Since my name is PirateJim I felt it appropriate to put up a pirate radio section to this site,
just to sort of tie things together, so to speak.

I had planned on putting together a pirate links section showcasing various pirate station websites and such, but I think this one link sums up just about all the information that's out there on pirate radio:

Here's a profile of Toms River pirate station WODD,
a station I was once personally involved with...

WODD was started in approximately September 1989 by a guy
who went by the on-air name of Pirate Pat.

Pirate Pat (2002)

He had been an engineer for WJRZ in Manahawkin, who unsuccessfully
had tried to get an on-air shift at the station.
So, WODD was born.

The original 1989 WODD logo

WODD started off broadcasting on 92.3 FM, right over K-Rock's signal.
The station broadcasted in mono every Saturday night starting at 7:30pm, and was on
for about 4 to 5 hours at a time.
WODD's format was a mix of classic and alternative rock, however
the main focus of the station was it's "colorful" commentary
on local, national (and sometimes personal) issues.
Music featured on WODD included such artists as
Pink Floyd, Yes, Neil Young, the Doors and many others.

My involvement with WODD began in March 1990,
when I first became aware of the station.
I actively contributed to WODD, such as making up a logo and
expanding Pat's musical library by sending him tapes, and as a result,
I got to know Pat on a personal level.

Between 1989 and early 1991, WODD had a changing roster of "personalities" that made up the staff.
Pirate Pat's first co-host was E.B. Gumby, followed soon thereafter by E.C. Joe.
During E.C. Joe's reign as co-host, the East Coast Rocker Update was a main feature on WODD.
Later on in 1990, "Mad" Mike became the new co-host.
In early 1991, Sandy, John and Kenny or "Kenhead," as he was called, were featured on the station.

After a brief hiatus in mid-1991, WODD switched frequencies in September 1991 to 93.1 FM,
overtaking WPAT-FM.
The station switched frequencies again in January 1992 to 95.3 FM.
95.3 provided the best coverage area, since the station was now on an "open" frequency.
WODD's 60 watts covered all of Toms River, parts of Beachwood, Pine Beach, Ocean Gate, Bayville, and east to Seaside Heights and as far north as Lakewood
(depending on weather conditions).

By this time, Pat had put together a "staff" for the station,
and was attempting to sound more "professional".
The new co-host was George and working behind the scenes was George's girlfriend Darcy, Jimmy and his girlfriend, Linda and who could forget "Jenn From Jupiter."

However, it all came to an end on June 6, 1992,
when Pat had transmitter trouble that was beyond fixing.

After WODD, Pat moved to Merced CA in August 1992, to persue a new job career.
About a year later, Michelle, who was on the WODD staff, moved in with him.
Pat stayed in California through early 1994, then I lost track of him between 1994 and 1998.
Sometime in early 1999, I found out that Pat had moved back to Toms River,
with his wife (Michelle) and two children.
However, now with family responsibilities, Pat has no intention of ressurecting WODD.

** UPDATE **
On October 29, 2001, Pirate Pat announced on the Garden State Radio Board that WODD
may be returning to the air!
In December 2001, Pirate Pat announced a website for WODD, located at:,
as well as an online webstream via ShoutCast.
However, in 2003, it appears as if Pirate Pat has abandoned the project of ressurecting WODD.
In December 2003, Pat relocated to the Houston TX area - but, left Michelle behind - as they are planning a divorce.

In late 2008, Pat moved back to NJ and is currently running his own web design business.

On March 17, 2015, Pat passed away suddenly, at the young age of 46.
He will be sorely missed.
RIP Pat ...

The next pirate to hit the airwaves in Toms River was WSMR on 89.3 FM.
This was a short-lived station that only broadcasted for about a week and a half in September of 1998.

WSMR was basically an extension of WCNJ, 89.3, in Hazlet, which at the time had undergone some programming changes.
In the summer of 1998, they were a CHR/Classic Rock hybrid, calling themselves "CFM".
The format was run by Mike Selvanto.

Mike Selvanto

Then, in August, it was announced that Sal Anthony (ex-PD of WCNJ and WRLJ and ex-pirate of 104.7 in Howell) had bought WCNJ and converted it back to what it had been doing before, which was oldies.

I'm assuming that Mike Selvanto and Sal Anthony had some bad blood between them, since Mike decided to set up shop here in Toms River and spin old "CFM" airchecks, which is what WSMR was broadcasting.

