Chapter 7- She's All That

**At the lobby- 1:30pm**

Karen, Maryann, and the BSB were at the hotel lobby deciding on which room to watch the movie in.

"Why don't we go watch it in our room?" Kevin suggested.

"Ok," Karen agreed, "is it ok if we invite Jamie?"

"Sure," AJ answered immediately with a glow in his eyes.

"Cool. Me and Karen are gonna go get Jamie. By the way, where is your room?" Maryann asked.

"It's on floor D, room 112. Where's yours?" Howie asked.

"It's on floor E, room 131. We're gonna go get Jamie. We'll meet you at your room, bye" Karen answered.

"Bye" Brian said dreamily. All the boys looked at him with a curious face. He really liked Karen but he wasn't sure if she liked him. Ever since his breakup with Leighanne he's been lonely for a while until he met Karen.

**At Jamie's room**

"Hey Jamie do you want to join us to watch a movie with the BSB?" Karen asked.

"Watch a movie with THE Backstreet Boys?" Jamie asked wide-eyed, "Count me in!"

And with that they headed to the boys' room.

**At the same time in the boys room**

"Hey Nick, do you think that Karen likes me?" Brian asked.

"So you do like Karen, I figured that. I don't know if she likes you but you seem to like her a lot." Nick said.

"Since we're on the subject, who do you have your eye on Nick?" AJ asked.

"I don't have to tell you, you know that if I do you'll blab it to the whole world." Nick retorted.

"C'mon Nick, you know me" AJ coaxed.

"Yeah, that's why I'm not telling you." Nick said.

Knock, Knock, Knock

Kevin answered the door. "Hi girls, come in."

"Hey Kev, hey guys. What are we watchin'?" Maryann asked.

"We decided to watch 'She's all That' since nobody would let me watch my 'Pulp Fiction'." AJ said staring at Kevin.

"Cool, where should we sit?" Jamie asked. AJ, Nick, and Brian were sitting on the couch, Kevin was sitting on a chair, and Howie was sprawled out on the floor on the side of the couch.

"You can sit here girls" AJ said as he pushed Brian and Nick off the couch.

"Hey!" Nick and Brian said at the same time as they got back on the couch.

"No thanks," Karen said while laughing, "We'll just sit on the floor."

Karen, Maryann, and Jamie sat on the floor against the front of the couch and watched the movie. During the movie, AJ and Jamie were flirting with eachother. Anybody with half a brain could tell that they liked eachother.

Brian and Karen were quickly glancing at eachother. Whenever they met eachother's gazes, they would quickly flash eachother a smile and Karen would giggle everytime.

Kevin was just staring at them and daydreaming about his girlfriend, Cassie. He couldn't wait to see her again after 3 months.

Howie was so into the movie that whenever someone would make a noise, he would hiss at them to be quiet. "Rachel Leigh Cook is hot", he thought.

Nick kept pulling Maryann's hair so she went into the kitchen. Karen followed her. When she reached the kitchen, she saw Maryann kneeling down on the floor crying.

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