ 'No Stars' Softball Team.

Back Row: Mark Bronkowski, Jim Reilly, Pete Jarrett, Tom Webber, Jill Gold, Tripp Rogers, Harry & Brian.

Bottom Row: Alice Marin, Lance DeBock, Spaceman Scott, Howard 'The Duck', and Copywriter Don Seckler.

Night Game in Lavallette...1988-89.

1976-1980 Original Control Room which is now 'upper production'.
Still using the same board!
Brent (McNally) must have been on the air then, those headphones are his.
Note the 45's and the grey silent alarm button under the counter near the phone.
We tripped it more than once just to see how fast the cops would get there.

We also used it a couple of times for real emergencies.
People shooting at the building, strangers lurking in the parking lot etc.

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