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A yellow star * after the city name indicates the station is on the air.
Formats are in parenthesis.
Clicking on an underlined frequency will provide a coverage map and contact info (opening in a new window).
A symbol means that an audio stream is available for the station.
A (?) means that I don't know what the format is.
If you can help me eliminate the (?) listings and/or confirm of other LPFM stations on the air that I don't have marked off as being on, please e-mail me.
I'd like to make this list as complete and accurate as possible.

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89.5Adventist Learning Center Of SidneySidney NE(cp expires - 8/4/2015)
WCGD-LP90.5Central Nebraska Community BroadcastingEdgar NE* (christian)
91.9Ministerio Principe de Paz Internacional Inc.Omaha NE(cp expires - 2/20/2016)
KAGR-LP92.1The Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Congregation Of Arapahoe NEArapahoe NE(cp expires - 7/29/2015)
KIVE-LP92.5Dawn Adventist BroadcastingAurora NE* (religious teaching)
KGIA-LP92.9Grand Island Adventist Educational RadioGrand Island NE* (christian//Radio74)
KKOP-LP93.9Wildcat Broadcasting Inc.Clay Center NE(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
KYTF-LP94.7Blair Healing Rooms Inc.Blair NE(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
95.1Central City Baptist ChurchCentral City NE(cp expires - 8/4/2015)
KCTH-LP95.1Christ The King Catholic Church Of Gering And ScottsbluffGering NE(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
KNNA-LP95.7Good Shepherd Community RadioLincoln NE(cp expires - 8/14/2015)
KOWN-LP95.7Omaha Community BroadcastingOmaha NE(cp expires - 3/5/2016)
KNIL-LP95.9St. Ludgerus Catholic ChurchCreighton NE* (oldies/christian rock)
KQPK-LP96.9Holy Spirit Catholic Radio Of McCookMcCook NE(cp expires - 11/20/2015)
97.7Adventist Learning Center Of OgallalaOgallala NE(cp expires - 8/4/2015)
98.1Independent Omaha Radio Project Inc.Omaha NE(cp expires - 2/21/2016)
KHPJ-LP98.3Hope Radio HastingsHastings NE* (religious teaching)
KVRY-LP98.9White Stone Inc. d/b/a Calvary Chapel South Sioux CitySouth Sioux City NE(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
KPWM-LP99.3Millard Public SchoolsOmaha NE(cp expires - 3/22/2016)
WOMA-LP99.5Fresh New MediaOmaha NE(cp expires - 4/27/2016)
99.9Adventist Learning Center Of AllianceAlliance NE(cp expires - 8/3/2015)
99.9Adventist Learning Center Of BridgeportBridgeport NE(cp expires - 8/3/2015)
KPKA-LP100.1St. Isadore Catholic Radio Of BeatriceBeatrice NE(cp expires - 11/19/2015)
KCUG-LP100.3Gospel Music OmahaOmaha NE(cp expires - 3/8/2016)
KEVH-LP100.7Educational Voice Of HastingsHastings NE* (religious teaching)
KNEY-LP100.9Kearney SDA RadioKearney NE(cp expires - 7/16/2015)
KXNB-LP101.3Malcolm X Memorial FoundationOmaha NE(cp expires - 7/20/2016)
101.3North Omaha Loves Jazz Cultural Arts And Humanities Complex Inc.Omaha NE(cp expires - 7/20/2016)
KMAY-LP102.7St. Mary Catholic Radio Of YorkYork NE(cp expires - 7/22/2015)
KLPH-LP103.9St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic Radio Of AllianceAlliance NE(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
KNKP-LP104.3St. Polycarp Catholic Radio Of ImperialImperial NE(cp expires - 11/20/2015)
105.7Crete Progressive Educational Broadcasting Corp.Crete NE(cp expires - 7/16/2015)
105.7St. John Of God Catholic Radio Of ValentineValentine NE(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
KMKP-LP106.5St. John Bosco Catholic Radio Of HoldregeHoldrege NE(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
KCGW-LP107.1Williams Life RadioEdgar NE* (silent - since 2/25/2015)
KJAM-LP107.5St. James Catholic Radio Of SidneySidney NE(cp expires - 7/22/2015)
