Chapter 27- Lashing Out

** 2 weeks Later-1:00~At the girls' house**

The girls haven't seen the boys ever since the party. They were busy with business and they cleared up the rumor about the girls on an interview they had. Latoya still kept in touch with Marc and they started to get close. There were job offerings at the club where they had Karen's party and Latoya and Maryann took them. They were waitresses. The girls were going to be starting college tomorrow.

'Ding- Dong!' the doorbell rang.

Jamie answered the door only to see the Backstreet Boys there with solemn faces. "Oh hi guys, come in."

"We can't stay for long so we'll just tell you straight out" Kevin said as he came in, "Are the other girls here?"

"Yeah they are, I'll go get them." Jamie said as she went upstairs.

**At the same time- Upstairs in Karen's Room**

Heather and Karen were watching TV, well, at least Heather was. Karen had drifted off in her own world. Heather waved her hand in Karen's face. "Karen? Hello? What's wrong with you? You've been acting like this ever since the party. What's wrong?"

"Ok I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok?"

"I promise."

"Well, remember when some of the boys were having that chug contest? Well I kinda joined in too...."


"Brian and I were drunk and we went out to his car. One thing led to another and..."

"Oh my gosh! Please tell me you didn't have sex with him!" Heather squealed.

"NO! Well almost but I resisted and pushed him off me. I felt so ashamed that I got out of the car and ran back inside and I haven't talked to him since. I don't think I'll be seeing him anytime soon. With the way I reacted I don't think he'll ever want to see me again." Karen said.

Just then Jamie came in the room. "Hey Girls come downstairs, the boys are here." she said and left.

"I guess you spoke too soon." Heather joked.

"Joy" Karen said walking out of her room.

**5 min later-Downstairs**

Everyone was down in the livingroom. Karen sat down on the couch next to Heather and Nick. Maryann was on the other side of Nick. Brian was sitting in a chair, glancing at Karen. It was so nice to see her, it has been 2 weeks. Everyone else was scaddered around the livingroom.

"So what's so important, I was watching 'Passions' " Maryann whined.

"Well, we have to tell you that...well...we have to go on tour in September" Kevin said slowly.

"WHAT!" Heather blurted outloud.

Everyone just looked at Heather including Kevin. Heather just blushed and walked out of the livingroom.

"As i was saying, Our record company just called us and told us. Which upset us, because the first leg of the tour ends in December right before christmas." Kevin said sitting down in a empty chair.

"When are you guys leaving?" Latoya asked.

"Well.......the end of this week." he said quietly.

The girls looked at him with shocked expressions on their faces.

Brian walked over to the couch that Karen was sitting at and sat next to her.

"How are you" He whispered.

"Alright" She whispered back.

Just then she had a flashback to the night of her party. Karen just walked out the living room and ran upstairs. Maryann noticed that she was distressed ever since the night of the 13th. So she got up and followed her upstairs.

**With Karen**

Maryann found Karen in tears on her bed.

"What happened down there?" Maryann asked concerned.

"Nothing" Karen whispered.

"Excuse Me?" Maryann asked her whispering friend.

"NOTHING" She yelled "NOTHING AT ALL! YOU CAN'T HELP ME! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" She yelled as tears came pouring out of her eyes.

"Ok, I'll leave you alone.........and lonely!" Maryann said angrily shutting the door to Karen's bedroom.

Maryann knew there was something wrong with her, Karen was the one to always talk calmly to her friends. She never lashed out at her like that until now.


Everyone heard Karen yell as Maryann came downstairs with no emotion on her face. Her eyes glistened with tears."What happened?" Nick asked.

Maryann didn't answer and simply walked out of the house and slammed the door. Nick got up to go after her. "Don't" Jamie said, "She always does this when she's upset. I just hope it dosen't cause another asthma attack."

"What to you mean?" Howie asked.

"Whenever Maryann gets upset and cries she starts wheezing. Depending on how upset she is it can lead to an asthma attack. I just hope she took her inhaler this morning" Latoya answered for her.

"Well I don't know about you but I'm going to try to talk to Karen" Brian said when getting up to go to Karen's room.

"Brian?" Jamie asked.


"Has anything weird happen at Karen's party because she's been keeping to herself ever since." she said.

"No, nothing at all" Brian lied as he went up the stairs.

As they saw Brian go up the stairs, Aj started to talk.

"I think something happened between those two, because Brian has been keeping to himself too. Which is spooky!"

