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Real Name: WARLOCK

First Appearance: NEW MUTANTS # 18
Place of birth: An unidentified planet
Known relatives: The Magus (father)
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Hair Color: None, though Warlock can simulate hair of any color.
Eye Color: Black, though Warlock can simulate eyes of any color.

Warlock is an alien character whose existence had a profound effect on all the X-Books, and even the entire Marvel Universe. 'Lock is of an alien race known as the Technarch. They are a strange mix of robotic and organic material, actual beings of "living circuitry." This idea of "techno-organics" was later applied to Cable, who as a baby was infected with a techno-organic virus, and still suffers its repercussions. The X-villain known as the Phalanx, a major driving force behind the teaming of Generation X is also techno-organic, and that's without even mentioning Magus, Warlock's father.

Warlock himself became an interesting character. His power is almost limitless, but this was matched by an innocence unique to 'Lock's character. Used often for comic relief due to his odd speaking pattern (sort of like a computer would talk if it were alive), Warlock was also a heroic and valuable team member to the New Mutants. He also showed a wide range of human emotions, from fear to anger, and usually proved himself more "human" than the villains the New Mutants faced.

Warlock was best known for his friendship with Doug Ramsey. An outcast from his home planet who was pursued by a father who wanted him dead, Warlock wanted desperately to find a safe haven, and he found that on Earth, thanks to Doug. As Cypher, Doug's power allowed him to understand much of Warlock's alien makeup, but at the same time, Doug taught the alien what it meant to be a human. They complemented each other like no two other characters in the Marvel Universe. No matter what happens in Warlock's future, he will forvever be linked to Doug, and to the New Mutants.


Warlock is part of an alien race called the Technarch. Children of this race must fight their parents to the death when they come of age. Warlock's father is known as The Magus, and is the ruler of this world. Fearful of being slain in single combat, Warlock fled his homeworld and crash landed on Earth, near The X-Mansion.

After interrupting the New Mutants slumber party, Warlock began a rampage through the mansion. After the New Mutants summoned their friend Doug Ramsey, who possessed a mutant power over languages, they were able to make contact with Warlock, who explained his situation to the team. It was the New Mutant Wolfsbane who first reached out to Warlock, and became his "first-friend." With the permission of Professor Xavier, Warlock (and Doug Ramsey) joined the New Mutants.

Warlock proved himself a valuable member of the New Mutants and served with the team through several adventures. During one, Warlock revealed an ability to merge with Doug Ramsey, forming one being known as Douglock that possessed the best qualities of both Doug and Warlock. They continued to merge on several occasions, despite the danger that Doug could be infected with the Transmode virus.

Eventually, The Magus tracked Warlock down. Warlock tried to flee with his teammates, but Magus followed, and they fought on an abandoned planet far from Earth. With Doug's help, Warlock was able to defeat and "reprogram" his father, returning him to a state of infancy. Soon after, Warlock left the team along with his teammate Sunspot to form a new team of mutant teens called "The Fallen Angels." Eventually, 'Lock and Sunspot returned, only to witness Doug's death at the hands of The Ani-Mator.

After Doug's death, Warlock tried to ressurect his friend, but was unsuccessful. Warlock was not the same, and it was not long after that he himself met his own end and the hands of the maniac Cameron Hodge. In an effort to to steal Warlock's powers, Hodge killed the alien. His ashes were scattered over Doug's grave.


Warlock can change his shape into that of almost any living being or machine. Warlock uses his own life energy to power any machine he takes the form of, and can grow or shrink in size at will. Warlock also can infect living things with a "transmode" virus, that turns objects into the same living circuitry he is made of. He then can absorb the energy from these obhjects.
Warlock also can "merge" with another living being as he did with Doug. This merge does bring the danger that the other person will infected with the transmode virus. Warlock can also travel at great speeds, and travel through space without the need of life support. He also has at his disposal many computerized sensors that allow him to perceive his environment in ways that other beings cannot.


Since Warlock's death, another techno-organic being surfaced with Excalibur. Known as Douglock, the being seemed to have the memories of Doug Ramsey, and his feelings, at Douglock had a crush on Rahne Sinclar much as Ramsey did. It was determined by Excalibur, however, that Douglock was not Cypher.

It was revealed later that Douglock was Warlock, resurrected without his own memories. Without any memories of his own, 'Lock turned to those of Doug Ramsey, encoded into him during their many merges. Once Excalibur disbanded, Douglock discovered his true identity as Warlock, and has struck out on his own.  He briefly starred in his own series, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

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