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Due to the tradgedy that occurred September 11th, there will NOT be any new updates on this page for awhile other than the "American Pride" page I will be working on. I think most of you will understand why I am doing this and will appreciate it as well. Now if you will, PLEASE click the li'l box below to go to the hunger site & donate food for FREE! It's greatly appreciated. Thank you for comming! Enjoy your stay!


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In Loving Memory of
all who were killed on
September 11, 2001

Written By: Becky Williams

Flooding thoughts

digging deep inside

feelings bottled up

that have not yet, died

Sad moments, happy moments,

entertaining and fun

the raining clouds, they disappear

and out shines the sun

Bringing back the memories

of things long ago

paddling down that river

with only your boat and row

It comes from the great ocean

of words, phrases and such

when all combined together

they signify so much

Pulling you in

with such a massive force

reminding you of past wrongs

that left you in remorse

Feeling such power

from what started as one thought

The river, it begins to wither

it withers to a halt

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