"Yeah! Brian always talks to me if he had any problems but he hasn't asked me any questions lately" Kevin inputted.

That conversation planted a seed of imagination in each of their minds. The weird thing is, they were thinking the exact same thing......

**In Karen's Room**

Karen was listening to one of her many cd's again. Which she did when she was mad, Listening to music cooled her down. She was listening to 'Back at One', She remembered when she heard that song last, When Brian and her slow danced to it. Her eyes started to get blurred with tears. "Why did i yell at her? She is my best friend!" She yelled at herself as Brian walked in the room. Karen looked up to see him. "What do you want?" She said as a tear fell from her eye.

"To be with you" Brian said sitting next to her.

"Why do you want to be with me, i recked your night" Karen said wiping her tears away.

"It wasn't my night, it was your night!" Brian hugged her.

"Really?" Karen said as her eyes glistened with tears again.

"Yeah" Brian said kissing her.

(KN:This part may sound a bit confusing at first, but it will work out later in the story.)


Maryann jogged up the street and down the street with hot tears rolling down her face which caused her to start wheezing. When she got back to the house, she decided to cut across to the backyard and onto the beach.

**On the Beach**

Heather sat on the sand thinking about what she blurted out earlier.'I can't believe I just did that! Oh gosh I do the stupidest things! Not only did I make a fool of myself, but I made a fool of myself in front of Kevin! Now he's going on tour and he's gonna probably take Cassie with him. Heather heard footsteps behind her and found Maryann coming to sit down with her. She saw tears in her eyes. "What's wrong Mar?"

"Everything's all screwed up! Karen lashed out at me for no apparent reason, and now the boys are going on tour.."

"You really like Nick don't you?" Heather said.

"Yeah, I like him a lot, but we're taking it slow right now." Maryann answered.

"Do you love him?"

"I don't know, I haven't been with him too long....." her eyes averted to a figure walking toward them, Stevin.

"Oh no, not him again" Heather moaned.

"As of my life couldn't be any worse" Maryann muttered as her tears started to fade slowly.

"Are you okay Mar?" Stevin asked as he sat down next to her.

"Why would you care?" Heather retorted.

"Oh I'm sorry but, is your name Mar? I didn't think so." he said sarcastically, "And besides, I do care."

"Leave me alone" Maryann whispered.

"C'mon tell me what happened" he said while pulling her up and hugging her.

"Let go of her" Heather said while trying to pull a struggling Maryann away from him.


Nick was in the kitchen raiding the fridge when he heard a yell. He looked out the kitchen window only to see Maryann, Heather, and ......STEVIN.

Anger started to build up as he ran outside to the beach to where Stevin was, jumped on top of him, and knocked him down. They started fighting on the sand as Maryann and Heather tried to pull Nick off him.

"STOP!" Maryann screamed.

Everyone else except Karen and Brian were in the living room when they heard the scream. They went outside to only to see Nick and some other guy fighting on the sand. They also saw Maryann and Heather screaming for them to stop. Kevin and the others went to the beach to break them up.

"Yo Nick chill!" AJ yelled when pulling Nick off of Stevin,"And who are you?" he said to Stevin.

"Stevin Williamson. Maryann's boyfriend-"

"Shut the fuck up!" Nick yelled,"She dosen't like you at all and she never will! Maryann, I don't ever want to see you near that bastard again!"

"Who do you think you are Nick?" Maryann yelled.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Vous pensez que vous me possÚdez trop bien? Juste comme Stevin ! Vous savez ce qui? Baisez ceci! Baisez-vous TOUS LES DEUX! "(TN:You think you own me too right? Just like Stevin did! You know what? Fuck this! Screw you BOTH!) Maryann yelled as she attempted to run back inside the house but AJ grabbed her.

"Maryann calm down! You're wheezing!" he demanded.

"I don't care anymore!" she whispered and ran back into the house and up to her room.

"See Nick, I told you you weren't good enough for her bastard! Now you hurt my girl's feelings!" Stevin yelled.

Nick did nothing but run farther down the beach until he couldn't see the crowd that formed around Stevin anymore and collapsed onto the sand and cried.


"Yeah, go back to your house." Latoya said as Stevin left.

"Gosh I wish this bad dream would end" Heather sighed hoplessly.

"Yeah, but this isn't a bad dream, it's a nightmare that has just happened." Howie said as he put his arm around her and they all silently walked back into the house.

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