Chapter 31- Shocker

Maryann, Latoya, Karen, and Heather walked in to the hospital room where Jamie laid. They found Jamie in a horrible state with an I.V. sticking out of her veins.

"I can't see my friend like that...." Latoya said as she covered her mouth and shook her head in disbelief. She took one last glance before she walked out of the room. After she left, a nurse walked in and checked Jamie's stats.

"How's she doing?" Heather asked.

"She's alright. Well, the blood tests will be back soon so then I'll know more after that" the nurse answered.

**Later that Night**

Because Jamie's life was in danger the blood tests were rushed. As the doctor walked down the corridor(hallway)she glanced at Jamie's blood results. "That's odd....." The doctor said as she walked in her patient's room.

"What do you mean by that's odd?" Maryann said sitting up in the chair.

"Nothing.." The doctor said as she glanced back at the test results. She didn't want to shock Jamie's friends right now by telling them what she meant about that's odd.

**On The Tour Bus**

Aj was laying on his bunk trying to think about what to write to his beloved Jamie.

Dear Jamie

"I can't do it!" Aj screamed at himself. It was too hard to write in a letter. He had to talk to her in person. Aj got off of his bunk, and rambled about his stuff remembering that he stuffed papers in his suitcase.

"Damn! Does anyone have the girls' number?"Aj asked.

"I do.... why?" Howie replied.

"Give it to me!" Aj said nearly yelling.

"Ok, what's wrong?" Howie asked.

"Never mind what's wrong! I need to talk to Jamie!" Aj said ripping the paper out of Howie's hand. He walked over to the kitchen and dialed the number only to hear constant ringing.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

When the answering machine picked up Aj left a long and very nice message.

"....Call me back at ***-**** because I really need to talk to you! Bye!" Aj said hanging up the phone.

"Who'd you call?" Brian said getting a glass of orange juice.

"The girls" Aj said laying his head on the table.

"Oh" Brian said walking away.

"Oh, Jamie, you don't know how much I love you" Aj said to himself.

**At the same time- At the hospital**

"Visting hours are almost over, all visitors must leave unless it is very important that you must stay, Thank you and have a good night!", the intercom rang.

"I guess we should bounce" Latoya said walking toward the door,"We'll see you tomorrow, Jamie."

Right before they left the doctor called them into her office.

"I have some news-good or bad news however you put it. Your friend Jamie is...." she trailed off.

**On the Tour Bus**

"I better call them back" Aj said to himself grabbing his cellphone from the head of his bunk. He dialed the number and again no answer. Aj hung up his phone before he left a message. He walked into the entertainment room and asked "Did you happen to notice if the girls were the type to go clubbing?"

"The only people I noticed that enjoyed to go clubbing were Maryann, Jamie, and Latoya; no one else, well not Karen" Brian replied rubbing his eyes as if he was tired. He had just realized he didn't have a picture of her, "I'm going to lay down" Brian said walking towards the front of the tour bus. He grabbed his cellphone and dialed the number which Karen gave him. The phone rang and rang and rang and finally the answering machine picked up. He left a short and simple message and hung up. "Where are they?" Brian asked himself.

**Same time but with the girls**

"Is what?" Karen asked.


They all sat there in silence taking in what they just heard. All of a sudden it clicked in Latoya mind, So Jamie really did sleep with AJ. If Jamie is pregnant, the press will find out and all hell will break loose.

"Wait a minute" Maryann said breaking the uncomfortable silence, "When did this happen? How did she get pregnant? Who......?"

"AJ Mclean" Latoya muttered.

"What do you mean Toya? Are you telling me that Jamie slept with AJ?" Karen asked.

"Yup" Latoya felt a sudden surge of hatred toward AJ,"That stupid bastard"

"You know it's just so much as Jamie's fault as it is AJ's" Heather told Latoya, "Don't just blame him, they were drunk weren't they?"

"I don't know" Latoya said.

"Jamie is stable right now and she might suffer from temporary memory loss and depression. Is AJ Mclean really the father of the child?" Dr. Lorelei asked.

"Well,....yeah" Latoya said cautiously, "But please don't tell anybody until the tests are confirmed."

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with me" she said. As they walked out of the office, Dr. Lorelei called after them"I'll send a nurse to check up on Jamie and I'll let you know when she will be released in a few hours."

The girls agreed to get sometihng to eat. On the way out of the hospital, Karen asked, "So who's gonna tell AJ?"

"Umm.. why don't you?" Maryann suggested.

"Why me?" Karen asked.

"Cuz I don't have his cell number but I have Nick's and I'm not on speaking terms with him right now."

"But-.....fine I'll do it, but it ain't gonna be easy" Karen said as they reached the parking lot and walked to the car. Karen hopped into the driver seat of Jamie's Dodge neon. They drove to the closest takeout place which was Burger King.

