Chapter 9- The Secret is Revealed

**In Maryann's Hospital Room**

Everyone was in the room when Brian & Nick entered.

"Hey guys" Maryann said weakly.

"Hey Maryann" Brian said followed by a weak "Hello" from Nick.

Just then the doctor re-entered the room asking Bsb for autographs for her kids. As Bsb were autographing the papers for the doctor, the nurse came in with a nebulizer.

"Here you go Miss, We have to give you this medication for your asthma."

Feeling sorry for Maryann, Nick sat down on the chair next to Maryann's bed.

Just then Nick stared at Maryann with the nebulizer mask on her face.

"When can she be released?" Nick asked the doctor as he rubbed Maryann's hand.

"Oh, in a couple of days, why?" the doctor answered.

"Oh, no reason, just wondering" Nick responded.

Everyone knew that Nick was in love with Maryann, but he just didn't know how to tell her.

** 1 Day Later- 11:41pm**

Everyone except for Maryann were all in the Backstreet Boys hotel suite and Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ, Jamie, & Karen were all trying to pull an all-nighter. Kevin, Brian, Howie, and AJ were already conked out. Therefore, the only ones awake were Nick, Karen, and Jamie. "So everybody, spill your beans about your love life" Jamie said half asleep.

"I'm single right now, but I have my eye on your sleeping buddy over there" Karen said while pointing to Brian, "But don't any of you tell him yet."

All of a sudden, Karen heard snoring from Jamie.

"What about you Nick?" Karen said in between yawns.

"I'm single also, but my eyes are wandering too" Nick said.

"On who may I ask?" Karen asked trying to get as much juicy info from Nick as possible.

"Your buddy" Nick said while blushing.

"Which buddy?" Karen asked.

Nick studdered quietly and finally answered, "Maryann"

** The Next Morning - 8:30 am**

"OK, I feel real good today!" Maryann exclaimed to herself as the nurse entered the room to check her vitals.

"You better be, because according to your charts you can be released today. That's very early to be released for an asthma attack " The nurse said

"That makes me feel even better" Maryann exclaimed as the nurse exited the room.

Maryann then picked up the phone and dailed the hotel's number.


"Hello, this is Stacey at The Hilton, How may I help you?" the voice said into the receiver.

"Hello, can you please transfer my call to room E 131?" Maryann said.

"Okay,just a moment." the voice said into the receiver.


"Hello" Karen said groggily into the receiver.

"Hello!! When are you coming to pick me up??" Maryann asked joyfully.

"Oh it's you" Karen said rather tiredly.

"You sound very happy to talk to me!" Maryann said sarcastically.

"Oh I am happy to talk to you, but I only had 4 hours of sleep." Karen said groggily.

"Oh,WAIT! 4 hours ago was 4 o'clock" Maryann exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know" Karen said. "I was in the Backstreet Boys hotel suite and Nick, Brian, Howie, Aj, Jamie, & I were having a contest" Karen added.

"What kind of contest?" Maryann asked.

"A contest to see if anyone could a pull an all nighter" Karen answered.

"Oh, and if I was there I would beaten you all!" Maryann said.

"Yeah I know, you are such a night owl!" Karen exclaimed.

"Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment." Maryann said cheerifully.

"So when are you coming to pick me up?" Maryann asked urgently.

"Never!!!" Karen said playfully.

"No really, when are you coming to pick me up?" Maryann asked rather impatiently,"I really wanna get out of this hospital you know how much I hate hospitals, I've been there so many times in my life. Besides, I'm getting sick of this darn bed"

"About 9-10 AM, why?" Karen answered.

"Oh, why so late?" Maryann asked.

"Because I don't wanna come and pick you up right now..." Karen said when her words were interuppted by a knock on the door.

"Hold on, someone is at the door" Karen said putting down the phone on the bed.

"Ok" Maryann said laying down on "her" bed.

"Hey Nick, What's up!" Karen said while Maryann listened in the background.

"Hey Karen, oh remember last night when I told you... Oh, who's on the phone?" Nick asked

"Maryann, Why?" Karen answered.

"Uh, no reason....." Nick said while blushing.

"Oh, now I remember what you are talking about!"

Karen picked up the phone and said,"I'll see you at 9:30, Bye"

"But wait..." Maryann said but she hung up already, "Bye" Maryann said before she hing up the phone.

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