107.9Greater Crete Commercial Free Radio Corp.Crete NE(cp expires - 7/16/2015)
KJFT-LP107.9Lincoln Chinese Ministry Assoc.Lincoln NE* (christian chinese//FRBM)

KBOK-LP93.3Sonrise Church d/b/a Calvary Chapel Of Northwest RenoReno NV(cp expires - 2/22/2016)
KAVS-LP93.9Oasis Christian Radio Inc.Fallon NV* (christian//3ABN)
KYHW-LP94.7Calvary Chapel Of Carson ValleyGardnerville NV* (religious teaching)
KRBV-LP95.1Bunkerville Volunteer Fire Dept.Bunkerville NV(cp expires - 8/4/2015)
KNVC-LP95.1The Brewery Arts CenterCarson City NV(cp expires - 8/25/2015)
95.9Blackbird Arts Inc.Las Vegas NV(cp expires - 6/15/2016)
95.9City Of The World Inc.Las Vegas NV(cp expires - 6/15/2016)
95.9Iglesia Cristiana Voz de SalvacionLas Vegas NV(cp expires - 6/15/2016)
KPFF-LP97.7Pahrump Film Festival Inc.Pahrump NV* (oldies/talk)
KRBP-LP97.7Reno Bike ProjectReno NV(cp expires - 3/17/2016)
KIOF-LP97.9Las Vegas Public Radio Inc.Las Vegas NV(cp expires - 3/5/2016)
KKTT-LP97.9Winnemucca Christian Broadcasting Assoc.Winnemucca NV* (christian//LifeTalk)
KPFV-LP98.1Radio Education Network Inc.Pahrump NV(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
KDHE-LP99.7Spring Creek Christian CenterSpring Creek NV(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
KHSJ-LP100.1Radio Paradise Inc.Las Vegas NV* (variety)
100.5Ministerio Palabra de Vida Inc.Reno NV(cp expires - 2/21/2016)
101.1Liberty Baptist Church Of Las VegasLas Vegas NV(cp expires - 3/15/2016)
KGLJ-LP102.9Greater Life ChurchElko NV(cp expires - 7/29/2015)
KQLS-LP103.1Chinese Voice Of Golden CityLas Vegas NV(cp expires - 5/20/2016)
KWKI-LP106.9Talk Radio Of Pahrump Inc.Pahrump NV(cp expires - 9/14/2015)
KIYQ-LP107.1Reading, Writing, Arithmetic Inc.Las Vegas NV(cp expires - 7/9/2016)

WNHB-LP89.1Boys And Girls Club Of The North CountryLisbon NH(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
WNHN-LP94.7NH News, Views And BluesConcord NH* (variety)
94.7New Hampshire Community Radio Inc.Northwood NH(cp expires - 4/21/2016)
WKHP-LP94.9Keene Foursquare Church d/b/a Harvest Christian FellowshipKeene NH* (contemp. christian)
WLGV-LP95.1A Londonderry Emergency Response Team (ALERT)Londonderry NH(cp expires - 5/20/2016)
WMNH-LP95.3Manchester Public Television ServiceManchester NH(cp expires - 4/14/2016)
WZNC-LP99.9Friends Of The ColonialBethlehem NH* (eclectic alternative)
WJSK-LP101.1The Bartlett-Jackson Community Broadcasters Assoc.Bartlett NH* (jazz)
WBUB-LP101.5Cultural Media ConnectionPortsmouth NH* (classic soul)
101.7St. Joseph Catholic Family CenterManchester NH(cp expires - 4/16/2016)
WICX-LP102.7New Hampshire Catholic Community RadioConcord NH(cp expires - 8/7/2015)
WLLO-LP102.9Londonderry School District, School Administrative Unit 12Londonderry NH* (variety)
WXGR-LP103.5GrittyDover NH* (variety)
WBNH-LP105.1Town Of Bedford, New HampshireBedford NH(cp expires - 4/15/2016)
WNEY-LP105.1NeskayaFranconia NH(cp expires - 6/19/2016)
WFPC-LP105.3Franklin Pierce CollegeRindge NH* (variety)
105.7The Living Word Ministries Of Charlestown NHCharlestown NH(cp expires - 8/25/2015)
WMEX-LP105.9Rochester RadioRochester NH* (oldies)
WSCA-LP106.1Seacoasts Arts And Cultural AlliancePortsmouth NH* (variety / Pacifica)
107.3Moose Mountain MediaEtna NH(cp expires - 7/17/2015)

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KFDP-LP93.5City Of BloomfieldBloomfield NM(cp expires - 7/30/2015)
KQUQ-LP93.7Quote...Unquote Inc.Albuquerque NM(cp expires - 1/29/2016)
93.9Clovis Seventh Day Adventist ChurchClovis NM(cp expires - 3/10/2016)
KALH-LP95.1Southwestern Trails Cultural Heritage Assoc.Alamogordo NM* (variety)
KLYN-LP95.7The Rock Christian OutreachLas Vegas NM* (christian)
