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As I woke today, I look out my window
and what did I see? But the Beauty you see in
this Back Ground.
How I Love Fall with all it's Colors of a
Rainbow! How could I not run to capture what
my eyes could not keep.
This Back Ground is a Picture I took.
on Oct.10,1999

Falls Rainbow
Time is here to see all the Beauty that lives in
Falls last call.
I stop to think of the Love in my Life. I see it
among the Trees. I see it in my Heart. It is in all
that I Treasure.
I often look to The Earth as my Comfort, I see it
as being a Beautiful Gift! That God Sends when I
am feeling blue.
Fall can be so Pretty, But some how makes me sad
For all the color is gone. And then the Coldness
of Winter sets in.
But some how I find all The Beauty in Falls Last
call. As a Sign of what is to come!

Welcome to my World
I have many things I Love in this World, But not
as much, as I Love what is around me. It is the
simple things in life I Treasure. A Sunny day.
A Childs smile. How I adore what I have seen through my Eyes.
It is the everyday Images I hold so Dear. It is
a Fallen Apple from a tree, A Bird in flight,
That makes my Heart full of Joy! I can not think
of anything in my life, That is more Dear to me,
Then the Simple things in life.
I have seen my Girls grow from wee babies to young
Women. I have seen many seasons Change. But none as
Beautiful then the simple things in Life.
So Welcome to my World. I am a Woman in Love with
all that Surrounds me.

My Heart
My Heart has room for all the Beauty in my World
To care for what can not take care of it's self.
From a Young girl, I always Love to walk down the
street, And try to count the leaves on a tree.
Or to see how many different Birds I could see that
day. Summer has always been my favorite time of year.
Where there was so much to see! Like after a Summers Rain
and all the colors you see on the asphalt. Or a
Rainbow across the sky!
A child running from a wave on the Oceans deep.
A snowcone that makes a child smile with a
Heavenly Glow.
A Kitten trying to catch a fly. Or a brand new day
with all the Promise of Tomorrow.
But above all this... My Heart Just Loves to Soar
in Gods World, Made with Love and Care!

Well Welcome to my World! And you are
Welcome here anytime. I will leave the Light
on for ya!

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