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Brendan in his Canuck days

Mo on top of Miroslav Satan

Mo at air and space museum

Getting instruction at practice


Card 3

Brendan is all smiles as he poses with a fan in McDonalds

Brendan with the crew of McDonalds

Brendan levels a Capital

"I challenge you to a duel"

Red is a classy color

Yes, he CAN hit!

2002 Roster pic

Get pissed

It's a group hug....sort of

The best line in the NHL

Brendan at NHL Pro-Am

Giving autographs

This won my heart =)

Big glossy photo...yay

Looking calm


Feel the wrath...

In the awesome 3rd jersey

Tooo funny

What's wrong with this pic?

Cool black and white pic

At the morning skate

Nice hair!

Come on and pass it!

Scratching his head?

Signing jerseys for the kids

The last interview of the 01-02 season

Three's a crowd

Brendan getting ready to put

Just chillin' with the boys

Hometown Pride

Excuse me?

**Credited to Belinda

One of my favorites

Brendan racing at Superskills

The Canucks and the little ones

Interview with Rock 101

Interview with Rock 101 again

Very nice close-up

Brendan with some fans


He really may be drunk in this one

A hockey card of him

Handing out newspapers

Sport it proud

Nice face

2002-03 roster pic

Checking a Coyote


Skating with Nazzy

Trying for a goal

Signed Victory card

Want a cuppajoe?

Conversing with his teammates


Pushing away an opponent

Another funny pic

Deep in thought


Smiling big for a fan

A hard day's work at McDonald's

Signing sticks for the kids

A nice view from the side

Giving out autographs after a practice

Getting tripped up

Playing against the Sharks

Being pushed into the boards

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Taken by Vanessa

Eat that ice

Taking a flying leap

He seems mellow here...

His full facial mask

Brendan with some kid by the bench

Watching the game (GOOD PICTURE)

Taking a faceoff against a Duck

High-sticking a Leaf

Signing a bunch of jerseys for the kids

Looking up at the scoreboard

Carving pumpkins with a buddy at Canuck Place

Smiling a big smile at 8 Rinks

Joyful after scoring a goal against the Isles

Jeff Vinnick should be knighted for such a picture

Talking with a trainer

Caught in a trance

Patting Naslund on the head after a goal

Happily signing autographs for a fan while playing golf

Signing customs forms at the airport

Canucks autograph signing with Donald Brashear

Morrison, #7

Looks like a ballet move to me

Brendan with the members of the Vancouver Boys Club

Mo when he was 7 years old

Talking to a younger fan

Say cheese

Giving Cooke a high five

Being taken down by an Oiler

Celebrating after scoring his first goal as a Canuck

Taking a flying leap over the Sens' goaltender

Watching the flying puck very closely

Brendan with the members of the Vancouver girls club

Pumping his fists up after a goal against the Flyers

LaChance embraces Brendan after a goal

Brendan pats his faithful captain on the head


Looking spruced up in a suit

Being interviewed on pack-up day

Leaning over the boards

Taking autograph requests

Brendan smashed that guy into the bench!

Brendan with his wife

Watching the puck closely

Looking straight ahead

Helping a little girl carve a pumpkin

Brendan gets pushed down to the ice by a Predator

Scoring against Joseph

Putting the Red Wings in their place

Looking cool with shades on

By center ice

Ready to slap the puck

A very small picture

Being tackled by Jose Theodore

Chatting with Baron and LaChance

With some friends at his wedding

This must have hurt

With Fin at Canuck Place

With Ohlund

Being interviewed by John Shorthouse

Brendan poses with kids from Youth Week

At Youth Week with a lucky girl

With another girl at Youth Week

Accompanying a boy while receiving his award at Youth Week

Accompanying a different boy at Youth Week

Brendan jumping into Bert's arms

Same pic as above, different angle

Mo struggling to get the puck

Cloutier making a spectacular save

Mo giving a teammate a high stick in practice

Shootout against Auld

Talking to Linden and Cooke

Brendan talking to a guy in the locker room

Great angle

Talking to Nazzy against the boards

Team pic 2003

Look how tiny he is compared to Ohlund!

