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Becky Nadine Williams

Sitting under the dark twinkling sky

the wind blows lightly through my hair

I close my eyes so slowly

when I know that no one is there

My mind, racing a thousand thoughts a minute

it's whirling and spinning oh so fast

I tilt up my head and reopen my eyes

you see, I'm really looking into the past

How can I look into the future

when all that surrounds me

is none other than the dreadful past

engulfing me forever into that dark sea

Suddenly, I sit up and realize

I realize exactly how far I've come in my life

and how much farther I still have to go

to make it through all this pain and strife

In our lives, and the ones before and after

we've had our share of falling stars it's true

but whether we keep looking back into the past

will really depend on none other than me and you

If we keep looking back forever

we'll be left with nothing but sadness

sadness that haunts us like nothing before

with a life not known to happiness

Precious Wonders Me Poems II Shadowed World

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