Chapter 30- Boogie Night

**Later On That Night**

Aj and Jamie were talking and flirting over at the one table when Heather finally let Karen & Brian out of the bathroom.

"So, did you work out your problems, kiddies?" Heather asked.

"Yes" Brian said walking towards his family.

"What happened in there?" Heather asked.

" None of your business, and when we get home I'm....... Never mind." Karen said murmuring.

Karen and Heather walked over to the bar and asked for a martini.

"I never had one of these. But what the hell!" Karen said taking a sip.

"How is it?" Heather questioned.

"Not bad!" Karen said taking another sip.

Aj walked over to the bar, where he saw the girls.

"Whaf's ip?" He asked.

"Aj, you alright?" Karen asked.

"Juft sine" Aj replied.

"He's drunk" Karen and Heather concluded.

"2 feers pwease" Aj asked the bartender.

"Ok, sonny, what ever you want" The bartender replied.

"Whanks" Aj said walking(not normally)to the table were Jamie was waiting.

They drank the beers and when they were done, Aj said that he wanted to leave early so he and Jamie walked out to the bus.

Karen sat patiently watching Maryann and Nick slowly fall in love more and more on the dance floor. She was daydreaming until she heard a familiar voice calling her name.

"Karen, are you in there?" Brian called.

"Uh?" Karen questioned popping from her dream world which made Brian laugh.

"So, do you want to dance?" He asked.

"I guess so" Karen said rubbing her head because the martinis were getting to her already.

As Karen and Brian walked onto the dance floor 'Amazed' from Lonestar came blasting from the dj stand.

Every time our eyes meet, This feeling inside me, Is almost more than I can take, Baby when you touch me, I can feel how much you love me, And it just blows me away, I've never been this close to anyone or anything, I can hear your thoughts, I can see your dreams.

I don't know how you do what you do, I'm so in love with you, it just keeps getting better, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side, Forever and ever, Every little thing that you do, Baby I'm amazed by you.

The smell of your skin, The taste of your kiss, The way you whisper in the dark, Your hair all around me, baby you surround me, You touch everyplace in my heart, Oh, it feels like the first time every time, I wanna spent the whole night in your eyes.

I don't know how you do what you do, I'm so in love with you, it just keeps getting better, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side, Forever and ever, Every little thing that you do, Baby I'm amazed by you.

Every little thing that you do, I'm so in love with you, It just keeps getting better, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side, Forever and ever, Every little thing that you do, Oh, every little thing that you do, Baby I'm amazed by you?

Karen and Brian stopped dancing and looked into each other's eyes and then Karen looked down at the floor feeling alittle faint.

**With Aj and Jamie**

In Aj and Jamie's case feeling faint was normal. As Jamie stepped on the bus she heard a thump.

"HaHaHaHaHaHaHa" Aj laughed seeing himself falling on his ass.

"Alittle too drank J?" Jamie asked.

"I don't know, let's find out" Aj said as he got up and walked to her.

Aj started to mess with her hair which aroused her. Aj found that out and started to make out with her.

**Inside the Club**

Heather watched as she saw Kevin and Cassie dancing.

"Ooooh! I want to dance with Kevin!" Heather said in her head.

"I can't take this anymore, i have to tell Brian that" Karen said as she sat down at the table with Heather.

"Hey, what's up" Heather said looking from her hands.

"Oh, nothing, just thinking" Karen sighed.

"Oh" Heather murmured.

"Karen! Can you come over here?" Brian questioned.

"Oh no, i'm wanted" Karen said to Heather as she got up from the chair which made Heather smile.

When Karen got over to where Brian was she was greeted by Mrs. Littrell.

"Hi, Mrs. Littrell" Karen said trying to act her nicest.

"Call me Jackie, Karen" She answered back.

"I can't" Karen replied.

"How come?" Jackie asked.

"Because of the way i was brought up, my mom and my grandmother always told me to call people who i don't personally know very well by their last name" Karen answered

"Oh" Jackie responded

"Well, Brian what did you want?" Karen asked looking at him.

"Nothing really, I wanted to introduce you to my mom, and i wanted to tell you something..... walk with me." Brian said as he walked away.

"What do you want?" Karen asked again.

