My name is Jim George, I'm 45, and live in Toms River NJ.

Why the name PirateJim, you might ask?
Well, I adopted the name when I first had online access in 1996 and was chosen because of my interest in pirate radio (and radio in general).

PirateJim's Radio Site was started on February 17, 1999 as a 1-page site titled
PirateJim's Radio Page on the now-defunct ServeYou.com.
However, I was only allowed one page on ServeYou.com and I quickly outgrew the space.
The site then moved over to Angelfire in June 1999 where it was renamed PirateJim's Radio Site to better reflect the site's expansion.

This site contains a listing of the FM & AM stations I can receive at my home in Toms River NJ.
For those interested, my receiver is a Sony XDR-F1HD and I just use the antenna wire that came with the receiver, pinned up on the wall.

This site also features a Radio Station Address/Phone Number section, where I have listed the studio addresses, phone & fax numbers of area stations.
This section also features the logos of the respective stations.

And, because of my trips to Texas to see my Dad, I've also included a look at the
San Antonio and Texas Hill Country FM & AM radio dials.

The newest addition to the site are radio station listings for the island of Bermuda, because of my interest in the island destination, and also because I feel that radio listings for the island are under-represented online.

Another main feature of this site is the Radio History section.
This took months of hard work to compile and much thanks goes out to all the people who wrote in and contributed to this section to make it as complete and accurate as possible.
For easy accessibility, this section can now be seen using: Radio-History.com.

Another spotlight of PirateJim's Radio Site is the LPFM section, which can now be accessed using: LPFMDatabase.com.
I don't mean to have a big ego about this, but it's probably safe to say that I have the most up-to-date listing of LPFM's on the Internet.
The other sites I've seen are months (or even years) out-of-date.

These are just some of the main features of PirateJim's Radio Site.

If there is anything else you would like to see on this site, feel free to contact me via e-mail at: piratejim@verizon.net or ...

Thanks for visiting!

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