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About me :)



Name:Michelle, micmic
Blood type:B
Height:5'5" (165cm)" Yah!!I grew 1" in the past few months!! =D
Place of birth: China
Location: NJ
Current Location:Pittsburgh, PA (the most boring place in the world!)
E-mail / 
School:Carnegie Mellon University
College:School of Computer Science
Major:Computer Science (cs is killing me!! :'( )
Double major:Business hopefully =)
Hobbies: chinese pop,Kpop, Jpop, japanese dramas, vcds, clubbing, dancing, shopping, dreaming about my baby <3, sleeping, talking on the phone, fashion, hanging out...
Fav. Person:Takeshi Kaneshiro and Patrick =)
Fav. Singer(s):Coco Lee, Utada Hikaru, Mai Kuraki, Ayumi Hamazaki, Alex To, Every Little Thing...too many
Fav. Movie Star(s):Ekin Cheng, Maggie Cheung, etc
Fav. Colors:Red, pink, and blue
Fav. Food:Japanese, Korean and Chinese
Fav. stores:Sephora, United colors of Benetton, BeBe, Banana Republic, Jcrew, Opane, Morning Glory,
Fav. Places:Japan, Hong Kong and Dalian(my hometown)
Fav. Cars: Mercede, Lexus, Acura
Wish(es):Be smarter, prettier, wealthier

Last updated:
June 28, 2001