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The Fuess Family

Variations: Füeß

First Generation

A Thomas FUESS * b. c1541 in Dietlingen, Baden, Germany. He m. Anna ???* who was b. c1545 in Dietlingen.

They had a son, Wilhelm* (A1).

Second Generation

A1 Wilhelm FUESS * b. 1573 in Dietlingen and d. 13 Mar. 1650 at Ellemendingen, Karlsruhe, Germany. He m. Elizabeth ???* who was b. c1575 at Dietlingen.

Their children include: Elizabeth (A11), Maria (A12), Agnes (A13), Wilhelm (A14), Hans* (A15), Michael (A16), Barbara (A17) & Sara (A18).

Third Generation

A11 Elizabeth FUESS b. c1603 at Dietlingen.

A12 Maria FUESS b. c1606 at Dietlingen.

A13 Agnes FUESS b. c1607 at Dietlingen.

A14 Wilhelm FUESS b. 9 May 1613 at Dietlingen.

A15 Hans FUESS * b. before 1 Jul 1617 at Ellemendingen, Germany and d. 26 Mar. 1693 at Ellemendingen. He m. Anna Maria ???* who was b. 1607 at Ellemendingen.

Their children include: Hans (A151), Anna Maria (A152), Johannes* (A153), Catharina (A154), Michael (A155), Wilhelm (A156), Hans Jacob (A157), Wilhelm (A158).

A16 Michael FUESS b. c1619

A17 Barbara FUESS b. c1623 at Dietlingen

A18 Sara FUESS b. c1625 at Dietlingen.

Fourth Generation

A151 Hans FUESS b. 8 Feb. 1640 at Ellemendingen.

A152 Anna Maria FUESS b. 26 Jan. 1643 at Ellemendingen.

A153 Johannes FUESS * b. 1 Jan. 1644/5 at Ellemendingen and d. 30 Jan. 1729 there. On 26 Nov. 1672 he m. Margaretha DEEG * (see DEEG A1) at Ellemendingen. She was b. 7 Mar. 1651 at Ellemendingen and d. 11 Jan. 1732/3 there. Johannes was an attorney of Ellemendingen.

Their children: Hans Michael (A1531), Christoph (A1532), Anna Maria* (A1533), Hans Gallio / Gallus (A1534), Christoph (A1535), Anna Margaretha (A1536), Anna (A1537), Hans Jacob (A1538).

A154 Catharina FUESS b. 20 Oct. 1646 at Ellemendingen.

A155 Michael FUESS b. c1648 at Ellemendingen.

A156 Wilhelm FUESS b. 9 Nov. 1650 at Ellemendingen.

A157 Hans Jacob FUESS b. 7 Jan. 1653 at Ellemendingen.

A158 Wilhelm FUESS b. 30 Apr. 1654 at Ellemendingen.

Fifth Generation

A1531 Hans Michael FUESS b. 5 Sep. 1675 at Ellemendingen and d. 24 Jun. 1753. He m. Anna Maria DROLLINGER.

A1532 Christoph FUESS b. 20 Oct. 1677 at Ellemendingen.

A1533 Anna Maria FUESS * b. before 20 Feb. 1680 at Ellemendingen and d. before 3 Mar. 1741/2 there. On 22 Nov. 1702 she m. Christoph DROLLINGER (see TROLINGER A1661). He was b. before 3 Mar. 1676 at Ellemendingen and d. 6 Dec. 1733 there.

Their children: Anna Maria, Anna Margaretha, Christoph, Johann Eberhard*.

A1534 Hans Gallio FUESS (or Gallus) b. 11 or the 18 Oct. 1682 at Ellemendingen. He d. 29 Jul. 1744 also at Ellemendingen. He first married Anna Jacobea RATZ. His second marriage occurred on 6 Nov. 1712 at Ellemendingen to Anna Maria FUNCK.

A1535 Christoph FUESS b. 9 Aug. 1685 at Ellemendingen.

A1536 Anna Margaretha FUESS b. 18 Dec. 1687 at Ellemendingen. On 12 Nov. 1711 she m. Hans Martin LOTTHOLTZ at Ellemendingen.

A1538 Hans Jacob FUESS b. 20 Oct. 1691 at Ellemendingen.

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