KLDK-LP96.5Embudo Valley Community LibraryDixon NM* (variety)
KSHF-LP96.7Holy Cross, A New Mexico Non-Profit Corp.Espanola NM* (religious teaching)
96.9Pueblo Of IsletaIsleta NM(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
KMRD-LP96.9Madrid Cultural ProjectsMadrid NM* (variety)
97.3St. Patrick - St. JosephRaton NM(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
KBNM-LP98.7Tixs For KidsBelen NM* (oldies/spanish)
98.9Pueblo Of IsletaIsleta NM(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
KGZR-LP98.9Santa Fe Teen Arts CenterSanta Fe NM(cp expires - 8/7/2015)
99.1Espiritu de Columbus Inc.Columbus NM(cp expires - 10/29/2015)
KHBX-LP99.3City Of Hobbs NMHobbs NM* (traffic info)
KMGG-LP99.9Future Broadcasters Inc.Albuquerque NM* (urban ac)
KTRO-LP99.9The Rock Christian OutreachEspanola NM(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
KUPR-LP99.9Las Placitas Assoc.Placitas NM(cp expires - 8/20/2015)
KCMG-LP100.1Lovington Christian Broadcasting Corp.Lovington NM* (christian//3ABN)
KKSC-LP100.1Calvary Chapel Of Silver CitySilver City NM* (religious teaching)
101.1Shepherd's CallEdgewood NM(cp expires - 8/6/2015)
KPAD-LP101.1First Spanish Assembly Of GodRoswell NM(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
KVNM-LP101.1Idea MinistriesVeguita NM* (jazz/black gospel) TuneIn
101.7Southwest Environmental CenterLas Cruces NM(cp expires - 5/14/2016)
KEDU-LP102.3Christian Business Owners Of Lincoln CountyRuidoso NM* (christian)
KSRL-LP103.1St. Rose Of Lima Education Assoc.Santa Rosa NM* (religious teaching)
KVIW-LP104.5Calvary Chapel Of DemingDeming NM(cp expires - 10/29/2015)
KVTP-LP105.5Church Of The One GodSanta Fe NM(cp expires - 8/12/2015)
KROZ-LP105.9First Bi-Lingual Ministeral Assoc.Hobbs NM* (christian)
KJLL-LP107.7Hobbs Christian Education Radio Inc.Hobbs NM(cp expires - 7/15/2015)

WBTS-LP88.5betterArts Inc.Redwood NY(cp expires - 10/23/2015)
WMUD-LP89.3Champlain Music Appreciation Society Inc.Moriah NY* (folk/jazz/world music)
WPBB-LP92.5Manlius Pebble Hill School Inc.DeWitt NY(cp expires - 4/15/2016)
WRAQ-LP92.7Angelica Community Radio Inc.Angelica NY(cp expires - 8/7/2015)
WOOG-LP92.7Oakwood Community Center Inc.Troy NY(cp expires - 7/16/2016)
WQKA-LP92.9Keuka Broadcasters Inc.Pulteney NY* (variety)
93.7Torah Treasure HouseMonticello NY(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
93.7Pure Heart Culture And Education FoundationWestbrookville NY(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
WIHR-LP94.1Advent Radio Ministries Corp.Jamestown NY* (christian//3ABN)
WLRF-LP94.3Latter Rain Network Inc.Binghamton NY* (religious teaching)
94.3D S Great Tatang Cultural Inc.Port Jervis NY(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
94.7New York Catholic Radio Inc.Poughkeepsie NY(cp expires - 10/10/2015)
WLIX-LP94.7Pine Barrens BroadcastingRidge NY* (soft ac)
WLDM-LP95.7Living Water MinistriesSanataria Springs NY* (religious teaching)
WJIH-LP95.9Spirit And Truth Christian AssemblyOneonta NY* (religious teaching)
WOOS-LP95.9Troy Bike Rescue Inc.Schenectady NY(cp expires - 7/12/2016)
96.9Calvary Chapel North CountryWatertown NY(cp expires - 10/23/2015)
97.1Ibero American Action LeagueRochester NY(cp expires - 4/14/2016)
WHIH-LP97.3Lifepoint Church Of The Mohawk ValleyWhitesboro NY* (religious teaching)
WHMV-LP97.5Mohawk Valley Radio GroupMohawk NY(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
97.7Mt. St. Francis Hermitage Inc.Binghamton NY(cp expires - 5/4/2016)
WZNY-LP98.3Grace Bible Fellowship Inc.Fairport NY(cp expires - 8/11/2015)
WCLP-LP98.3Light Of Truth Inc.Lake Placid NY(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
WARI-LP98.5New Day Global MissionRochester NY(cp expires - 4/9/2016)
