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*~*JoEy FaToNe*~*

Joey is another funny and crazy one!! heres some info--

  • his full name is Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr.
  • born in Brooklyn, NY
  • hes the flirt of the group (if ya didnt already know that one)
  • hes 23 years old
  • some of his nicknames are: flirt, superman, superjoey, fat one(has to do wit his last name)
  • hes the real italian one of the group
  • did ya know he has an eyebrow ring?
  • his fave colors are red and purple!
  • fave drink is pepsi
  • likes to eat anythin italian & scrambled eggs
  • joey is a sweet romantic flirt type...i wonder!

    Email me here if u have any other facts about Joey