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This page will attempt to showcase the histories of New York City FM Radio stations,
past and present.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any information you would like to contribute to this page and
you will be credited.

Some information provided by:
  • Bruce Elving's FMedia! newsletters, 1986-present
  • Dave Hughes' NYRTV website (no longer online)
  • Jeff Miller's History Of American Broadcasting website
  • Tom "LavPass"
  • AmericanRadioHistory.com

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  • WWPR - 105.1 FM, New York
    This station went on the air December 14, 1953 and has had a wide range of format changes throughout its history.
    It started out as WWRL-FM in the 1950's, licensed to Woodside NY and was located in a garage behind the AM station's studios.
    In the 1960's, it switched to WRFM with an easy listening format which lasted over 20 years.
    A WRFM dial card, circa mid-1970's, can be seen here.
    Some vintage WRFM jingles can be heard here.
    Then on April 17, 1986, calls changed to WNSR "New York's Soft Rock" and the format became Soft AC.
    By 1990, however, they started calling themselves "Mix 105" and in 1992, the calls officially changed to WMXV.
    The format then evolved to Hot AC by 1993.
    Now, here's where it gets interesting, folks...
    "Mix 105" lasted until November 13, 1996 when the station stunted with Broadway tunes for a day.
    Then, on November 14, they became Modern Adult Rock as "The Buzz", with calls of WDBZ becoming official on November 29, 1996.
    "The Buzz" turned out to be a failure, however, and less than a year later (August 5, 1997) switched back to its old call letters of WNSR and became a Hot AC station (later just strict AC) by the end of 1997. WNSR was also short-lived, when in January 1998, they started the "Big 105" phase.
    Calls were changed to WBIX on April 13, 1998, and the format evolved back to Hot AC, and later Modern AC.
    "Big 105" featured ex-Partridge Family member Danny Bonaduce doing morning drive.
    On December 4, 1998, 105.1 switched to a format that was sweeping the country: Jammin' Oldies - dance/disco music from the 60's to the 80's.
    The station initially held a contest to name themselves.
    On Christmas Eve 1998, the name chosen was "Jammin' 105".
    Calls were officially changed to WTJM on March 1, 1999.
    In 2001, with the Jammin Oldies craze dying down, WTJM refocused their playlist somewhat, to become a borderline Urban AC with the slogan "Jammin' 105-1: The Heart & Soul Of New York."
    On March 14, 2002, 105.1 switched to a Rhythmic CHR format as "Power 105.1", going head-to-head with "Hot 97".
    "Power 105.1" is expected to pick up the former "Hot 97" morning team of Doctor Dre and Ed Lover in April 2002.
    On April 12, 2002, 105.1 changed calls to WWPR.
    (Thanks to Mark D and Doug Douglass for some of this information)
    (The old WWRL/WRFM logo, courtesy of knowston.homestead.com)
    (Thanks to Joe Tedd for the WRFM jingles)

    WDMB-LP, 105.5 FM, Queens
    One of the very few LPFM's to be granted in the New York City area, this station was granted a CP on November 10, 2014.
    It is owned by The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Brooklyn.
    This station will be sharing time with another LPFM that was granted the same day in Flushing.
    105.5 was granted the WDMB-LP calls on January 28, 2015.

    WLTW - 106.7 FM, New York
    106.7 signed on January 26, 1961 as WRVR.
    WRVR was owned by Riverside Church and was originally a non-commercial religious station.
    In the mid 1970's, it transfered to commercial status and became a jazz station.
    On September 8, 1980 at 12noon, 106.7 became a country station as "Kick".
    Calls were changed to WKHK on October 24, 1980.
    The initial DJ lineup included Larry Kenney, Les Davis, Pat Prescott, Batt Johnson, Lois Gilberd, Art McFarland and Herschel.
    Other personalities would join later on including Steve Warren, Austin Davis, Robin Shine, Herb Barry, Tim Byrd, Al Bernstein, Shawn Burke, Maryann Rogue, Cliff Powers, David Allen Shaw, Dale Reeves, Carole Mason, Joel Sebastian, Holly Levis, Phil Redo and Rosemary Young.
    The original PD was Bill Ford, replaced by Dene Hallam at the end of 1982.
    Then on January 24, 1984, 106.7 became WLTW "Lite FM" with a Soft AC format.
    WLTW evolved to mainstream AC by 1996.
    (Thanks to Lance Venta for digging up the old WKHK and WLTW logos)
    (Thanks to Mark D for providing some of this information)

    WBLS - 107.5 FM, New York
    107.5 originally went on the air in 1951 as WEVD, which later moved over to 97.9.
    After a period of inactivity, 107.5 came back on the air on September 15, 1965 as WLIB.
    WLIB was initially a jazz station, before evolving into their urban format by 1973 as WBLS.
    WBLS evolved to Urban Hot AC by 1994.
    In January 2005, WBLS switched to Urban AC as "The Home Of Classic Soul & R&B."
    On April 26, 2012 at 10am, WBLS began to simulcast 98.7 WRKS, in anticipation of some of the programming & personalities from "Kiss" coming to 107.5 full-time, as of April 30.
    (Thanks to Mark D and Patrick McIntyre for some of this information)

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