WGWY-LP99.1Gateway Pentecostal ChurchGlens Falls NY(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
WBDY-LP99.5The Bundy Museum Of History & ArtBinghamton NY(cp expires - 5/25/2016)
WNAR-LP100.3Arcade Christian Broadcasting Corp.Arcade NY* (christian//3ABN)
WAPP-LP100.3Aquila Broadcasting Corp.Westhampton NY* (religious teaching)
WDRX-LP100.7Cortland Christian Radio Inc.Cortland NY* (christian//3ABN)
WSVV-LP100.9The Savior's Voice Broadcasting Co. Inc.Center Moriches NY* (silent - since 6/8/2014)
100.9Rochester Community TV Inc.Rochester NY(cp expires - 4/14/2016)
WWKP-LP101.3New Beginnings Baptist ChurchKennedy NY(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
102.3Educational Lab Inc.Brooklyn NY(cp expires - 5/7/2016)
102.3Catholic Kolping Society New YorkHighlands NY(cp expires - 7/30/2015)
WLPP-LP102.9Maetreum Of Cybele, Magna Mater Inc.Palenville NY(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
WSPJ-LP103.3Syracuse Community Radio Inc.Syracuse NY(cp expires - 4/10/2016)
WPWL-LP103.7Pawling Public Radio Inc.Pawling NY(cp expires - 8/14/2015)
WKHV-LP103.9Kingston Outreach ServicesKingston NY* (christian//LifeTalk)
WIOF-LP104.1Birds Of A Feather Media Ltd.Woodstock NY(cp expires - 8/14/2015)
WAYO-LP104.3MuCCC Inc.Rochester NY(cp expires - 8/10/2015)
WOGM-LP104.7Lighthouse Baptist ChurchJamestown NY* (christian//FBN)
WKEG-LP104.7Limestone Community RadioLimestone NY* (rock)
WBLN-LP104.9Better Living Radio Inc.Glens Falls NY* (christian//LifeTalk)
WGRE-LP105.1Citizens Committee For Greenwich Youth (Rural Upstate NY)Greenwich NY(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
WOOC-LP105.3Media AllianceTroy NY(cp expires - 7/12/2016)
WDBA-LP105.5JCM Radio Inc.Bethpage NY(cp expires - 4/21/2016)
105.5The Global Service Center For Quitting Chinese Communist Party Inc.Flushing NY(cp expires - 5/10/2016)
WDMB-LP105.5The Roman Catholic Diocese Of BrooklynQueens NY(cp expires - 5/10/2016)
WHWS-LP105.7Hobart And William Smith CollegesGeneva NY* (spanish/adult alternative)
105.9Dialogos Of Cobleskill Inc.Cobleskill NY(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
WJIJ-LP105.9Upper Room Ministries Of RichmondvilleStamford NY(cp expires - 8/3/2015)
WGLU-LP106.1West Canada Christian ResourcesNewport NY* (religious teaching)
WRFZ-LP106.3Rochester Free Radio Inc.Rochester NY(cp expires - 8/12/2015)
WOOA-LP106.9Green Education And Legal Fund Inc.Albany NY(cp expires - 7/12/2016)
WCAA-LP107.1Grand Street Community Arts Inc.Albany NY(cp expires - 8/21/2015)
WSVD-LP107.1Spencer-Van Etten CSDSpencer NY(cp expires - 7/23/2015)
WLRG-LP107.5Corning Christian Radio Corp.Corning NY* (christian//3ABN)
WELV-LP107.9Ellenville Central School DistrictEllenville NY* (variety)
WRFA-LP107.9Reg Lenna Center For The Arts Inc.Jamestown NY* (variety / Pacifica)
107.9Eastern US Taiwan Culture Promotion Assoc. Inc.Middletown NY(cp expires - 7/28/2015)

WMTG-LP88.1Mt. Gilead Community Concerts Assoc.Mt. Gilead NC* (variety)
WPFY-LP90.1BirthChoiceRaleigh NC(cp expires - 4/16/2016)
90.3Ministerio Guerrero de Jesucristo Internacional Inc.Durham NC(cp expires - 9/11/2016)
WJSI-LP91.7St. Mark Radio Assoc.Wilmington NC * (religious teaching)
WSEQ-LP92.9South Caldwell High SchoolHudson NC* (variety//WSER-LP)
WBPL-LP93.1Ave Maria Radio Assoc.Wilmington NC* (christian//Relevant)
WRLY-LP93.5Triangle Access Broadcasting Inc.Raleigh NC* (talk)
93.5Sanford Church Of ChristSanford NC(cp expires - 8/18/2015)
WDJD-LP93.7Elizabethtown Airwaves Ministry Inc.Elizabethtown NC* (christian//LifeTalk)
WLYT-LP94.7Bespoke BroadcastingMooresville NC(cp expires - 8/7/2015)
WART-LP95.5Radio MadisonMarshall NC(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
95.7WGNW Radio MinistriesCandler NC(cp expires - 8/19/2015)
