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Teacher Resources and Assessment 

    Listed below are suggested resources and assessment techniques.

              Science and Math Resources

               1.  Measure 4 Measure
             2.  Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
                3.  Guidelines for Rubric Development
             4.  Frank Potter's Science Gems

     Among the suggested alternative way of evaluating your students, we recommend the following:

        A.  Laboratory Performance Rubrics that address:
                1.  Laboratory Safety
                2.  Cooperative group task performance
                3.  Scientific Method performance
                4.  Record Keeping

        B.  Concept Acquisition, Test and quizzes to address:
                1.  Instrumentation and SI units
                2.  pH
                3.  Math process and analysis of graph and charts

        C.  Oral presentation rubrics that address:
                1.  Knowledge of content
                2.  Organization
                3.  Accurate analysis and interpretation of data charts
                4.  Real life application of results and conclusion

        D.  Written prompts, student project journals that address:

                1.  Research
                2.  Laboratory reports
                3.  Observations
                4.  Concept applications
                5.  Visual representations
                6.  Extended activities
                7.  Reflections