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Lyrics to Canucks songs

It's Called the Todd Bertuzzi
By Heavy Eric Holmquist

Spinning all around getting everybody woozy
Hes 245 and he looks like a watoozi
Here he comes, hes got the moves of Leonarduzi
I said uh uh, its called the Todd Bertuzzi

44, called the Todd Bertuzzi

Tommy Larscheid calls him babe
A raging bull is another fave
And Markus Naslund sets him up
This junkyard dog aint no pup

Here he comes, got the moves of Leonarduzi
Hes spinning all around, getting everybody woozy
Hes 245 and he looks like a watoozi
I said uh uh, its called the Todd Bertuzzi

44, called the Todd Bertuzzi
44, calls the goalie Suzie

Hes super Bert, yeah hes #1
His highlight goals are so much fun
He gets the Clapper out of his seat
And dancing to the beat





******Much apologies if I didn't spell a name correctly, I wasn't sure on a lot of them. If you see a spelling error, let me know.******

Ready to sing along??

Here Comes Nazzy
by Heavy Eric Holmquist

Here comes Nazzy!
Come on Nazzy!
Here comes Nazzy!

He can dig, He can shoot the puck
Or he can pass With the sweetest touch
He's got a bobblehead with a modest smile
Playing left wing on the west coast line

Here comes Nazzy skating full stride
With Brendan Morrison and Bert by his side
Here comes Nazzy flying down the ice
Let's hear it for our captain, Markus Naslund tonight!

Here comes Nazzy, he's looking snazzy tonight
Here comes Nazzy, ohhh yeah.

He can dazzle on breakaways
Or score short-handed on the power play
Help Jovo and Matty with defense
Coach Marc Crawford says he's money well spent!



He's number 19, he wears the C
The kids all love him and knows he's sweet!

(Chorus x3)

The Playoff Push
By Ink Operated

Beer drinkin', swearin' in the cheap seats
Lord Stanley's Cup, Canucks your top seed
Nasty Naslund, that's your scoring king
Say you boo to the Avs and I still hate the Wings
Offense and defense, kid we got plenty
Look at number 16, playing like he's 20!
Mayday with a hit that'll make you woozy
I'm an Italian Stallion just like Bertuzzi!

Bertuzzi, Naslund, SCORES!
Bertuzzi, Naslund, they just make you woozy!

We're so charged up we'll be busting sockets
We got Naslund, now who needs the Russian Rocket?
And Langdon can scrap, he's mighty in a duel
Matt Cooke, yeah he's small, but he's a feisty little dude
Our team's stacked up, no matter who you choose
We could win the Stanley Cup with the Manitoba Moose!
2000 and 3, time to lay all fears
Put your shavers down, we're growing playoff beards!


Pick up your big names
Drop a couple mil before the deadline
Those dudes are outta shape, I wish they took away the redline
Start the charge the fans are grand to see them play
Cuz you trade em all back just for Brad and Reid play
Huge save Cloutier, the youth of Alex Auldie
but with Jovy, Ohli, Sopie, do we really need a goalie?
Put away the riot gear, cuz this is the year
Brian Burke for PM and Crow for premiere!