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Becky Nadine Williams

The gentle cool breeze blows

causing goosebumps to rise,

while the rustling of the leaves,

allows you to hear the arcane converse,

amongst the exposed trees, this night.

The moonlight beams cast everywhere,

from the minuscule black bird

to the cropping field next door.

Relaxation slowly takes over,

becoming more entrapped every moment.

The soft lullabies of the owl

fills my heart to content.

As I gaze into the shimmering night,

seeing what I know is the past,

I become frozen where I am.

Passion grows inside of me

which cannot be explained.

Although the chilly air is biting at my limbs,

I only feel warmer

from this passion burning within.

The mystery of the night,

so many things it has to offer.

Yet, how many do not avail.

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