Chapter 25- Let's Have A Party!!

"That's a great idea!" Latoya said. Everyone else agreed.

The idea was to rent a local club for awhile to have Karen's party there. It would be a private party.

"We (the boys) have to go home today. We have lots of things to do." AJ said.

"Oh" Jamie said glumly, "Maybe we could visit you. We have to work together to get this party done by tomorrow."

"Alright" AJ said writing his address on a piece of paper. He handed it to the girls. "You know where Orlando is?"

"Yeah, my aunt lives there. We'll go there tomorrow," Jamie said giving him a kiss.

Later on in the day, the boys left to go home. Maryann called a local club to rent it for tomorrow. The plan was for the girls to come over AJ's house the next day. Brian would keep Karen occupied by taking her to Disney World on their first date, while the rest them would get ready for Karen's surprise party.

**The Next Day- 9:00AM at AJ's house**

AJ, Kevin, Howie, Nick, Latoya, Jamie, Heather, and Maryann met at AJ's house to plan for the party, while Brian took Karen out on a date to Disney World.

"I think we should have a DJ at the party" Nick suggested while glancing at Maryann. He hadn't talked to Maryann since they kissed. He was planning to ask her out on a date later.

"I already took care of it" Maryann said quietly glancing at Nick also. She liked the kiss, infact, she wanted to kiss him again, but ever since that, she started to get really shy around him.

"Alright, here's the plan. Since the club is ours for the night, the food, drinks, decorations, and music are already taken care of. Nick and Maryann, I want you to look for a cake. The rest of us are gonna get gifts for Karen and things we could do at the party. Nick, you can take my car." AJ said.

Maryann's stomach started churning and Nick's heart started beating fast when they heard that. "Ok" they said at the same time.

AJ gave Maryann some money, and gave Nick his car keys. "Be careful with her Nick, she's very special to me."

Nick looked at him blankly. "What?"

"I didn't mean Maryann, I meant the car. Although I think Maryann should be careful around you too" AJ said. Everybody laughed while Nick and Maryann laughed nervously and walked out the door.

**With Karen and Brian-10:00 at Disney World**

"Oh look it's Mickey!" Karen said running towards Mickey Mouse.

"Oh great, she's ditching me for a mouse" Brian muttered walking over to Karen.

"Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey!" She yelled as ran closer to the mouse.

"Oh no, she is making a big scene now" Brian muttered to himself.

**At the Same time w/Maryann and Nick-in the car**

"Nick, we've been driving around for about an hour and we still haven't found a cake yet." Maryann whined.

"Don't worry we'll-Hey there's a Carvel store." Nick said pulling into the store's parking lot. They went inside the store, got the cake and went back in the car.

"We better hurry up and get this in the freezer" Maryann said referring to the cake.

Nick turned on the radio only to hear country music. "I guess AJ's got a secret love for country music" Nick joked.

The radio then played "Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Nick listened to the lyrics of the song while he stared at Maryann and thought about kissing her."Maryann?"


"You remember that thing we did yesterday?" Nick said referring to the kiss.

"Yeah" Maryann said knowing what Nick meant.

"Can we do it again?" he asked while holding her hand.

At this point Maryann was really nervous. All of her feelings for Stevin were gone and feelings for Nick were growing fast. "Umm...I..umm.....ummm-"

Nick motioned for her to be quiet by putting his finger to her lips. "Just shut up and kiss me" he whispered seductivelly and kissed her passionately.

Listening to her heart she started to kiss him deeper but suddenly remembered the ice cream cake and pushed him off of her.

"Did I go too fast?" Nick asked surprised.

"No, it's just that we have to get the cake back to the house soon before it melts" Maryann responded, "Don't worry we'll finish what we started later." she said seductivelly.

Nick smiled at her, started up the car, and drove home.

**Stevin's Beachhouse**

Stevin was watching "Total Request Live." John Norris was giving news about the Backstreet Boys' upcoming tour.

"They're going on tour? Yesssssss! With Nick-ay gone I can work on getting Maryann back with no problems. Damn Backstreet Boys, damn you Nick." he muttered.

Just then the phone rang. He answered it.


"Hey Stev"

"Where have you been? You're late."

"I know, my plane got delayed. Someone's picking me up."

"Well then hurry up,you've gotta get some info soon."

"Fine, remind me why I'm doing this for you?"

"Because you're my cousin-"

"Through marriage"

"And you need a place to live. After all the things you've done you don't want your boyfriend to find out what has happened in the last year or so. Don't you?"

"It's not my fault that what my parents did has rubbed off on me! Look, I gotta go. I'll be at your house in 2 hours."

"Remember what will happen if you don't come."

