Chapter 6- Two Girls, a Redhead, and a Blockbuster Store

**In 7-11**

"That would be $23.79." said the cashier as Howie exited 7-11 to go to the car.

"$23.79 for candy, sodas, and a pretzel?!" Kevin remarked.

"Don't forget about the popcorn." AJ said.

"Whatever." Kevin said. Kevin handed the cashier $25 and the cashier gave him back his change.

"Please come again!" the cashier exclaimed. "Whatever, you won't be seeing anymore of my money anytime soon." Kevin murmered.

"Hey Kevin, can I have my PRETZEL?" AJ asked.

"No." Kevin growled.

"PLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSSEEEE" AJ says as Kevin takes bag of pretzels and shoves in his face.

"Thanks." AJ muffled. "Geez what bugs up your butt?"

"Shut up." Kevin growled.

**In the car**

"What's next on the agenda?" Howie asked.

"Well, first we have to stop at Blockbuster to rent a movie and then we'll go back to the hotel to watch it." Karen answered.

"Ok let's go to Blockbuster!" Maryann squealed.

"Whatever" Karen said while pulling out of 7-11.

**At Blockbuster**

"I wanna see Pulp Fiction again" AJ proclaimed.

"No, we've watched it 25,000 times already." Brian said.

"So? And your point?" AJ asked.

Howie poked Maryann on her shoulder and said "Got what I want"

"Ok, good, whatever...AJ!!" Maryann screamed while running to get AJ away from the Pulp Fiction rack. When running to catch up to AJ she bumped into a person who wasn't AJ, but was Karen and Maryann's childhood friend, Jamie. "JAMIE!!" Maryann squealed.

Karen heard Maryann squeal and ran over to where she was and saw a redhead next to her and Karen squealed "JAMIE!!" and embraced her while Maryann also did so. Karen, Maryann, and Jamie released their hug.

Brian, Nick, Howie & Kevin walked over to where they heard the squealing, and saw Karen and Maryann hugging a redhead.

"Hey girls, who's that?" Howie asked.

"Oh, this is Jamie, we are childhood friends." Maryann answered.

"YOU KNOW BSB & BSB KNOWS YOU?!?!?!?" Jamie said shocked.

"Yup" Karen & Maryann said in unison.

"I have to go and get AJ" Kevin said when starting to walk toward where AJ was located.

** Back At the Pulp Fiction Rack **

"Ok AJ, that is enough!" Kevin stated.

"No, there is never enough 'Pulp Fiction'!!!" AJ said as if he was a zombie.

"Come On" Kevin protested.

"Nooooooooooooooooo" AJ screamed as Kevin dragged him from the 'Pulp Fiction' rack.

Kevin stopped, put his hands on AJ's shoulders and shook some sense into him.

When Aj came back to reality, Kevin and AJ walked over where Karen & Maryann and the rest of the group was.

"Hey AJ, this is me & Karen's childhood friend, Jamie" Maryann thought she should mention. AJ checked out the redhead in front of him. Jamie was a 20 year old standing at 5'8" with red hair just below her sholders, and beautifulgreen eyes.

"Hey, What's Up, Jamie?" AJ said while kissing her hand.

"Nothin'" Jamie answered. She felt as if she was floating on air when she was talking to AJ. After all, he was her favorite Backstreet Boy.

"So Jamie, how long has it been?" Karen asked.

"Seven and a half years" she replied. Jamie was Karen and Maryann's next door neighbor when they were young. Karen, Maryann, and Jamie were next door neighbors until Jamie's dad got a new job and had to transfer to West Palm Beach, Florida. Jamie's been living there ever since. (MN: Just incase you wanted to know, "MN" means Maryann's note and "KN" means Karen's note.)

"So what brings you here?" Maryann asked.

"Well, I came here to visit you guys here for a week." Jamie replied.

"Oh, you have got to spend some time with us we have so much to catch up on." Karen said.

"Let's introduce you to the guys. You know them already so Jamie, say hi to Nick, Brian, Kevin, Howie, and AJ." Maryann said.

"Hi" they all said.

"Well, I'm sorry but I have to go, I want to see my movie before it is due back." Jamie said.

"Wait, where are you stayin at Jamie?" Karen asked.

"The Hilton" she replied.

"So are we and the boys!" Maryann exclaimed.

"Cool, so I'll see you there?"

"Ok. Hey Jamie, hold up, this is our room number at the hilton" Karen said giving Jamie a piece of paper. Jamie took it and tore off a blank part of the paper, wrote her room number down and gave it back to Karen.

"Try and visit us!" Karen hollered to Jamie as she left.

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