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*~*jUsTiN TiMbErLaKe*~*

Justin is one of the hottest guy in the group, here are some things about him--

  • fave color is baby blue
  • some of his nicknames are..curly, the baby, bounce, mr. smooth
  • he collects NCU gear
  • luvs playing basketball
  • fave drink is milk
  • fave food is Apple Jacks and spaghetti
  • Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Nike are his fave clothes
  • is greatest fear is dying being unluved! (like that'll ever happen!
  • fave word is "crunk" (it's at the end of Giddy Up meanin crazy)
  • did u know that he wears tommy or calvin klein boxers? (just a lil tid-bit of info u might wanna know)

    Email me here if u have any other facts about Justin