WHOA-LP95.7Valley Stream Of Raleigh Homeowners Assoc. Inc.Raleigh NC(cp expires - 10/2/2015)
WULC-LP95.9Luz Para Hoy RadioHendersonville NC(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
WEZU-LP95.9Better Life Inc.Roanoke Rapids NC* (easy listening)
95.9Waynesville Christian Radio Corp.Waynesville NC(cp expires - 7/29/2015)
WLUL-LP96.5Thomasville Educational RadioThomasville NC(cp expires - 8/11/2015)
WSHP-LP96.5All Saints Catholic AcademyWake Forest NC(cp expires - 8/12/2015)
WTDA-LP96.5Martin County Tourism Development AuthorityWilliamston NC* (oldies)
WICE-LP97.1Ebenezer Pentecostal Radio ServiceHendersonville NC* (religious teaching)
97.1Carolina/Virginia Reading Service Inc.Roanoke Rapids NC(cp expires - 7/16/2015)
WFHC-LP97.3JBN Inc.Hendersonville NC* (christian//3ABN)
WBIC-LP97.3Tabernacle Baptist Church Of Wilson, North CarolinaWilson NC(cp expires - 8/6/2015)
WBYJ-LP97.9Burlington Christian Radio Inc.Burlington NC* (gospel)
WJOF-LP97.9Health And Liberty Inc.Liberty NC* (christian//3ABN)
WEHB-LP98.3First United Methodist ChurchWadesboro NC* (religious teaching)
98.5North Carolina Black Leadership CaucusFayetteville NC(cp expires - 8/19/2015)
WDZD-LP99.1Shaggers Inc.Monroe NC* (classic hits)
99.1Trinity Baptist Church Of Mooresville Inc.Mooresville NC(cp expires - 9/26/2015)
99.1Statesville LPFM RadioStatesville NC(cp expires - 9/28/2015)
WFWC-LP99.3Fremont United Methodist ChurchFremont NC* (christian)
WLRZ-LP99.3Lenoir-Rhyne CollegeHickory NC* (adult alternative)
WZRF-LP99.3Neptune Radio Inc.Wilmington NC(cp expires - 6/4/2016)
WLJF-LP99.9Love And Faith Christian FellowshipGreensboro NC(cp expires - 8/5/2015)
100.1New Light Pentecostal Free Will BaptistBladenboro NC(cp expires - 7/29/2015)
WSER-LP100.1Caldwell County Public SchoolsLenoir NC* (variety)
WHGW-LP100.3Morganton Christian Radio Corp.Morganton NC* (christian//3ABN)
WYLT-LP100.3Action Community Television Inc.Rocky Mount NC(cp expires - 10/16/2015)
WJQY-LP100.3Kingsmill Ministries Inc.Wilson NC(cp expires - 9/28/2015)
WAOG-LP100.7Calvary Chapel Of The SandhillsAberdeen NC* (christian)
WRES-LP100.7Empowerment Resource Center Of Asheville & Buncombe Co. Inc.Asheville NC* (urban/gospel)
100.7Grace Christian AcademyBryson City NC(cp expires - 5/6/2016)
WJSL-LP100.7Sacred Heart Radio Assoc.Southport NC(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
WHSP-LP100.9Church Of The Incarnation Of Asheville Inc.Black Mountain NC(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
101.3Monte Calvario Foundation Inc.Charlotte NC(cp expires - 5/4/2016)
WEXM-LP101.3Mt. Airy Community Radio Inc.Mt. Airy NC* (oldies)
WABZ-LP101.5Valley View RadioAlbemarle NC(cp expires - 10/2/2015)
101.5Belmont Abbey CollegeBelmont NC(cp expires - 8/10/2015)
WDFC-LP101.7CUMC Radio LLCGreensboro NC* (religious teaching)
WKRP-LP101.9Capital Area Team Sports Inc.Raleigh NC(cp expires - 9/18/2015)
WCDJ-LP102.1Cape Fear Regional Community Development Corp.Wilmington NC(cp expires - 5/4/2016)
WAJA-LP102.5New Lite MediaRocky Mount NC* (gospel)
WWRO-LP102.5Covenant Broadcasting Co. Of Statesville Inc.Statesville NC(cp expires - 8/21/2015)
102.7Greensboro Radio Project Inc.Greensboro NC(cp expires - 6/8/2016)
WTZO-LP103.1World Evangelistic Outreach Ministries Inc.Thomasville NC* (gospel/jazz/urban)
WJSS-LP103.1St. Jude Radio Assoc.Wilmington NC(cp expires - 9/10/2015)
WSFM-LP103.3Friends Of Community Radio Inc.Asheville NC(cp expires - 9/14/2015)
103.3Diocese Of RaleighCary NC(cp expires - 5/24/2016)
WXTZ-LP103.3Yadkinville Media Inc.Yadkinville NC(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
WCOM-LP103.5Public Gallery Of Carrboro Inc.Chapel Hill NC* (variety / Pacifica)
