Chapter 36- Losing a Friend- Part 1


Latoya spotted something that she recognized. "Wait, what is that?"

She bent down and picked it up. It was Maryann's cellphone with a cracked screen. The battery was 5 feet away from the phone.

I started to tremble when I spotted something also. Blood.

“Why is Mar’s cellphone here, and she’s not? That’s not like her...” Latoya started to put two and two together, “Hold up, her phone’s broken, there’s blood near it, and she's missing...”

Karen realized what Latoya was trying to do, “Oh my goodness, you don't think someone kidnapped her, do you?”

"I hope not," I replied with fear and foreboding, I looked into Latoya’s eyes, and she started to cry. "I hope, being if she was kidnapped, she is fine; but who would do that?" I said.

Latoya replied in return to my response-"I have no idea, but we have a choice, go see Cassie, or look for Mar. And personally, I want to look for Mar, but Cassie saved her life. What should we do?"

"I don't know" Karen's voice wavered. She saw something else out of the corner of her eye.

"Oh no," she whispered as she picked the object up. It was Maryann's necklace.

"Ok, now I know there is really something wrong! Maryann wouldn't just leave that necklace anywhere! That's an heirloom of her family. Either she gone crazy, or someone's taken her away by force!" Latoya started to panic.

They heard a grunt of pain from someone and they both turned around. Marc was limping towards them and his right hand was tightly clasping his left hand which was bleeding freely. He was near tears. Latoya and Karen rushed over to him.

"Oh my Goodness, Marc! What happened?" Latoya was sobbing freely now, as was Karen.

"I couldn’t..... catch him," he panted,"I got a.... glance of him..."

"Catch who?" Karen asked.

"That...guy that shot that girl," he managed to get out.

"What does he look like?" Latoya asked wrapping her arm around his waist. "I’m scared, for Maryann’s sake"

~*~At the Hospital~*~

"She's stablized" said the doctor. "Let's get the bullet out of her."

"Yes, Doctor" said the head nurse.

They worked on her for an hour trying to remove the bullet.

"Oh no, we have a problem, the bullet is located right next to her spinal cord, we must be careful or we could paralyze her, or even worse, kill her." said the other doctor.

~*~At the Club~*~

"Well, he had the meanest green eyes, stern, and confident, he was black, and about 6 foot" "Sounds like, ummmm, Stevin" Karen said sighing.

"I hope he doesn't hurt her" Latoya said holding on to Marc harder.

A tear slowly went down Karen's face.

~*~At the Hospital~*~

"Oh, no! She's coding... she must of had a reaction to the meds. And there is too much internal bleeding, there is nothing really we can do." said the doctor.

"Doctor, her heart is no longer beating, you don't want her to suffer, do you?" said the head nurse.

"Alright, call it. 21:37 pm, time of death."

(KN: My mom helped me with this part. Thanks Mom!)

~*~ With Maryann ~*~

Being "strong", Maryann tried her hardest to fight off her attacker, and in the process nearly screaming her lungs out, which wasn't a very good idea(KN: 'member she's got asthma). The assailant dragged his victim through the woods to an abandoned cabin.....

~*~ @ the Club ~*~

"Come on, Marc, you can't be strong all the time, let's go the hospital, and get your hand fixed up" Latoya said grabbing his other hand and dragged him through the side door.

Marc did nothing to stop her, he likes girls who take control of situations.

They left Karen standing outside the club with Maryann's cellphone, Maryann's necklace and cellphone battery.

Karen slowly let her body fall to the ground....

~*~ 20 minutes later ~*~

Latoya walked into the hospital, with Marc in tow.

"Honey, it doesn't hurt that much, don't make a big stink about it"

"What the hell do you mean, not to make a big stink about it, you don't understand has happened in my life, i lost one boyfriend in a gang war, i ain't goin' to loose you, I love you."

~*~ On the Tourbus- In California ~*~

Nick tried dialing Maryann's cell phone #, but with no avail, there was no answer, he left a message on her voice mail.

"Mar, where in the hell are you?? i was talking to you and all of a sudden, i heard a click, what the hell is up with that? ::Sigh:: Call me back asap. Bye"

Nick looked at his watch, it was 6:40.

Kevin walked into the sleeping "quarters" to grab his shaving cream, after shave tonic and scented soap for his shower that Cassie gave him.

"What's wrong with you, Nick, is your Nintendo broken?" Kevin asked

"No, it's not broken, Brian is playing it, I had to call someone"


"Maryann, but she didn't answer." Nick replied

"Oh" Kevin said as he preceded to the bathroom.

"That was hard" Nick mumbled.

~*~ With Karen ~*~

During her time alone, she turned on her cell phone to check the time, it was 9:40.

"I wonder if Cassie's alright" she thought to herself. The thing she didn't realize is that they pronounced her dead by then.

~*~With Brian~*~

::Bing:: Brian's cellphone sounded.

"Sounds like I got a message" he said to himself.

It was the score of the Wildcats' basketball game.

"I better delete this. What's this, a message from Karen, 'Brian, I'm bored, Call me! Talk to you later' " it read.

"Well, I'll call her, i guess. I'm bored now anyway. Brian dialed her number....

~*~With Karen~*~


Karen's cellphone rang.

Karen looked at the caller id.

It was Brian, she was happy to see that.

"Heylo" Karen said answering her cell.

"Hey Kar, what'ca doin'?" he asked.


In the distance, the polce sirens were going off still.

"What is that?" Brian asked

"What's what?" Karen asked.

"That noise, it sounds like sirens or something" he replied.

"Oh, that... it the police next door" Karen lied.

"Oh, i just thought..."

"Thought what?" Karen replied quickly.

"I just thought something happened to you or the other girls, ok, got a problem with that, i care about you guys, and you are all, well, acting like something is wrong, is there, anything at all, wrong??" Brian asked

"No, i have no problem with that, and no, there is nothing wrong" Karen's voice waivered.

"How come i'm getting the feeling that you're not telling me the truth??" He questioned

~*~With Latoya~*~

Latoya was standing with Marc as he got his hand bandaged up.

"Ow!" Marc whinced with pain.

"You're doing fine" the doctor reassured him.

"Thanks, Latoya" Marc said looking at his girlfriend.

"Your welcome" Latoya replied

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