Chapter 33-The Infection Part 2

"Heather!" Karen cried.

"Come back" she yelled as Heather was wheeled out of the room.

"Don't worry, she'll be alright, the doctors know what they're doing. By the way, what did you mean about the infection?" Maryann asked when kneeling down next to her.

"She was born with bad kidneys, and she gets a bad infection every so often, and she almost died from it the first and second time it happened. And Iím scared for her life, she is like my sister. I really care for her!" Karen said.

"We care about her too!" Jamie said.

"Not the same way I do! All of you have sisters! I just have idiot brothers!" Karen retorted, "Heather is just like a sister to me."

Karen walked out the room looking for Heather which she couldn't find. She asked the head nurse where Heather was but she wasn't informed yet and she promised to inform Karen about her friend's status as soon as possible.

"Thanks" Karen said to the head nurse and walked to the waiting room. Jamie, Latoya, and Maryann were already in there. "We have to get going to school. I'll tell the Dean that you are going to be absent til further notice because of an illness." Latoya said walking towards the exit of the waiting room. "We'll meet you here once school is over. Probably get some dinner or something." Maryann said walking towards Latoya. "Ok, thanks" Karen said in a low understandable voice.

"See ya Later" Jamie said to her friends and sat down next to Karen. Karen began to talk, "I have something to tell you....."

**2 hours later**

Karen waited for Heather's mom to arrive. She felt all cried out. At this time, Jamie found out she was pregnant, but she knew it was a mistake that she'd have to live with. Karen was in deep thoughts when Jamie brought her back to reality.

"Uh?" Karen said looking up from the floor with her hands folded waiting to hear about her best friend's condition.

"Hey Kar, the nurse just came in and said that Heather is stable and she can have some visitors but be gentle. Heather is very weak."

"Thanks" Karen said. The news that Heather was alright brightened up her day, "What room is she in?"

"I believe the nurse said something about room 431, but I'm not sure." Jamie replied opening up a can of coke she got from a soda machine.

"Thanks again" Karen said heading to the elevator. She pressed the button for the 4th floor and waited for the elevator to take her there. As soon as the elevator doors opened, Karen located room 431. She opened the door to find Heather in a bed with tubes going places where they shouldn't be. (*Kn: Think- Kidneys are at the bottom of your body!)

(MN: This is a new thing we're gonna try. We're gonna be writing the story from the characters' point of view from now on. This is because we're kinda having trouble putting the people's feelings and thoughts into the story and it would make them come out better. So if you see "~Brian~", those squiggilly lines surrounding the name, then it is in that person's POV. So you get to see that person's thoughts and etc.. Tell us if you like it or not on our message board.)

**A few hours later**


Damn, finally I'm outta class. That professor is BORING!! I walked into the the room that Heather was staying in and I noticed that Karen was in there fast asleep on a chair. Typical Karen, she can sleep through anything.

Deciding to annoy her, I shook Karen awake. "Huh, what? Oh hi Mar what are you doing here?"

"Just visiting you and Heather," I said dramatically, "I finally got the courage to come back to the hospital. You know how much I hate them, I've been in there for too long to last a lifetime."

"Oh Mar" she said at my so-called joke,"So, what's up?"

"A lot, but I don't wanna get into that subject right now, if you know what I mean" I said hinting towards Nick.

"Oh why don't you just talk to him?" Karen whined.

"Because I don't wanna" I whined back,"Let's change the subject. So....does Jamie know yet?"

Why did she have to ask me about that now? Sure, I was trying to forget it, but I wasn't even doing a good job on it anyway so it didn't matter. Why am I so mad at Nick? Because he wanted to protect me and yadi yadi ya.... But what about me? If he dosen't think I can protect myself then he sees another thing coming! Maybe I should talk to him. "Yeah, she knows."


"I don't know what she thinks about it, let's go talk to Jamie."


