Chapter 3- The Flirt

**That Night-10:45pm**

Karen was driving their jeep on the Garden State Parkway when Bsb's Larger Than Life came on the radio. Maryann already was asleep when Karen turned on the radio. Karen first put it on light sound but when Brian's part "Wishin' I can thank you in a different way c'mon" was coming up she blasted the radio, waking Maryann in the process.

"What did you do that for?" Maryann asked.

"Oh no reason, just so I could hear Brian." "Oh, that the reason ay?" Maryann asked "Yup!"Karen said. "Oh ok" Maryann said sleepily. As Karen pulled into the parking lot of their apartment complex she thought to herself "I don't know about you mair, but i want to see bsb's faces when we pull up at the Hilton" Just before stopping to sleep at the Hilton, Karen had a sudden urge for a dounut, then on the parkway she saw a sign for Dunkin' Dounuts, so she stopped there, She stopped the car and looked at Maryann and said "she will kill me if i wake her"

** At the Hilton- 11:30 pm**

"Were here!" Karen yelled into maryann's ear.

"Oh, thanks for the very nice wake up call, Hey this isn't our apartment complex" Maryann said.

"Yeah i know it is the Hilton that bsb is staying at" Karen explained.

"Oh I get it you're trying to get with Brian!" Maryann protested.

Karen blushed "No I'm not!"

"Yes you are" Maryann protested.

"No I'm not!" Karen yelled.

"Yes you are, yes you are, yes you are, yes you are, yes you are, YES YOU ARE!" Maryann screamed back at Karen.

"AND YOU AREN'T TRYING TO GET WITH a certain somebody by the name of NICK CARTER!" Karen said. Then there was silence until that morning.

** The Next Morning-8:25am **

Karen was awake and dressed. Maryann comes out of the bathroom after getting dressed and looks out the window to see the BSB's tour bus pull up.

"Look Karen they're here!" Maryann squealed.

"Alright, alright let's go." Karen said and they headed downstairs.

**5 minutes later- in the lobby**

Maryann and Karen are waiting in the lobby when they spot 5 Backstreet Boys coming through the hotel entrance. AJ spots Maryann and Karen and walks over to them as well as the other BSB.

"Hello my fine ladies." AJ charmingly says.

"Hi AJ, you're a flirt aren't you?" Maryann asks.

"That I am milady" AJ says as he kisses Maryann and Karen on the hand. Karen pretends to faint.

"Hey guys." Karen and Maryann say to Kev, Howie, Brian, and Nick.

"Hey" they all say back.

"So my fine ladies, we're going to Dunkin Donuts. Would you like to join us?" AJ asks as he puts his arms around Karen and Maryann's shoulders.

"Straightforward aren't we?" Maryann asks.

"That I am also." AJ says and kisses Maryann's hand.

Nick looks at AJ kissing Maryann's hand. "A flirt as usual." Nick thinks. Nick was usually shy around girls, espically Maryann. He liked her perkiness and her happy personality. He had a crush on her ever since he first met her. "And now AJ is flirting with her." Nick thought in his mind.

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