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Becky Nadine Williams

I'm gonna be strong

Get over my love for you

It won't be an easy task

This I know is true

You've broken my heart

Left me out in the cold

Turned my world all crazed

Now I must be bold

Since you have left me

Lonely is what I've been

You're the cause of this

This cold heartless sin

I can do fine on my own

You're not needed here

Don't come back to me

I'd fall for you I fear

You'll never know

How much I miss you

I'll put on an act

Yes, this I must do

I mustn't keep dwelling

On the memories of us

If I keep holding it inside

For sure, I know I'll bust

Here I go

I'm on my way

I can't think of you

No, not today

Just Friends Me Poems II Stay Away

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