"I know, I know, Bye Stevin."

"Bye Cassie."

**At AJ's house**

"Where are they?" Kevin asked, "They've been gone for-" He was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Jamie answered it and let Maryann and Nick in to put the cake in the freezer. "What took you guys so long?"

"We couldn't find a store" Maryann said handing Jamie the cake.

"Oh, Nice choice, Karen would love this cake." Jamie said.

"Too bad we have to eat it" AJ said creeping behind her and starting to kiss Jamie's neck.

"Stop!" she whined.

"What?" Aj said still kissing her neck.

"That!" she pushed his head from her neck.

"Ohhhhhh" Aj whined.

"If necks were made for kissing, I would have a lot of hickies! If you wanna kiss me, kiss me on the lips." As Jamie said that, Nick started to think about what Maryann said earlier. "I wonder what Maryann is thinking right now"

"Yeah, but necks are made for kissing and sucking and much more....." AJ said with a smirk.

"No they're not"

"Yes they are"

"No they're not"

"Yes they are"

They continued this argument as AJ led her to his bedroom.

"So, where's Latoya?" Maryann asked.

"Oh, She's out with Howie" Kevin said as he put the cake in the freezer.

(Kn: I am so sad! I had 14 fishes and 13 commited suicide!! WAAAH! I don't know why that happened.WAAAH!)

"Oh" Maryann sighed, "Where's the den? I wanna watch tv, Let me know if you need me" Maryann said.

"I wanna watch TV too. I'll show you where it is." Nick said as he took hold of her hand and led her to the den.

Kevin and Heather were left alone in the living room. "So.." Kevin said breaking the silence.

Heather secretly had a little crush on Kevin. From what she heard from magazines, she knew that he had a girlfriend. Of course she was sad, but she had a crush on Kevin the Backstreet Boy, not Kevin Richardson, or did she?

"How do you like Florida?" Kevin asked.

"Well, I..." They talked on and on about themselves for which seemed like hours, but was only 20 minutes.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Kevin asked.

"Nope, still looking though. Do you have a girl-" she was interrupted by Kevin's cellphone ringing.

"Hold on a second" he answered the phone,"Hello?.....Oh hey Cassie, what's the delay? You were supposed to get here 2 days ago......Oh,I'm sorry to hear that...I'll pick you up in 10 minutes ok?....Bye honey, I love you."

Kevin hung up. "To answer your question Heather, I do have a girlfriend and that was her on the phone. Sorry to end this conversation but I have to go pick up Cassie. You wanna come with me?"

It pained Heather to hear Kevin say I love you to his girlfriend, but why should it bother her? She only likes the backstreet boy right? "Yeah, I'll go" she said quietly.

**W/Latoya, & Howie**

"So, What should we get her?" Howie questioned walking around in the mall.

"I don't know. Howie, You got any suggestions?" Latoya asked.


They walked into a certain store that she knew Karen liked. "I just happen to know what she wants now, MWUHAHAHAHAHA!" she laughed.

"Uh, You are scaring me" Howie said looking at her.

** With Karen & Brian**

After Karen got Mickey's 'signature' she ran to a drink stand.

"Two cokes,please" She ordered.

"That would be 3 dollars" The attendant said. Karen handed the attendant 3 dollars.

"Thanks" The attendant said.

"Look, i got you a drink" Karen said acting like a overenergized 4 1/2 year old.

"Thanks" Brian said as he took a sip of his coke.

"You welcome, OH! BUMPER CARS!" Karen squealed at the site of the ride.

"I think this was a bad idea taking her to Disney World" Brian said to himself as he chased his 'girl'friend to the bumper cars. On the way there Karen bumped into some snotty teenage girls.

"Hey! Are you drunk or something? Watch where you're going!" one said.

Brian heard this and went over to where Karen was. "Hey! Don't talk to her like that!" Brian told them.

"Omigod! You're Brian Litrell! I'm your biggest fan!" another one of the girls said.

"Well if you were my biggest fan I would like you to apoligize to my girlfriend here" he responded.

"Your girlfriend?!" the girl gave Karen a disgusted look,"I saw you in a magazine before. You don't deserve a guy like him you whore!"

"You wanna start something?!" Karen yelled getting infront of the girl's face. Brian broke them up and took Karen's hand.

"You know? It's people like you who give the other boys' girlfriends a hard time!" Brian yelled and walked away with Karen.

"Brian? Did just call me your girlfriend?" Karen asked.

"Yeah, is that ok with you?" Brian shyly asked.

"Sure" Karen gave him a kiss, she leaned her head on his shoulders, and they headed to the bumper cars hand-in-hand.

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