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Hey peoples! So, are you wondering just who is behind this glorious, fine, splended web site? ;oP He he...j/k. Incase you are wondering though, I've decided to make a li'l web page that tells a li'l bit 'bout my wonderful self. J/k. Otay. Now where to begin.

My name is Becky, not to be confused with Rebecca. I have to clarify that at times cuz people just don't get it when I say that my name is Becky, not Rebecca. It clearly states Becky on my birth certificate. Sorrie. Just had to state that. I was born on a lovely day back in 1983 on Friday, October the 13th. Scary isn't it? Some might say I'm evil because of that. But I'm seriously not evil or anything. I don't do witch craft 'n' all those other kind of evil things evil people do. I'm just a normal li'l ('n' I do mean li'l...I'm only 5'2") 17 yrs. old. I'm finally driving now! YAY! =o) I drive an '86' Chevy Nova. It's pretty small, (just how I like it) but it's kool. I would describe how I look, but I don't quite think that's neccessary. You can go to my photos page and find a picture of me on there if you want to know. Anywayz, I come from...he he...I feel like an alien now. Sorrie. Back to business. Umm. . .I live in a small li'l town that most have never heard of. It's located in Southern Jersey. That's all you need to know. =o) Oh yes! I mustn't forget to mention the stupid Rooster next door that doesn't know to stop makin' that terrible sound even when it's 4pm in the afternoon! Otay. Enough with that. Next topic.

I come from a family of 6. My Mom, Dad, 'n' 3 sisters. My oldest sis is Twana who is 28 yrs. old 'n' has a daughter, Jessica, who is 4 yrs. old 'n' a son, Shane, who is almost a year old. Ye-up, I'm already an aunt. TWICE actually! Owell. I don't mind. I love 'um both very much. My 2nd oldest sis is Dawn who is 24 yrs. old, 'n' my 2nd youngest/3rd oldest sis is Dana who is 21 yrs. old 'n' is away at Southern Connecticut State University. If you read this Dane, I miss you a lot 'n' I hope you're doing great at college! Now, that I'm done talkin' 'bout my people familie, I'll tell you 'bout my pet familie. =o) I have a dog named Missy, two fish one who's named Redda 'n' some other fish. (We used to have a fish named Casper but he died. ::sniffle sniffle:: I miss him.), 5 li'l humming birds that are always outside of our house, a new li'l family of blue birds outback, 'n' every other kinda bird you can think of! We even have a Brown-headed Cow Bird! He he. That really says a lot 'bout where I live. =o) And, we mustn't forget our lovely li'l dog Nikki. She's a dachaund. Alright, I guess I better go to the next subject which includes my friends. I'll start off with my two bestest friends ever: Lorie & Jazmin. I've been best friends w/ Lorie since Kindergarten, over 12 yrs!, 'n' Jazmin since 5th grade, over 6 yrs! Wowie! They've always been the two bestest friends anyone could ever ask for. Lore 'n' Jazmin: You two mean the world to me! You'll always be my best friends! Otay, now I'll just say hi to a few others who have been good friends to me through the years or friends I've met just this year: Jennn, Jaime, Priscilla, Ashley, Mark, Bill, Brett, Kenny, Mandy, Dave B., Jess, James (Bach), Mike, Falona, Harry S., Brandon, 'n' any others who I've failed to mention. Sorrie! =o( Otay. . .I think I'd better move onto the next topic eh?

Where to begin. Otay, I'll start with sports. The one sport I love to play is softball. I usually pitch and if I'm not, than I play a li'l bit of everywhere I guess 'cept catcher. I just kinda play a li'l bit of everything I guess you could say. Owell. Nothin' wrong with that. I also bowl after school every week for my High School Team. My average is 121 right now. I don't really play any other sports unless it's in gym class. I like playin' most sports, but the only one I really have an interest for is softball. Now, something besides sports. I like writing as you might already know. Of course, none of this stuff is published or anything, it's just something I like to do. I also like drawing just 'bout everything I guess. I also like to draw portraits of my neice and nephew a lot. I also like to listen to music a lot. Majority of the time, I'm listening to music. Lately, I've been listening to a li'l bit of everything rather than just country music like I was for awhile there. I love country music, but I also love a lot of other music too. I like just 'bout anything 'cept heavy metal. That's 'bout the only thing I can't really take listening to. No offense to anyone. It's just my personal taste. Anywayz, on to the next topic.

Animal: armadillo...they're soo cute!

Food: chicken tenders w/ honey mustard sauce

Color: bright blue

Subject: math

Number: 10..since I was 10 yrs. old =o)

Car: bright blue VW Beetle

Show: Dawson's Creek, Buffy & Who's Line Is That Anyway?

Day of the Week: usually Saturdays

Group/Band: Dixie Chicks, *N Sync & Rascal Flatts

Welp, that's 'bout it. If you have any questions you'd like to ask me 'n' be posted on this page, please e-mail me and I will be more than glad to answer it. Plus, I will also post it up on this web page as well. =o) Welp, thanks for reading 'bout li'l ol' me. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it. =o) Toodle-oo everyone!

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