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Step By Step Procedures

 Step 1:  Calculate the distance from your school to the nearest fossil fuel
              generating plant.

         1a: Click on your state and locate the power plant nearest to your school. Using map of
              your state, determine the city in which the plant is located. (Click HERE for  power
              plant location map.)

        1b: Calculate the distance from your school to the nearest power
               plant. (Click HERE to calculate)

        1c: Record this data. (Click HERE for data submission sheet.)

Step 2:  Locate three unobstructed areas on your school grounds
              where you can place your rain collection containers.

Step 3:  Place your rain collection containers in above designated areas.

Step 4:  After each rainfall, collect containers.

Step 5.  Calibrate your pH meter using buffer solution.

Step 6. Calculate the pH of each of the three samples collected to the nearest

Step 7:  Average the three readings and record your findings. (Note:  If one
               reading is considerably different than the other two, please
               eliminate it.)

Step 8:  Wash each container with soap and water. RINSE  AND DRY
              THOROUGHLY and replace containers in designated areas.

Step 9:  Repeat steps 4 through 8 after each rainfall (minimum of 3, maximum of 10 times).