Discussing the game

Running into the out of place net

The mighty West Coast Express

Talking to John Shorthouse in the locker room

Celebrating a big goal on the bench

Pausing in between autographs

Holding up two fingers

Hugging Jovo to celebrate a goal

Pumped about scoring a goal against the Blues

Kneeling on the ice taking a breather

Skating over to hug his faithful captain

Giving Reid a high five

A nice autographed 8x10

The Blues fall over at the sight of Brendan

An incredible picture of Brendan scoring a goal

Celebrating a goal on the bench with his team

Another nice autographed picture

In his facial mask, courtesy of Brendan Shanahan

Crow yelling, Brendan looking timid

An excited Brendan joyfully celebrating

Proudly holding up the fish he caught

Skating away

The fish him and Klatter caught

Encouraging little kids to read

Another pic with him and the fish

With books again

Waiting for his teammates so he can celebrate his goal

2 people, 2 dogs

Laughing at the Pacific Center signing

Leaning back in his chair

Leaving the autograph session

Brendan and a lucky fan

Bling blingin' with the gold watch

Pointing to something

Looking down

Shaking a woman's hand

Looking at the camera

Posing for a pic with a little boy


Getting ready to sign a shirt

Close up of him smiling

Eager to sign something for a fan

Looking onward

Leaning over to pet his dog, Bella

Petting his dog

Posing with 3 women

Isn't Bella precious?

Signing some sort of book

Signing the team calendar

Signing a jersey for a fan

Signing a puck

Bella sniffs around

Looking a little surprised

Waiting for the next fan

Wonder what he's thinking?

Having a stare down with his dog

Posing with another fan

Signing a guitar for the Canucks for Kids fund

Brendan looking at Nazzy as he kisses Bert

Waving to the crowd as he hosts the Molson Indy

Kicking back, signing an autograph

Signing the team photo

Gentlemen, start your engines!!

Smashing into a Coyote

Relaxing on the boards at practice

Mo and Linden at the Canucks/B.C. Lottery Announcement

The fish he caught at the Fishing Derby

Some of the boys at practice

Skating along at 8 Rinks

With the troops at Apple Bowl Camp

Tackling the workout bike during training camp

Getting a little help from the coach

The A-Line

Tracing his stick along the ice

Skating away as a Coyote falls

Brendan Morrison lottery ticket

Against the glass, with a Sedin

The assistant captain celebrates a goal

Erin Morrison on the cover of a magazine

Another view of Erin in the magazine

Mo does an advertisement for the "Fellowship of the Rink"

Signing autographs

Leveled by Draper

He's so tiny

Kicking his leg up

Cowboy up!

A nice shot of Brendan and Erin

Mo with his son at SuperSkills

Again together at SuperSkills

Trying to make his presence known

Watch that puck!

Can't get enough of that scoring feeling

Being violated

Showing them what he's made of

Signing autographs for eager fans

A huge and adorable picture of Brendan and Brayden

Women want me, fish fear me

Fishing hat and pants

An 8x10 autographed picture

Brendan yells for joy after his first career hat trick!

Gathering to celebrate a goal

The top line models for a photographer

Getting pushed into the boards

Looking so very lonely

TV shot

Another pic of Mo at the Pacific Centre

Brendan, Trevor, and Dan in tuxes for Dice and Ice

This picture makes Mo looks larger than life

Hugging Cookie

Erin at Dice and Ice

Sliding into the Sharks net

Not the greatest place to have your stick stuck

Taking questions in the locker room

Showing a Leaf who's boss

Brendan making a weird face at the Pacific Centre

He did it!! His first career hat trick!!

Close up picture at practice

Jay Pandolfo getting a little too rough with poor Mo

Watching the Devils practice

Playing against the Blues

Lost in a trance due to Crow's hairspray addiction

Small pic

Being interviewed, for a change

Very tiny pic

Nice hair, Mo

A candid shot taken of Brendan after a practice

Maybe a little too happy to celebrate a goal

Letting his hair grow out

Again, full helmet courtesy of Brendan Shanahan

Mo with man's best friend

By the team bus

Pissy, are we?

Growing a 5 o'clock shadow

He looks so charming with no teeth

Brendan's butt finds its way into the Wild net

Brendan at the Dice and Ice charity event

Stopping short of banging into Kipper

Kissing the World Cup trophy

Brendan being thrown down onto the ice, for a change

Looking upset when the Canucks lost to the Flames

Skating around like a duck

Posing with a young fan

Falling over a player for Team Canada

Getting feisty over a puck

Team photo of the 2003-2004 Vancouver Canucks

Snarling on the bench

Serving a penalty

During an interview

Break on the bench

Attentive for the National Anthem

Mo in black and white

On his cell phone

Playing the Flyers

Up close and personal

Giving you the eye with a Canada jersey on

Posing at a gym

Skating for the 'Pings

Crossing his legs as he skates

Listening attentively to the instruction giver

On a schoolbus with kids from the Burn Camp

Trying to jam at a puck being saved by the Preds goalie

*All pictures taken at the Pacific Center are courtesy of nux_rox on the Canucks message board. PLEASE do not take them.*

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