Chapter 32- The Infection

"Well....what?" AJ asked.

"She's pregnant AJ."

There was a very uncomfortable silence. "No she's not" AJ said, "She can't it was only one night she can't get pregnant that fast can't she?"

"Uh,........yeah. Yes you can trust me, the tests 99% chance of becoming a father." "Oh my god. Is that why is she in the hospital?"

"No, She passed out and hit her head. She has a concussion, but she's not awake yet. We're gonna go visit her after class tomorrow."

"Oh, well when she wakes up can you call me? Or better yet, call me tomorrow ok?"

"Alright, Bye"

"Bye" Aj hung up. He felt like his heart dropped down to his stomach. Then he came to the realization that there was a good chance that he was gonna be a father, the trouble was how he was gonna handle it.

**At the same time(5:00PM)In the Mall**

Cassie was checking the inventory again at the sports shop she worked in. It was almost closing time and she was anxious to get home. She checked her watch, only 10 more minutes, she thought.

"Excuse me?"

Cassie looked up to see a rather short girl with shoulder length black hair and hazel eyes. She looked relatively sad. "Oh hello. How may I help you?"

"Umm I heard that they were hiring here and I was wondering if I could get an application?" the girl's voice wavered.

"Sure," Cassie gave her a form,"Just fill it out and bring it back as soon as you can."

"Thanks" she said taking the form.

Cassie noticed that she was holding back tears,"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Umm,...yeah I'm......fine" she looked down.

Cassie felt sorry for her and felt like the girl needed a friend. "Uh, I'm closing the store soon, do you wanna come to my house? Maybe have dinner?"

"I guess........sure, okay" a smile started to take over the girl's face.

A few minutes later Cassie closed up and left the mall with the girl right behind her. They reached her car and got in. As Cassie started pulling out of the parking lot a question crossed her mind. "So were do you go to school?"

"Oh, I go to the College of the Palm Beaches, I live in my dorm" she answered, "I didn't catch your name."

"Cassandra Mills, but call me Cassie. What's yours?"

"Lauren. Lauren Martins."

**At the same time-On the Bus**

"Are you kidding me?" Nick nearly yelled when AJ finished telling him, Howie, and Brian about his 'maybe baby'.

"Keep your voice down, Kevin's in the bathroom" AJ mumbled, "Those test results are gonna determine my whole future."

"Why did you do it, ya know, Have sex with her?" Brian asked.

"I was drunk, I know that. But I guess I thought that it was the right thing to do then" AJ lied. The truth was, he didn't even know why he did it, and he was starting to regret it.

"Are you gonna tell Kev?" Howie asked. He knew that being the big brother he was, Kevin was gonna flip.

"You don't have to tell me anything now, I already know." Kevin said as he leaned against the doorway to the bathroom.

**The Girls' House**

Karen finished telling the rest of the girls everything about her and AJ's conversation. Latoya was filled with inevitable rage towards him, "He sounds like he dosen't even want the baby! It's his fault he can't even keep his 'AJ Jr.' to himself!"

"LATOYA!!" Everyone else stared at her.

"What? It's the truth!" she reasoned, "If he didn't want a baby then he should've controlled his hormones!"

"They were drunk Latoya!" Heather yelled.

"So? I'm just saying that if you're gonna have sex, they should know the consequences!"

"Why are you so uptight about this?" Maryann asked calmly.

"Because my big sister's boyfriend got her pregnant. And ya know what he did? He broke up with her, leaving her alone with the baby at the age of 17" Latoya answered, tears forming in her eyes, "And do you know how hard she took it? She cried for months and months hoping for him to come back, but he didn't. And thanks to him I have a 4 year old niece now."

"How come you didn't tell me that Latoya?" Maryann said with a questionable look on her face.

"Because i didn't have the heart to tell anybody til i found out about Aj and Jamie."

The group was silent til the next morning.

**The Next Morning**

The phone rang waking Heather who was sleeping in the livingroom on the futon. She stretched and yawned and felt tired all of a sudden. She looked at her watch, it read 8:29am. Before dozing the night before she realized that when she went to sleep it was 8:45. She wondered why she was so tired. She stood up and stumbled to the ground. "Ouch" she cried as she crawled to the phone.

"Hello" she whined into the reciever.

"Hello, this is Dr. Lorelei from the hospital, I would like to inform you that Jamie has woken from her unconcious state."

"Oh, my god, really?" Heather said rubbing her legs because her legs hurt. She whined with pain and murmured some words to herself.

"Miss, is everything alright, because I could always call back...."

"No,...No, that wouldn't be necessary, I just woke up and I was stretching." Heather quickly replied although she knew that she was lying.

"Alright, so Jamie can be released, but someone over 18 has to come and sign her out."

"Alright,thanks, Dr. Lorelei, Thank you so much."

"Your welcome and thank you" Dr. Lorelei said and hung up.

**With the Guys** Aj couldn't sleep the whole night because he had alot on his mind. The tour bus was parked in a parking lot and Aj walked out of the bus. He climbed to the top of the bus with the ladder on the side of the bus. He laid down on his side and watched the sun rise, all by himself, wanting to say sorry to Jamie.

