Chapter 4- Dunkin' Donuts

"So who's driving?" Kevin asked.

"Uh, I will" Karen answered.

"So which Dunkin' Donuts are we going to?"Maryann asked.

"The one that is about a mile away from the hotel" Karen answered.

"How do you know that it is about a mile away?" Brian asked.

"Because I went there last night, after meeting you guys" Karen answered.

Maryann looked like a cheetah ready to pounce any second, but calmly she asked "When last night?"

"Just before stopping to sleep at the Hilton, I had a sudden urge for a donut, then on the parkway I saw a sign for Dunkin' Donuts, so I stopped there, I stopped the car and looked at you and I thought that you would kill me if I woke you up, so I didn't wake you." Karen explained.

"Good thing that you didn't, but I would have liked a donut." Maryann mentioned.

"Well I better go get the jeep" Karen said.

"But we don't have enough seats, Karen" Maryann said.

"Yeah I know, but I have an idea" Karen added.

"Oh, I know this idea" Maryann answered.

"What does she mean?" Nick asked.

"You'll see" Maryann answered.

"UH OH" Bsb said in unison

**2 Minutes Later**

SLAM!! Karen slammed the door of her and Maryann's jeep. "Ok Brian, scoot behind my seat, Let howie sit on top of the seat, and then Kevin, sit next to Brian, and then let A.J., sit on the chair like Howie but on the other side of Kevin, and then Nick sit behind Maryann's seat then you Maryann get into your seat. Ok?" Karen explained.

"Ok Howie & A.J. hold on to the bar of the jeep, because Karen drives like a Maniac." Maryann said giving Karen a smirk.

"Hey that was nice." Karen said sarcastically.

"Why, I'm just stating a fact"

"No you aren't"

"Yes I am"

"No you're not"

"Yes I am"

"No you're not"

"Yes I am"

"No you're not"

"Yes I am"

"No you're not"

"AND YES I AM!!!!!!!!!" Maryann screamed.

"Ok stop the bickering, PLEASE!" Brian protested, "Please just drive because I need a cup of coffee." he added.

"Golly, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bunk this morning." Maryann said.

"Whatever" Brian smirked, "Just GO!"

"Alright already, he must of woken up on the wrong side of the bunk, Mair!" Karen said.

** 10 Minutes Later **

"Ah, did I need that" Brian said talking about his sip of his coffee.

"Whatever you say, Brian, Whatever you say" Maryann said.

The BSB, Maryann, & Karen were at Dunkin' Donuts enjoying a dozen donuts when Brian asked Howie what time it was. "It's 10:25am, why?" Howie asked, "And by the way what time did Mr. Jive say that we were expected to be at sound check?" Howie wondered.

"I think he said 10:30 am, but I don't know" AJ answered.

"So, if it is 10:25 now, and we're supposed to be at the arena at 10:30, we officially have 5 MINUTES!!!" Nick said nearly yelling.

Showing BSB to the door Karen said "God, I have to get you guys to sound check, come on Mair, get in guys, we have 4 minutes to go 5 1/2 miles to get to the arena!" Supposedly it was 10:25, being that the only Backstreet Boy wearing a watch was Howie, they relied on him for the time. Being that they thought that it was 10:25 and they all had no time to check the Jeep's clock, they rushed only to find out that it was 10: 15 not 10:25.

** 5 Minutes Later **

"Good going, Karen" AJ said. Before he could say anything else the annoying stage hand said it was time to start sound check , "You can watch if you want, but I guarantee that it won't be the same as a normal concert!" AJ said.

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