"Come on" He replied.

"Oh Vey!" Karen said following him.

**With Aj And Jamie**

When Aj and Jamie broke apart, Jamie looked straight into Aj's eyesand shook her head yes. After Aj knew it was alright, he slowed started to kiss her neck. When he got to her shoulder he slowly creeped his hand on the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off.......

**Inside the Club**

When they stopped walking they ended up at a table in the far end of the club.

"So,can you answer my question, what do you want?" Karen asked.

"I wanted to tell you something" Brian said.

Then he did something Karen didn't expect, He made sign language motions.

"What does that mean?" Karen questioned.

He surprised Karen with what he said in the "deaf's" language. He whispered the translation into her ear.

"Really?" Karen said she began to cry........

**Back with Nick and Maryann**

When the song ended, Nick took Maryann's hand and led her to a table. "What's wrong?" she asked while sitting down.

"I think you know very well what's wrong. Where did you get those bruises from?" Nick demanded.

"Nick, I told you, I-"

"Don't lie to me hun, I'm just worried about you." Nick took a seat next to her and took her hand in his.

"Stevindidit" she mumbled.

"What did you say?"

"Isaidstevindidit!" she mumbled again.

"What?" Nick asked, dumbfounded.

"I SAID STEVIN DID IT!" she yelled, attracting other people's attention,"Uh....hi?" she said uncomfortably.

Once again rage started to build up inside him when he heard Stevin's name. "When did he do this?" he demanded, trying not to yell.

"Yesterday" she whispered,"The doorbell rang and Karen answered it. I came downstairs only to see her yelling at him. Then he saw me and grabbed my arm and led me to the car where he punched me. Then Karen beat him up. Well...sort of."

"Why didn't you tell me? I could've gotten a restraining order against him for you." Nick asked.

"That's just it Nick, I went over this with you before, I didn't tell you cause then you would overreact and start setting limits for me and I didn't want that."

Nick stayed silent for what was an uncomfortable silence. "You wanna know something?"


"I never told anyone this before but....I'm scared about leaving you here while I'm on tour." he said quietly.

"Why?" she asked, hurt building up inside her,"You don't trust me? You don't think I can protect myself?"

"No, no, no, never. I completly trust you. It's just that......." he trailed off. Nick knew it was what he really felt, but he didn't want to make her mad again.

"You don't think that I can protect myself against Stevin" she finished for him.

"Yeah" he whispered uncomfortably.

"Well, some boyfriend you are. Don't even have faith in me." her voice wavered as she walked away. Now with tears falling.

**The Next Morning**

All the girls except for Jamie went back to their house the night before. When Karen walked into her room she plopped into her bed and stayed there. As for Maryann, Latoya & Heather, they stayed up and summed up their time with the boys for the time they all spent with them. As for Jamie, she was nowhere to be found. Probably still at that "sleep over"(**Kn: HINT HINT!**) with AJ. It was 9:30 in the morning when Maryann's eyes fluttered open. Maryann stretched out and yawned which woke Heather who was sleeping next to her on the other couch. "Hey Mar" Heather said with a yawn. "Yo Heather, what time is it?" Maryann asked yawning.

"I would say about 10" Heather said rubbing her eyes.

Maryann then walked over to Latoya who was sleeping on the chair.

"Latoya, wake up, we gotta go say goodbye to the guys" Maryann said shaking her arm.

"What? It is too early to get up" Latoya said in a muffled voice.

"True, but they are leaving at 10:30 and it is about 10 right now and by the time that we are already, they would have left." Maryann replied.

"It don't take me that long to get ready. And besides, I have to meet Mark at the club at 1. We are going somewhere later after his shift is over." Latoya said.

"Whatever" Heather said ,"Where is Karen and Jamie?"

"I don't know about Jamie, but, as for Karen try upstairs." Maryann said walking to the kitchen to make her breakfast.

"Alright, i'll go get her" Heather said heading up the stairs.


Heather walked into Karen's room real quiet trying not to wake Karen. (**Kn: Ha! Right, Heather stay quiet, on what planet?**) Just then a idea popped into her head. Heather then got to Karen's bed and jumped onto it waking Karen. "What was that for?" Karen questioned.