WPVM-LP103.7Friends Of WPVM Inc.Asheville NC* (variety)
WOVE-LP104.1The Community Empowerment Project Community Development Corp.Forest City NC(cp expires - 7/22/2015)
WHUP-LP104.7Hillsborough Community MediaHillsborough NC(cp expires - 8/26/2015)
WFOZ-LP105.1Forsyth Technical Community CollegeWinston-Salem NC(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
WHFK-LP105.5Northern Nash High SchoolRed Oak NC(cp expires - 5/24/2016)
WZED-LP105.9Carteret County Schools - Broad Creek Middle SchoolNewport NC* (classical/jazz)
WURE-LP105.9Uwharrie Mountain RadioTroy NC(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
WEJM-LP106.1M&M Community Development Inc., Greensboro NC BranchMt. Zion NC* (urban)
106.5Columbus Club Of Raleigh Inc.Raleigh NC(cp expires - 9/18/2016)
106.5Corp. For Educational AdvancementRaleigh NC(cp expires - 9/18/2016)
106.7Christian Fellowship CenterHolly Springs NC(cp expires - 7/5/2016)
WSMU-LP106.7Centro Cristiano El Sermon Del MonteRaleigh NC(cp expires - 6/9/2016)
WDBP-LP106.7North Carolina Humane Society State CouncilRocky Mount NC(cp expires - 5/24/2016)
WEAD-LP106.7Asociacion Dominicana de Raleigh NCWendell NC(cp expires - 7/30/2015)
WRPG-LP106.9Pleasant Grove Original Free Will Baptist ChurchPikeville NC(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
WUBN-LP106.9Miracle Christian International Life CenterWilson NC* (religious teaching)
107.1Livingstone CollegeSalisbury NC(cp expires - 5/7/2016)
WBIS-LP107.3Community Care FellowshipWinterville NC(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
107.9Durham Church Of ChristDurham NC(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
WSSY-LP107.9Greater Greensboro Broadcasting TeamGreensboro NC(cp expires - 7/9/2016)
WDSG-LP107.9Crystal Gardens Inc.Sanford NC* (gospel/oldies)

KPPP-LP88.1The Peoples Press ProjectFargo ND(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
KEQQ-LP88.3Grand Forks Bible Study GroupGrand Forks ND* (religious teaching)
KBEP-LP93.7Bismarck Educational Prayer Assoc.Bismarck ND* (christian//3ABN)
KFLK-LP95.9Calvary Chapel MinotMinot ND* (religious teaching)
KNDS-LP96.3Alliance For The Arts And HumanitiesFargo ND* (variety)
KOWW-LP98.1Pointe Of View InstituteBurlington ND* (variety)
KXYM-LP98.9Two Hearts RadioBelcourt ND(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
KGFR-LP99.7North Valley Arts CouncilGrand Forks ND(cp expires - 7/17/2015)
KZEB-LP99.7Hope And Truth RadioJamestown ND* (religious teaching)
KXRF-LP100.3The Prairie Center BroadcastingDodge ND(cp expires - 7/22/2015)
KLBE-LP100.7New Song Community ChurchBismarck ND* (contemp. christian)
KOBT-LP101.3Grand Forks Christian BroadcastingGrand Forks ND* (christian//3ABN)
KDAK-LP102.5Dakota Media AccessBismarck ND(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
KPAR-LP103.7Higher Plain MediaDickinson ND* (christian//LifeTalk)
104.1Catholic Indian Mission Of Fort YatesFt. Yates ND(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
KSAF-LP104.1True Light Broadcasting Inc.Minot ND * (christian//3ABN)
KJIT-LP106.7He Will Provide RadioBismarck ND* (christian//Radio74)

88.1Hope Radio Of WinchesterWinchester OH(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
WUOV-LP91.9The Harambee Academy Inc.Dublin OH(cp expires - 4/10/2016)
92.1Hope Radio Of HillsboroHillsboro OH(cp expires - 9/2/2016)
WAJB-LP92.5The Calvary Connection Independent Holiness ChurchWellston OH* (southern gospel)
92.7The Neighborhood NetworkColumbus OH(cp expires - 4/28/2016)
WEFC-LP92.7Christian Church Of Evangelical Faith PentecostalGalloway OH(cp expires - 4/21/2016)
WDCM-LP92.9DC Radio Group Inc.Defiance OH(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
WRPO-LP93.5Village Of Russells Point, OhioRussells Point OH* (oldies)