As they walked into Burger King, they heard some snickering from some girls at a table. Maryann and Heather gave their orders in and found a table. "Did you see how those girls snickered at us?" Heather said sitting down.

"Yeah, It has been that way since Karen and I met bsb and that magazine article" Maryann said slouching down in her chair.

"What magazine article?" Heather asked.

"A magazine called 'Teen Beat' or something published a article with everyone playing volleyball in a pool at the Hilton in New Jersey. Someone took pictures and we still don't know what is going on and who did it." Maryann said laying her head on the table. Karen and Latoya came to the table with the food.

"Damn girls" Karen muttered as she sat down next to Heather while handing out the food. Latoya sat in an empty chair next to Maryann. "Cutie alert! Cutie alert!" Heather whispered in Karen's ear.

She pointed to a boy with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Karen gazed over to where he was and also saw that there was a blonde girl sitting across from him. "Oh you're so sweet Danny" she gushed as she watched him eat his 'whopper'.

"Dumb blonde bubblehead" Karen muttered as she looked at her. Karen soon got a smack upside the head.

"Hey, you forgot about me" Heather said.

"Oops, sorry" Karen laughed.

**On the Tour Bus**

"Where the hell are those freakin' girls?" AJ whined to no one in particular. He heard Nick coming toward him, "What the hell are you whining for?" Nick asked annoyed.

"Why don't you mind your business?" AJ mocked.

"Damn, I'm just asking! Sheesh, someone's got a stick up their-"

"Don't even go there!"

"Then why don't just shut up then, I already have my own problems to deal with!" and with that, Nick walked back to his own bunk.

AJ sighed, he didn't mean to get all pissy with Nick. He thought about what happened with Jamie two weeks before. Questions ran through his mind. Why did I do that? What if she hates me now? She's gonna think it was a one night stand, we didn't even use protection. What if she, she won't get pregnant, she can't get pregnant, that would ruin my career!

With the thoughts still running through his mind, he picked up his cell phone and dialed Jamie's number one last time.

**With the girls**

The girls left Burger King and went home, each of them with stuff on their minds. All Karen could think of was her 'mystery guy' but all of a sudden, her thoughts averted to Brian. They reached their house, and Latoya went to the answering machine to check the 3 messages they had. The girls listened to AJ's 2 messages first which made them all more nervous about the news that they were about to give him. Brian's message came next, which made Karen feel happy to hear his voice.

Latoya sat on the couch and turned on the TV to try and get her mind off of Jamie when the phone rang. Maryann answered it. "Hello?"

"Oh hey Maryann it's AJ" AJ answered.

At the mention of Maryann's name, Nick came darting from his bunk to where AJ was, "Maryann's on the phone?! Let me talk to her! Let me talk!" Nick said reaching for the cell in AJ's hand.

"No," AJ said while trying to get the phone out of his reach.

"Who did you say 'no' to?" Maryann asked. The girls gave Maryann a questioning look. "It's AJ" she mouthed.

"Nick, he's been getting on my nerves" Aj mumbled, "Can I talk to Jamie-Ouch! Nick!" Nick was now wresting him to get the phone.

"Maryann, I need to talk to you!" she heard Nick yell. Maryann's heart plumetted as soon as she heard Nick's voice. "Nick, get the fuck off of me!" AJ yelled, "Maryann, I need to talk to Jamie!"

"Umm....Jamie's not here" Maryann said quietly.

"What do you mean she's not here? Where the hell is she?"

"Well, umm.... in the hospital"

"What?-" Nick wrestled the phone away from AJ and started running into the kitchen,"Maryann, this is Nick, look I need to talk to- OWW! AJ!"

AJ snatched the phone away from Nick and ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind him. He could hear Nick pounding and yelling.

"Why is she in the hospital?" AJ asked.

Maryann tried to talk but she didn't have the heart to tell him the news. "Karen! Get over here!" she said, "I can't do this!" She was near tears, both because of Jamie and Nick. Karen grabbed the phone.

"Hey AJ here's the scoop, I have good news and bad news. Which one do you wanna hear first?" Karen said nervously.

"Good news I guess?" AJ was now starting to worry.

"Uh....there's isn't any good news" Karen laughed nervously.

AJ was finding it hard to hear because of Nick's constant yelling and pounding. "AJ let me the fuck in! I need to fuckin talk to Maryann!" he yelled.

"You know Nick shut the hell up!" AJ yelled.

"God gave me a mouth and I know how to use it! And right now I need to use it to talk to Maryann!"

"Well, then Maryann isn't on the phone right now! It's Karen!" After that he heard complete silence."What's the bad news?" AJ questioned.

"Uh,...umm...I....uh..Remember that thing you did with Jamie about two weeks ago?"

"Uh..yeah. Hey! How did you find out?"

"Because Jamie's......"

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