"You have to get up, we are leaving to go see the boys before they leave" Heather said scooting to the end of Karen's bed.

"WHEN ARE WE GOING?" Karen said excitely.

"Whoa, slow down gal, what is with you?" Heather questioned.

Karen didn't even answer that question, she just walked over and picked out something for the day and walked into the bathroom.

When she walked out, she ran down the stairs to find everyone else still in their bj's.

"Get dressed, all of you, chop chop! I'll finish making breakfast!" Karen said seeing Maryann scrambling some eggs.

As Maryann and Latoya went upstairs, Maryann pondered outloud."What is wrong with her?"

"Probably Pms?" Latoya joked. Everyone laughed.

"Probably Latoya, most likely the truth." Heather replied with a high five.

When they finished dressing they walked downstairs, but as a joke, Heather grabbing a bottle of Midol. "Here" she said tossing it to Karen.

"What do I need this for?" Karen questioned. Heather just laughed and took a piece of toast off the plate on the table.


After everyone ate their breakfast, they left the house to go see the guys. As soon as Heather turned on the engine, the phone rung in the house. It was about 10:55 when they arrived at the hotel the guys stayed at. "Go check if they are still here" Heather said pulling over into the fire lane. "First, don't jinx us, and I was just about to do that" Maryann said getting out of the car with Latoya and Karen. "I'll go park and meet you in there" Heather said as she pulled away. The other girls walked into the hotel and asked the attendant at the desk if the guys were still there. "Sorry, you just missed them, I guessed they checked out about 5 minutes ago. It's ok little girlies, maybe next time you'll catch them" she said snottily.

"For your information WOMAN, we are the boys' girlfriends...Well, some of us. I'm Maryann and this is Karen right here" Maryann said showing her driver's license for proof.

"Oh I sorry" she blushed, "the boys left you a note up in their rooms. I'll give you the keys." The attendant gave Maryann the keys and they went up to the rooms.

Maryann went into one of the 5 rooms. She found a note on the dresser. It was from Nick.


I'm sorry for about what I said last night. I understand if you're still mad but I really want to talk to you. Call me at ***-****. Well, I've only got like 2 seconds left till we have to leave. Bye hun.


Leaving Maryann behind, Karen took the key and opened the door to which happened to be Brian's room. She looked around for anything that was Brian's She came across a note.


Hey gal. I just woke up from dreaming of you. But now I have only 5 minutes left to get my butt outta this hotel. Sorry I couldn't call you sooner, It was all Nick's fault! He didn't answer the wake up call! LOL! My cell# is ***-****. Talk to ya then, Bye!

Your cowboy,



Jamie woke up naked, yet covered, on a bed. Where am I? And I'm naked, alone, in what looks like a hotel room. Where is everybody. She looked to her side to see if anything was there. She saw only 1 white piece of paper.

Hey Jaim,

Sorry about last night. We were both drunk...I'm sorry that I had to leave you like this, but if you would like to talk to me, reach me at my cell #: ***-****. I just woke up now, and we have 5 minutes to get ready. I didn't have have the nerve to wake you up. You were sleeping so an angel. Well I go to go. Bye baby cake. PEACE!!

Your crazy and funky guy, AJ

"What did we do last night?" she pondered while covering herself with the blanket. Latoya walked into the room.

"Jamie!" she screamed,"Where were you? We thought you ditched us last night......Jamie? Are you naked? And why are you in one of the boys rooms?"

Just then it all came back to her. She vividly remembered what happened that night.

Latoya looked at the expression on Jamie's face. A very bad thought came to her head. "Jamie? Please tell me you didn't....."

"I slept with AJ" she choked out with tears flowing. "" Jamie said as she layed back down onto the bed.

Latoya said nothing and walked out the door.

~~~~~~~~~~**5 minutes passes**~~~~~~~~~~

Jamie is slowly walking around the room collecting her scattered clothes. She found everything but her purse. She slowly walked over to the door to leave when she fell to the ground hitting her head knocking her unconcious . Latoya waiting outside heard a thump and opened the door, there she found Jamie on the floor. "JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!" Latoya screamed. "HELP ME!" She screamed even louder

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