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My DFriendz's Fairy Wings!


My Cherub Wings *Smile*

7/29/99 Thank You DFairy Star *Smile*


Thank You DFairy Star *Smile*

Thank You so much, DFairy Star This Means
A Great Deal To This Fairy! Your Love
And Understanding Keeps me *Smiling*

Oh No! I am locked in a Rainbow! Please click on picture above to
save me! I am in Enchanted Yellow, under Lady Lisa Angel
Thank You *Wink*

Thank You so much! Sissy Star, for this Wonderful Gift! *HUGS*


Wow!!!! JUMP!!! Thank You so much
DFairy Star! This was such a Joy! For me to
see today! My 1 Year with Fairies made me
so DLighted, Then this two days Later! I
Love being a Fairy! You are all so Kind and
Loving! Fairy Golden Dawn Loves you all Too!

The Winning Cheer! *S*

Congratulations!! to Fairy Golden Dawn

Listen! Do you hear that???
In the Dancing Winds, I
Hear a Fairies Laughter....
Like a giggle from a Wee One!
How Beautiful it Sounds...
Like a Kiss from the Morning Sun!

A Fairy Loves to make you
How we Love to see you Shine!
We will do all we can, To
Make you Feel like The Wee Ones
That Smile, and give us, the Fairies
so much DLight!

Take my Hand and Fly with me.
And I will bring you all the
Fairies Magic I have waiting
just for you!

I am in Happy Tears, For all these
Gifts are from People I Adore! The Wonderful
Ladies and Fairies in The Site Fights!
Thank You all so very much! These Gifts mean
a lot to me. And I Treasure each and everyone
one of them! And I Love you all

Thank You Fairy Alma

Thank You Lady Mortal Kiss

Thank You Fairy Rose Kisses

Thank You Fairy Beadific


Thank You Lady Sandra Angel *HUG*


Thank You Lady Glimmer!! *Fairy* *HUG*

Thank You DFairy Star *HUG*

Thank You sweetie! *wink*

June 16,1999

The Cherub Champion Fairy Award was such
a shock to me! Thank You so much Cherub Champions!
I Love all The Cherubs with all my Heart!

8/30 What a Wonderful surprise this was!
Thank You D'StarCatcher! HUGS!
Thank You to all of the Fairies Realm! I am so
Honored to put this award on my page

Gifts from DRealm

Gifts from my Sisters! Thanks I Love them!!

Thank you Sis I Love this!!! You are a Sweetie!

Thank You so Much Lady Jewell, This is Beautiful!

Wow Thanks Mack I Love this!!! (((HUGS)))

These two gifts are from Fairy Nice Lady and
Medieval. The Love in These Gifts mean the world to me.
Thank You so Much Fairy Nice Lady & Medieval

June 17-18,1999

June 16-18,1999

I am so excited about this Button...
Fairy Witchy Witch made this for me.. And I Love it.
This is Beautiful Thanks!!

JUMP! Fairy Witch is spoling me giggle, but I love it
Look at this Beautiful Gift she made me today 7/6/99

WoW Thank You Kayley for this Beautiful Button
I will Treasure it! You all are Spoiling me giggle

Greetings From Fairy Golden Dawn
I send you a Sunrise to open your Eyes.
To the Wonders of a
New Golden Day. Filled with Golden Stars to light your way.

You have been Dusted by Spirit Fairy Golden Dawn
from the Site Fights.
I am here to bring you a Smile and say,
I see you have SPIRIT, I see it Shinning
Through Dawn's Early Light
So Jump up It's a New Day!!
Don't Forget to Post
a Cheer in SHOUT IT OUT!!
And let the CHEERS BEGIN!


Wow! I Love my 2 new Fairies, Fairy Kismet
and D'Magical Cats Fairy Made them for me!
Big *HUGS* Gals I just Love them.
If you like one too just
click on the adoption cert.!

Through these gates are gifts for thee!!!

This cute Little kissing Angel is here
to say Thank You for Loving Me Cherub Champions!

This was written By a Friend, I like to share it with you.
If I Must Go

If I must go and leave you behind in the darkness,
Just know that my heart will vibrate with love for you;
And if you look in the far off mist you will see me as
the protector I have always been, standing tall.
I wait for the time we will be joined together again,
In the love we had before I passed to the other side.
If you need me just send a message on the rustling
Wind and envision my face in the clouds.and my arms
Reaching out. I will always be there for you!!!
Until we meet again.
Nashoba Baleli

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