During the brief time it was on, WSMR broadcasted in mono (with bad modulation, I might add) from a studio at 117 Rt. 37 E. in Toms River.
I had the pleasure of speaking to Mike on several occasions, and he had plans on making WSMR a live & local operation as well as setting up an additional station on 90.3 FM.

However, once the station went off the air in September, it was never to be heard from again.
The last time I spoke to Mike in October of 1998, he still had plans on putting WSMR on the air, but in early December, the studio line for the station was disconnected, and passing by the studio on Rt. 37, I observed that they had moved out and the room was empty.

Recently, I've been told that Mike is up to his old tricks again - this time running a station on 91.9 FM in Elizabeth, with calls of WCFM.
(12/2005) WCFM was shut down a couple of years ago, and Mike has now relocated to the Camden NJ area.

(12/2010) Mike Selvanto now resides in the Manahawkin NJ area and runs an automotive shop, "CFM Performance, Auto Restoration Center & Speed Shop".

(5/2014) After re-locating to Camden NJ a few years ago, Mike seems to have settled, for now, in the Atlantic City NJ area, presumedly as a "filmmaker."

In April 2009, another pirate emerged on the air on 104.1.
The station was called "WRAN", which was taken from a long-defunct AM station in Dover (Morris County) NJ.

The station featured a mix of 60's to 80's music, interspersed with old WRAN jingles from the original station, plus some edited WJRZ jingles, as well.

The station was mostly on the air weekends, but also ran sporatically during the week.

A female did the liners for the station - someone I had heard before, but couldn't quite place.

On April 21, 2009, "WRAN" began featuring weather forecasts, using heavily edited WJRZ weather bed music, under the name, "Jersey ShoreCast."
They also used what sounded like voice-altering to read the forecast - either using sped-up or slowed-down voices.

However, soon afterwards, the station disappeared from 104.1 ... only to be ressurrected on 91.9 on May 2, 2009, under the name, "The Jersey Shore Shuffle".

The same female did the liners for this station, as well.
Some examples include: "From Brick to South Toms River, we're the station with the best music...", "Driving down the parkway or Rt. 37, thanks for taking us along...", etc.
The station also used generic shouts, such as "All Hits!", "All Night Party!" - and also used generic shouts for some holidays like Easter, Independence Day, etc.

The music format was essentially the same, although, it eventually evolved into a "60's to today" format.

The signal on 91.9 was considerably weaker than when it was on 104.1, as I was picking up more static over the signal at my location.

However, this too, was short-lived, as the station disappeared from 91.9 on May 17, 2009 - but then re-debuted on 104.1 on May 23, 2009.

In July 2009, "The Jersey Shore Shuffle" started an online stream - which is currently available here.

The online stream originally was as sporatic as 104.1, but then it eventually was on all the time.

When 104.1 and the online stream are on at the same time, both have the same programming.

Around the time the online stream started, however, the signal on 104.1 was cut back a bit.
I can still pick it up at my location, but there is lots of static over it.

The original signal covered most of Toms River, mostly out to the west, beyond the hospital.
The strongest area is around the Hooper Ave. vicinity.

In the last few months, there is an AIM screen name listed on the online stream page for the station, JerzShoreShuffle, and recently, I observed the name online, however, I was not able to get any response when I tried to start a conversation.

As I write this in May 2010, the station is still active on 104.1 and online - though, I still do not know who is behind this operation.

(12/2010) It was recently announced that The Jersey Shore Shuffle now operates an AM station at 1710, although I have yet to hear it.
Also, the station appears to be broadcasting from somewhere in a condo complex off of Mapletree Rd. in Toms River.

(5/2014) Earlier in the year, the online stream became very sporatic, even re-broadcasting for a time the Indian music station Radio Zindagi.
After that, it seemed the station went on hiatus for a couple of months.
The stream returned a couple of weeks ago and today (5/28) has been re-named The Central Jersey Shuffle, and advertises as being on 1640 AM.
(5/29) The name of the stream has changed, once again, this time to The Jersey Shuffle - 1640AM.

(8/20) Received word that The Jersey Shuffle is now based up in Manville NJ and is, indeed, on 1640 AM, and has been since about March of this year.

(10/12) The Jersey Shuffle now advertises a phone number (484-800-1640) on their stream page, which is a Philadelphia exchange.

Stay Tuned ...

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