I was back in my hospital room. A nurse caught me in the hallway (I still had my gown on, but I had my jacket on too,) and yelled at me and ordered me to go back into my room. That sucks. Now I know why Maryann hates hospitals so much. They treat you like babies in here. But enough about that, I had other things on my mind, like why I had to get pregnant in the first place and much more...

Why did I have to get pregnant? Why didn't we use protecton? Wait, I don't even know if we used protection! Gah! Why did it have to happen? Great, now I'm starting to cry.

Karen and Maryann came into my room. They must've seen me crying because they rushed over to me with worried looks on their faces.

"What's wrong?" Karen asked.

"Nothing, I'm just too stressed out about this baby thing" I said.

"Why don't you just call him?" Maryann suggested, "You have to figure things out with him if you're gonna have the baby-"

"Hold up?" Karen interrupted, "Didn't I just say something like that to you like 2 minutes ago?"

"Yeah, but this is different" Maryann retorted, "If it's so important to you then I'll call him later today. OK?"

"Good" Karen said. She turned to Jamie, "Anyway? Why don't you call him now?"

"I have a phone. Well, actually, it's Latoya's. Mark gave it to her so he could keep in touch with her. He's paying the bill of course, so I decided, why just spread the wealth?" Maryann said handing out the phone to Jamie.

"I...I.....Ok, I'll do it" I said taking the phone. I took the note with his phone number in it out from my purse from the bedside table and started to dial.

I am getting into some deep sh*t.


Sure, I may be 21 but I have no relationship experience. So why am I giving Maryann advice you ask? Because I don't wanna see her getting hurt again. Being that Stevin hurt her so much, (that stupid scumbag excuse for a man), if she gets hurt by Nick the same way, I'm going to rip his limbs off one by one! Even though it would be pretty hard to accomplish, but hey, I have a weird imagination ok?


I was in my hotel room just finishing taking a very needed shower when my cell phone rang. I wrapped a towel around my waist and feared who might be calling me because I had a very good idea who it was. I picked the phone up and answered it.

"Hello?" I said.

Yup, it was Jamie.

I started to perspire a lot. Well, there goes my shower.

"Hey" a very nervous Jamie answered.

"Hey," I said back, "How are ya?"

"Umm, I don't really have an answer for that. I just feel so.....Oh why AJ? Why did this happen? Did we even use protection?" Jamie cried.

"You mean you don't remember?" I asked.

"What? Am I supposed to remember every single thing that happened that night?" Jamie said, her voice rising with every word, "I was drunk remember? And so were you so I don't know why you're blaming me!"

"Who said I was blaming you?" I yelled.


"DON'T YELL AT ME" I yelled.

"What do you mean 'don't yell at me?' You're the one yelling at me in the first place!" AJ yelled back.

"Why are we fighting?" I asked desperately.

"Hey, I don't wanna fight either, but......I have something to tell you and it's been nagging me ever since I found out about the baby." AJ said sadly.

My heart froze, I had a feeling about what he was going to tell me, but I didn't want to believe it.

"I really don't think I'm ready for a baby right now. I mean, if it wasn't for my career then it would have been ok, but you know it's going to be hard to take care of it." AJ said.

"Why?" I whispered with tears streaming down my cheeks. From the looks on Karen and Maryann's faces, I could tell that they knew that I wasn't having a very good conversation. "You do remember that you helped make the baby! And now you're going to leave me to take care of it by myself?"

"That's not what I mean!" AJ said urgently, his voice wavering, "I would never abandon the baby. You know how it was with my father when he left me, I could never do what he did. I'll call you as much as I can until I finish the tour. When I'm on break I'll take care of you and the baby as much as possible. It's just that- I don't think I'll be a good enough father with my career and all. That's all."

I felt like an iron fist was crushing my heart to pieces, "But, but, what does that mean? Does it mean goodbye? Or until you finish tour?"

"I honestly don't know. Bye baby, you" he whispered sadly, and then he hung up.

I let the phone fall from my hand onto my bed, just as my tears fell with it.

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