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This page will attempt to showcase the histories of New Jersey AM Radio stations,
past and present.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any information you would like to contribute to this page and
you will be credited.

Some information provided by:
  • "The Airwaves Of New York:
    Illustrated Histories Of 156 AM Stations In The
    Metropolitan Area, 1921-1996"

  • Dave Hughes' NYRTV website (no longer online)
  • Jeff Miller's History Of American Broadcasting website
  • Tom "LavPass"
  • AmericanRadioHistory.com

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  • WWRU - 1660 AM, Jersey City
    Originally an expanded band allocation for WJDM, this station signed on December 8, 1995.
    Initially, this station just re-transmitted programming that had been on 1530 AM.
    Then, on February 1, 1996, it began a children's format as "Radio Aahs", an affiliation with Minneapolis-based Children's Broadcasting Corp.
    In 1998, "Radio Aahs" and its parent company went bankrupt, and for a while 1660 broadcast a wide variety of music and even joined on as an affiliate of "Beat Radio", a former dance music pirate station from Minneapolis.
    On May 11, 1998, calls were changed to WBAH, ironically this was after "Radio Aahs" had disappeared.
    On February 15, 1999, calls were again changed to WWRU, to reflect its new ownership, Radio Unica.
    The station then featured Spanish programming.
    In 2003, the station was purchased by MultiCultural Broadcasting.
    WWRU currently features Korean programming.

    WTTM - 1680 AM, Lindenwold
    This station is an expanded band allocation for WHWH 1350 AM in Princeton.
    It was originally granted calls of WAXK on March 6, 1998 - then WTTM on March 26, 1998; it was originally allocated to Princeton on June 13, 1997.
    In May 1999, WTTM signed on featuring ESPN sports programming.
    In April 2002, WTTM was sold to MultiCultural Broadcasting and was programmed by Eastern Broadcasting Corp. (previously on WCNJ, 89.3 in Hazlet) featuring an ethnic format.
    WTTM pics are available here.
    On November 1, 2005, EBC moved the ethnic format to WWTR 1170.
    In the meantime, 1680 began to experiment with a format called "Radio T.E.D." (T.E.D. standing for "Timeless Entertainment Device".)
    The format was the result of Chief Engineer Neal Newman, which featured music from a wide range of genres, and was essentially used as a placeholder until 1680's new antenna system was moved from Princeton to Lindenwold.
    In mid-December 2005, 1680 started a Spanish format.

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