WSAV-LP93.7Shiloh Missionary Baptist ChurchLorain OH(cp expires - 5/7/2016)
WGRN-LP94.1Central Ohio Green Education FundColumbus OH(cp expires - 4/10/2016)
WTPS-LP94.1St. Paul Lutheran ChurchNapoleon OH* (religious teaching)
WPLC-LP95.1Piqua Christian Lifestyle RadioPiqua OH* (christian//3ABN)
WOOO-LP95.5Fort Defiance Youth Radio Inc.Defiance OH* (variety)
95.5Radio Free Moscow Inc.Moscow OH(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
WVQC-LP95.7Music Resource Center - CincinnatiCincinnati OH * (variety)
WZLP-LP95.7Zion Evangelical Lutheran ChurchLoudonville OH* (religious teaching)
95.9Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc.Cleveland OH(cp expires - 7/9/2016)
WBWH-LP96.1Bluffton CollegeBluffton OH* (smooth jazz/variety)
WCFI-LP96.1City Of Cuyahoga FallsCuyahoga Falls OH* (variety)
WVVP-LP96.1Fellowship Baptist ChurchMarietta OH* (southern gospel//WVVW-LP)
WVZC-LP96.5Nuestra Gente Community ProjectsToledo OH(cp expires - 6/30/2016)
96.7Christian Media Inc.Columbus OH(cp expires - 7/15/2016)
96.7Ohio Hispanic CoalitionColumbus OH(cp expires - 7/15/2016)
WMVU-LP96.9The Way Of Mind And BodyAkron OH(cp expires - 8/12/2015)
WUHS-LP96.9West Union High SchoolWest Union OH* (80's rock)
WWWR-LP97.1Downtown Wadsworth Inc.Wadsworth OH(cp expires - 8/20/2015)
WSWO-LP97.3Southwestern Ohio Public Radio Inc.Huber Heights OH* (oldies)
WDIF-LP97.5The US Open Junior Drum & Bugle Corps Championship Comm.Marion OH* (variety)
WLCI-LP97.5Hocking Technical CollegeNelsonville OH* (rock)
WWOC-LP97.7WWOC Gospel Broadcasting Inc.Bowling Green OH* (christian//3ABN)
WNLB-LP97.7Springfield Board Of EducationHolland OH(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
WGJM-LP97.9M&M Community Development Inc., Dayton OH BranchEnglewood OH* (urban contemp.)
WWGL-LP97.9Community Of God's LoveSteubenville OH(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
WVVW-LP98.1Mid-Ohio Valley Educational Assoc.Belpre OH* (southern gospel)
WDTZ-LP98.1Delhi Public Radio Inc.Delhi Twsp. OH* (80's classic hits)
WSAX-LP98.5SEMM FoundationColumbus OH(cp expires - 4/10/2016)
WINF-LP98.5Delaware County Development Co.Delaware OH* (soft ac)
WTLL-LP98.9Calvary Chapel Of ZanesvilleZanesville OH* (religious teaching)
WTTP-LP101.1Calvary Chapel Of LimaLima OH* (religious teaching)
WWOV-LP101.1Wheeling Jamboree Inc.Martins Ferry OH* (trad. country)
101.3Antwerp Community Church Of The NazareneAntwerp OH(cp expires - 7/31/2015)
WOHP-LP101.3Village Of Huntsville, OhioHuntsville OH* (oldies)
WRKD-LP101.3Village Of RockfordRockford OH* (classic hits)
WBPS-LP101.9Buckeye Broadcasting Inc.Cambridge OH* (oldies)
WCRX-LP102.1Bexley Public Radio FoundationColumbus OH* (jazz)
WCRS-LP102.1The Neighborhood NetworkColumbus OH* (variety / Pacifica)
WDPE-LP102.3Dover - New Philadelphia Educational BroadcastingDover OH(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
WNPA-LP102.5NEOPACanton OH(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
WMYW-LP102.7Paulding JB Antwerp Radio Inc.Paulding OH(cp expires - 7/17/2015)
WSJG-LP103.3San Raphael Radio Inc.Tiffin OH* (religious teaching)
WKJH-LP103.5Lighthouse Ministries Of Northwest OhioBryan OH* (southern gospel)
104.1Christopher Center Corp.Fostoria OH(cp expires - 5/12/2016)
WNHC-LP104.1New Hope Christian CenterLima OH* (religious teaching)
WQOU-LP104.1Legion Of MaryMt. Gilead OH(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
WJFZ-LP104.1Zanesville Christian MediaZanesville OH* (contemp. christian)
WJFY-LP104.3Newark Area Christian BroadcastingNewark OH* (religious teaching)
WYWH-LP104.5Hope Radio Of Athens Inc.Athens OH* (christian//3ABN)
WWOH-LP104.5Hope Radio Of Marietta Inc.Marietta OH* (christian//3ABN)
