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As everyone knows this is the doll version of bsb.Which you can get from the doll links from the first page of characters.

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A.J. Mclean

Full Name -Alexander James McLean

Born- January 9, 1978 West Palm Beach, Florida

Astrological Sign -Capricorn

Nickname -Bone

Pets- 2 black and white Shih-tzu's named Panda and Bear

Pastimes -Dancing, basketball, golf, bowling, writing poetry, shopping, shooting pool

Musical Instrument Bass -Guitar

Favorite Color -Yellow

Favorite Movie -Pulp Fiction

Favorite TV Show -Seinfeld

Favorite Stars -Dustin Hoffman & Geena Davis

Favorite Cologne -Joop! for Men

Favorite Foreign City -Paris

Favorite School Subject -English

His Ideal Lady -"I like their eyes. Honestly. I know most guys would not agree with me, but the first thing that I look at is eyes. I have to look into her eyes because if I could look deep past those eyes it's like WOW ! And I like long hair. Short hair is just as nice, but I like long hair. I don't care if they are fat, skinny, tall, short."

Jobs -Playing Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in grade school.

"Side Note" -AJ is a puppeteer who worked on the Nickelodeon show "Welcome Freshmen"

He's Most Likely to... ...dare you to buy that crazy dress. His sense of style is outrageous.

Goals - To get a college degree.

Brian Littrell

Full Name -Brian Thomas Littrell

Born- February 20, 1975

Astrological Sign- Pisces

Nickname -B-Rok (He got the name because of the way he rocks on the b-ball court)

Pets -A cat named "Missy"

Pastimes- Weight lifting, basketball, water skiing, and listening to music.

Home- When they aren't touring, he lives in an apartment near Universal Studios with Kevin and Howie.

Favorite Color -Midnight Blue

Favorite Food -Macaroni and cheese

Favorite Movie- Star Wars

Favorite Groups- Boyz II Men and Bobby Brown

Favorite Stars -Tom Hanks & Sandra Bullock

Favorite Cologne -Safari

His Ideal Lady -Brian says he is attracted to a girl's eyes. "Eyes are very appealing to me. I also like somebody who is interested in a career for themselves and can treat me like a normal person."

"Side Note"- Brian is afraid of heights

He's Most Likely to... ...keep your secrets! Brian believes in trust between friends.

Howie Dorough

Full Name -Howard Dwaine Dorough

Born- August 22, 1973 Orlando, FL

Astrological Sign -Leo

Nickname Howie D, Latin Lover, Sweet-D

Pets -A cat named "Missy"

Pastimes -Weight lifting, water skiing, dancing, racquetball, and seeing movies.

Family -Howie is the last of 5. His siblings are: John, Pollyana, the late Caroline and Angie.

Favorite Color- Purple

Favorite Food -Asian

Favorite Movie -Outsiders

Favorite Groups- Jon Secada and Bobby Brown

Favorite Stars -Tom Hanks

Favorite School Subject -Math

His Ideal Lady- He likes supportive, up-beat ambitious girls. "I like someone who is always looking at things in a positive way, someone who knows what she wants in life and how to go about getting it."

Jobs- Howie had roles in Cop and a Half and Parenthood, a commercial for Disney World and lots of community theater.

"Side Note"- Howie is half Puerto-Rican and half Irish and speaks Spanish fluently.

He's Most Likely to... ...invite you for a moonlight walk along the beach. Howie is a hopeless romantic at heart.

Kevin Richardson

Full Name -Kevin Scott Richardson

Born- October 3, 1972 Lexington, KY

Astrological Sign -Libra

Pets -A black cat named "Quincy"

Pastimes -Playing keyboards, water skiing, swimming, surfing, basketball and hockey.

Favorite Color -Blue

Favorite Food -Mexican and anything Asian

Favorite Movie -Top Gun & The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite TV Show -Roseanne and Martin

Favorite Stars -Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Favorite Musicians -R. Kelly, Prince, Babyface, and Teddy Riley.

Favorite Foreign Country- Sweden

His Ideal Lady- Kevin is attracted to girls who accept him as he is, "I'm shy guy, sometimes I think too much about what I'm going to say to somebody or what they are going to think."

"Side Note" -Kevin is a qualified ballroom dance instructor, and he spent eight years of his life living in a log cabin.

He's Most Likely to... Urge you to chase your dreams! Kevin believes that if you can dream it, you can do it.

Worst habit- Sleeping late.

Nick Carter

Full Name- Nickolas Gene Carter

Born- January 28, 1980 Jamestown, NY

Astrological Sign- Aquarius

Nickname -Prefers Nick, been called Nicky

Pets- Terrier "Boo Boo" & cat "Pinky

Pastimes -Boating, fishing, drawing, collecting football cards, playing video games.

Musical Instrument- Drums

Favorite Food -Pizza

Favorite Movie -Aliens

Favorite TV Show- Mad About You and Beavis and Butthead

Favorite Star- Sigourney Weaver

Favorite Musicians -Nirvana and Michael Jackson

Favorite Cologne -Gravity

Splurges on Shopping for sneaks and gold jewelry

His Ideal Lady- Attracted to girls with brown hair, but he says: "It really doesn't matter to me as long as they have a good personality and they are really, really nice."

Jobs- He had the lead in his 4th grade production of Phantom of the Opera, has appeared in commercials for the Florida Lottery and The Money Store, he was the featured vocalist for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's pregame show for two years.

"Side Note"- Nick is a licensed scuba diver.

He's Most Likely to... ...draw your picture, he's rarely seen without a pencil in his hands.

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