**At The Hospital**

Jamie sat up in her bed to find a tray of food set on a movable table to her right. She moved it towards herself. She tried a piece of the "muck"(no offense to anyone who makes hospital food). It was out of her mouth as quick as it went in.

"Yuck" Jamie said sickly.

"Haha" laughed the nurse walking in to her room. "I know what you mean, hospital food is not a delicacy" laughed the nurse. Jamie laughed also.

"I remember the food and the after taste, after having my first child about 6 months ago. Well, let me check your stats. That's why I came in here. Oh, as soon as a friend or family member comes, you could be released."

"Most likely my friends, my mom lives in New Jersey, and she doesn't know nor does she care, she was happy I chose to live with my dad. And my dad is away on vacation to Hawaii with my step-mom for their 10th anniversary"

"Why? I... I mean about your mother?"

"Long story, really, I haven't even told my boyfriend yet about my problems with my mom"

"Oh, what's your boyfriend's name?"

"Alex" Jamie replied.

**With The Girls**

Heather got up and with the help of holding on to things she walked upstairs. She paced herself going up the steps, like if she was tired she would sit down. After about 15 minutes Heather finished the steps and half of the hallway. She ached with pain the whole way, she tried to stand up, and with no avail, she fell down, she made her way to the bathroom and attempted to stand up. She held on to the sink and opened the medicine cabinet with her other hand. She grabbed the bottle of tynelol and popped the top. She got two out and shallowed them. She felt a little better. She attempted to walk again and she did. She walked to Latoya's door and knocked. Latoya woke up and walked to her bedroom door. Behind it was Heather.

“Ugh, yeah, Hey, what’s up?” Latoya asked.

“Nothing, but Dr. Lorelei called and said Jamie can be released because she woke up about 4am this morning”

“Hey Heather, are you alright? You look kinda pale.” Latoya said looking at her closer.

“Yeah, I’m fine” Heather said turning away “I have to go wake up Karen and Maryann.” Maryann was already up when Heather knocked on her door.

“Yea, Come in” Maryann said turning her head towards the door.

Heather walked in and again she was confronted about her health, “Heather, You alright? You’re pale looking” Maryann said confronting her.

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine” Heather lied. “By the way, Jamie woke up, I want to go get her, but I don’t look 18 and I don’t have my college ID with me here. So I need you guys to come with me. I also have to wake Karen up, So please get dressed and then we could go”

“Good luck waking her, haha, anyways I'll meet you downstairs when I’m ready. Okay.” Maryann laughed.

Heather shut Maryann's door and walked up the hallway a bit and knocked on Karen's door. Karen wasn't awake yet, so Heather walked into the room quietly. She walked to Karen's bed, sat down, and shook her.

"Heather?" Karen said rubbing her eyes.

"Yes, It's me" Heather said getting up from Karen's bed.

"Yes, why did you wake me?" Karen asked.

"I wanted to tell you that Jamie woke up and she can be released as soon as someone can get there to sign her out." Heather said walking towards the door. "So get dressed, please"

"Alright, I'll meet you downstairs asap. Okay."

"Ok, Bye" Heather said walking out of the room. She closed the door behind herself.

Karen thought to herself for a second. "Heather looks pale, really pale, like right before she had that infection in 1993. I hope it doesn't happen again."

**With The Guys**

"Where's J?" Nick asked pulling Aj's curtain back into place.

"The last time I saw him is when he admitted to, well, getting Jamie pregnant" Kevin said as he put his shoe on. Today was one of their rare days off.

Aj got down from the top of the bus and walked inside.

"There you are" Nick said looking at him.

"Yeah, I was on top of the bus, watching the stars. I was doing some heavy thinking" Aj said walking toward his bunk. He got into his bunk when his cellphone rang.

"Hello" Aj said into the phone.

"Yeah, Ok, That's great, ok, thanks Karen, Talk to you later, Bye!" Aj said hanging up his phone.

"Who was that?" Brian asked.

"Karen. She said that Jamie woke up and they're going to pick her up now." AJ said.

"Does Jamie even know about.... you know?" Nick asked.

"I don't know, I hope they told her" Aj said placing his phone on his bed.

**At the hospital**

"Hey, Guys!" Jamie said as Maryann, Karen, Latoya, and Heather walked into the room.

Heather felt kinda dizzy and sick.

She walked over the open chair and sat down, in that chair she fell 'asleep'.

"Well, Heather is out" Jamie laughed looking towards her.

Everyone turned their head and laughed.

"Well, I'll wake her before we leave, she mentioned to me that she was hungry and i thought that we could go to a diner or something." Karen said turning her head back to Jamie's direction.

After talking fo about 15 minutes, several nurse visits, Jamie finally was released.

"Thank god, I can leave!" She said stretching her legs.

"Karen, you better wake her up" Maryann said pointing to Heather.

"Ok" Karen said shaking Heather.

Heather didn't open her eyes. Karen shook her harder and said "Heather wake up". Heather still didn't wake up.

"Please don't tell me, it's the infection again. Please" Karen said shaking her harder.

"What do you mean You never told me that she had an infection.

"Because she told me never to tell anyone, she was afraid to even tell me. and we have been friends for the longest time and I dont want to break it off now. When she needs me!" Karen said checking her head, Her fears have came true, she had a fever, she was pale and won't wake up, "Get help, it's the infection." Karen said starting to cry.