WCYC-LP105.1Madison Area Youth Center Inc.London OH* (christian)
WCXX-LP105.524-7 Broadcasting Inc.Cincinnati OH* (classic rock)
WNHS-LP105.7Newcomerstown Exempted Village SchoolsNewcomerstown OH* (variety)
WCBV-LP105.9Calvary Bible ChurchLima OH* (religious teaching)
WJRU-LP105.9Calvary Christian FellowshipSt. Mary's OH(cp expires - 8/4/2015)
WAKT-LP106.1Toledo Integrated Media Education Inc.Toledo OH(cp expires - 6/9/2016)
WWTL-LP106.3Branch CommunicationsLogan OH* (southern gospel)
WEAK-LP106.7Hobby Radio Inc.Athens OH* (oldies)
WALH-LP106.7Hendee Broadcasting Inc.Wilmington OH(cp expires - 9/10/2015)
WLRU-LP106.9St. Mary Catholic Broadcasting SystemHillsboro OH* (religious teaching)
106.93M Community Broadcasting Inc.Jeffersonville OH(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
WWGH-LP107.1Marion Midget FootballMarion OH* (variety)
WTJN-LP107.1Troy Community FMTroy OH* (variety)
WZMO-LP107.5Marion Community RadioMarion OH* (variety)

KAMG-LP92.1Maranatha Radio Corp.Enid OK* (spanish contemp. christian)
KHWR-LP92.7Flames Of Truth CrusadesMcAlester OK(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
KJRM-LP93.3JR Ministries Educational Assoc.McAlester OK* (religious teaching)
93.3Woodward Catholic Radio Inc.Woodward OK(cp expires - 7/27/2015)
93.7Community Christian School Inc.Norman OK(cp expires - 9/28/2015)
KGCG-LP93.9J&C Country Church Inc.Blanchard OK* (religious teaching)
KWDW-LP93.9Jesucristo es Mi Fortaleza Church Inc.Oklahoma City OK* (spanish rel.)
KQTR-LP93.9City Of PurcellPurcell OK(cp expires - 7/17/2015)
KLGB-LP94.3Convenant Life Ministries Inc.Enid OK* (religious teaching)
94.3Birth Choice Of Oklahoma Inc.Oklahoma City OK(cp expires - 8/12/2015)
KVWO-LP94.7Voice Of Welch Communications Inc.Welch OK(cp expires - 7/17/2015)
KHVJ-LP95.3Iglesia de Restauracion, El Monte de Los OlivosOklahoma City OK(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
95.5The University Of OklahomaNorman OK(cp expires - 8/5/2016)
KADB-LP96.7Pontotoc Educational Radio Inc.Ada OK* (classical)
97.7Midwest City Knights Of Columbus Building Corp.Midwest City OK(cp expires - 7/23/2016)
KSQE-LP97.7Edwards BroadcastingOklahoma City OK(cp expires - 7/28/2016)
KMFO-LP98.1Oklahoma Jazz Hall Of Fame Inc.Tulsa OK(cp expires - 11/23/2015)
KFWG-LP98.3Universal Truth Radio Ltd.Clinton OK(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
KMIO-LP98.5Community Crisis Center Inc.Miami OK(cp expires - 7/15/2015)
KZUC-LP99.3UCentral Radio - University Of Central OklahomaEdmond OK(cp expires - 8/24/2016)
99.3Oklahoma Catholic Family Conference Inc.Oklahoma City OK(cp expires - 10/2/2015)
KVBN-LP99.9Victory Bible Church Inc.Enid OK* (religious teaching)
KPFS-LP100.7Western Oklahoma Catholic Faith FoundationCanute OK* (christian//EWTN)
WRML-LP100.9Radio Media Ltd.Enid OK(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
KSMJ-LP100.9Oklahoma Fellowship Of Catholic MenEdmond OK(cp expires - 8/10/2015)
KPCG-LP101.3Philadelphia Church Of God Inc.Edmond OK(cp expires - 7/23/2016)
101.7Ponca City Catholic Radio Inc.Ponca City OK(cp expires - 7/29/2015)
102.7Christian Culture Communications Inc.Locust Grove OK(cp expires - 7/28/2015)
KPIM-LP102.9Broken Arrow Catholic Radio Inc.Tulsa OK* (religious teaching)
103.9Electron BendersTulsa OK(cp expires - 9/19/2016)
106.9Goodland AcademyHugo OK(cp expires - 7/24/2015)
KZPY-LP106.9In The Zone Radio Inc.Marlow OK* (variety/native american)
107.1Calvary Chapel Of Norman Inc.Norman OK(cp expires - 7/23/2016)
107.1Benedictine Fathers Of Sacred Heart Mission Inc.Shawnee OK(cp expires - 10/8/2015)
KJZT-LP107.9Tulsa Community Radio Inc.Tulsa OK* (smooth jazz)

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