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Sweet Addiction

                                                                                ~ by Peter Wang (oh man...peter is such a good writer!)

Everytime I think of you,

It makes me smile;

Everytime I call you,

I know it's worth a while.


Sometimes I wonder,

How  I've come to be in this situation,

Letting you become my obsession.

Maybe it is intuition,

Or could it simply be your affeciton?

Yet however it came about,

I cannot deny my infatuation.


It's a feeling I can't refrain;

It's a feeling I can't explain.

But you know I won't ever complain,

'Cuz in my heart you are like a burning flame,

And in my eyes you are a star I long to attain,

'Cuz baby you are my sweet addiction,

I want to forever retain...


Will you

On that rainy Thursday night back in July
Wrote you an email just to say hi
Never thought we'd become friends so soon
Never thought my heart would be singing your tune
But I can't hide my feelings
I can't pretend I'm perfectly okay
'Cuz the fear of losing you is driving my insane
I can't help but wonder
With each passing day ...

When is it gonna be my day
To fade away from your life?
Where are you gonna be
Next time I call out your name?
Oh how I wish you could always be there for me
But I know with time rolling on
One day it will take you away
Away from me...

I am grateful for your presence in my life
I'd pray on my bended knees every night
Just to make sure we're gonna be alright
That everytime the dawn replaces the night
You'll still think of me by and by
Though it's now time for me to say goodbye
I will still give it my best try,
For one last time
But first tell me baby ...

Where will your heart be
Next time I see you around
Will you still remember my name
Will you still be the same
After those years rolling by
Will your promises still stand
Even without me by your side

Will you? . . .

- Peter Wang a.k.a. Bruce  ~ click here to Peter's homepage : CLICK
08.17.2000 12:40 AM

More coming up!!!