Chapter 8- The One

**In the kitchen**

"Mair, what's wrong?" Karen asked.

"I..miss...Stevin." Maryann sobbed.

"Gosh you miss that ass? What's wrong with you? He cheated on you for 6 months with your ex-best friend and you miss him?!" Karen exclaimed. When Karen said that, Nick heard it and felt sorry for Maryann. He got up and went to the kitchen and saw Maryann crying on the floor.

"Mair, you have to stop crying before you start wheezing," Karen said.

"I'm...already.....wheezin," Maryann said while gasping for air.

"Where's your inhaler?" Karen asked.

"It..won' I to..the hospital but...I don't...wanna go." Maryann said. And with that, Nick's heart sank.

"We gotta get you to the hospital. Can you get up?" Nick asked. When she tried to get up she collapsed in Nick's arms.

"OMIGOD!" Karen screamed, which got the attention of everyone in the hotel suite. "I'm calling 911. Nick, take Mair over to the couch, Jamie, get some pillows and put them under her head." she said while dialing 911.

"Karen, me and Howie are going down to the lobby to bring the paramedics up here." Kevin said and left with Howie.

"I must be living the rich life," Maryann said chuckling weakly.

"Mair you're too weak, just don't talk." Nick said softly.

**10 minutes later- at the hospital**

Maryann was stabilized but her breathing was irregular. Everybody was in the waiting room but Karen who was in the room with Maryann. When the doctor came out of the room Nick asked her if he could go and see her.

"I'm sorry sir, but only one person is allowed at a time," the doctor informed him as she walked back into Maryann's room.

"I don't care!" Nick nearly yelled, "I need to see her! I care about her unlike you do since you won't let me see her!"

"Yo Nick, calm down," AJ said, "you sound like her boyfriend."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" Nick yelled and stormed out of the room.

"Gosh, what's with him?" Kevin asked.

"I don't know, but I think he likes her," Howie said.

"You really think so?" Jamie exclaimed.

"Yeah, he wouldn't tell us who he liked but it's obvious that he likes her," AJ answered.

"Wow, I can't wait to tell her," Jamie said.

"No, don't tell her, We don't know for sure if he likes her," Brian said.

The doctor came back out of the room. "I have good news, Maryann's breathing is still irregular but she's doing fine. You can all go see her but she's still very weak.

"Thankyou doctor," Jamie said as she and the others went into the hospital room.

"I'm gonna go get Nick," Brian said and left.

**At the same time-in the hospital lobby**

Nick was sitting on a chair thinking. "Gosh, I almost lost her today. But why am I feeling this way? AJ's right, I am acting like her boyfriend. I know I like her, but do I love her? Is she 'the one'?"

He then spotted Brian walking over to him. "Hey Nick, are you okay? You sounded a little mad in the waiting room."

"I know, I've never acted that way before with a person I met a day ago." Nick said.

Brian couldn't help but ask. "Do you have a crush on Maryann?"

"No, I don't," Nick lied, "I was scared for her, we're just good friends."

"Good friends? You just said earlier today that you liked someone!" Brian exclaimed.

"I was just kidding," Nick said, "I don't like anyone."

"Ok," Brian said, "The doctor said that Maryann's fine but she's very weak and we can go visit her now."

"Ok, lets go," Nick said and left for Maryann's room.

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