Chapter 24- Ace of Hearts

**Later that Evening-8pm**

Karen went up to her room. She walked over to her stereo and put in one of her many cds. She put in her cd of Alan Jackson. She put track number 1 on repeat and laid down on her bed. She fell asleep listening to the lyrics.

Love's a gamble every heart will take, you roll the dice in hopes it won't break, One night i bet on your blue eyes and took a chance, and won a while lot then one night of romance.

I won the ace of hearts, that night in the dark, how lucky can one man be, I hold the winning hand any way life deals then cards, No way to lose, cause I've got you, my ace of hearts.

Love's a numbered wheel you have to spin, There's no need for me to spin again, Cause loving you is paying off more than I knew, I took a little risk and hit it big with you.

I won the ace of hearts, that night in the dark, how lucky can one man be, I hold the winning hand any way life deals then cards, No way to lose, cause I've got you, my ace of hearts. I going to hold on to you my Ace of Hearts.

(**Kn: Alan Jackson is a country singer... Don't mind me,but i just happen to like country music,too. I listened to country for 8 years before i ever listened to a song sung by Bsb. Don't get me wrong i don't like country more then Bsb. Diss me if you want, but some of those songs are dear to my heart.**)

**At the same time- With Maryann**

Maryann walked passed Karen's room and heard the music. She leaned against the wall and listened to the lyrics. She first remembered when Karen introduced her to country, when they both were in 5th grade together. (**Kn: That when Maryann and I first met each other, Now in high school, our friendship had it's ups and downs but it is still going strong.**). Maryann enjoyed some country songs, remembering the song called 'The Bug' & 'Love Can Build A Bridge'. Maryann got up from the floor and walked to her room and fell asleep thinking of what happened to her and Nick earlier.

** With everyone else**

"Where is Maryann and Karen" Heather said popping popcorn for their party.

"I haven't seen them since dinner" Howie said after taking a sip of his soda.

"I'm going to check on them" Brian said getting up.

"I'm coming with you" Nick said also getting up.

"Ok" Brian said walking up the stairs and Nick followed him.

"What is with that smile on your face?" Brian asked.

"Maryann and I kissed" Nick said with a joyful voice.

"Congrats" Brian said patting Nick on the back.

"Gee, Now i feel special" Nick smiled.

They got to Karen's room.

"Wait here" Brian said entering Karen's room.

Brian left the door ajar for Nick to look in.

"Ok" Nick said looking at Brian. Brian found Karen sleeping holding her stuffed dog.

On her nightstand she had a old picture of her dog, Bootsie. He picked up the picture frame, which had a engravement that said 'Bootsie- Til death do us part' Under neath that writing there was another engravement that said 'Aged 17 years'.

"Bootsie, That's a nice name for a dog. She must of really loved this dog to put 'Til death do us part' on the picture frame" Brian whispered to himself looking at the picture.

Brian placed the picture frame back on the nightstand and kissed Karen on the forehead.

Karen squirmed a little with his kiss.

Brian placed a light blanket over her and walked out on her room.

"You must be in love with her to do that" Nick said walking with Brian to Maryann's room.

"Actually, I am, but i would do that for anyone" Brian said walking.

They got to Maryann's room and walked in.

Maryann was also sleeping so they were quiet.

Her room was decorated with posters of Bsb, 'N sync, 98 degrees, LFO, Destiny's Child, Blaque, and others.

On her nightstand there was two pictures, one standing and one face down on the nightstand.

Nick picked up the one picture faced down.

It was a picture of Maryann and a guy he thought was Stevin.

Maryann was smiling and the guy had his arm around her waist. 'That must be Stevin' Nick thought to himself.Brian was looking at all of her posters and decided to sign the poster of himself.

"They didn't catch my good side" Brian joked.

"Uh,i wasn't paying attention, i was just looking at the pictures" Nick said passing Brian the picture of the once-happy couple.

"Let me guess, this is Stevin" Brian said looking at the picture.

"That's what i think" Nick said picking up the other picture.

"Oh" Brian said looking the picture.

"This must be her family" Nick said looking at the other picture.

"That's nice" Brian said trading the picture for the other one.

"She has herself a big family, Just like me." Nick whispered.

"Come on, let's go." Brian said passing Nick the picture of Maryann's family.

Before they left, Nick kissed his top of his fingers and then passed them on her head. He walked to the door.

"I love you" Nick whispered as he shut her door.


"Did you find them?" Jamie asked popping a kernel of popcorn in her mouth.

"Yeah, They're sleeping." Nick said stealing a handful of popcorn.

"Oh" Jamie said popping another kernel in her mouth.

They were watching "Hope Floats".

They had a choice between that or Pulp Fiction and by popular demand they popped in 'Hope Floats'.

After the movie, They all headed to their bedrooms and Heather chose to sleep on the couch.

**The Next Morning-10:30am**

Maryann and Latoya were in the kitchen chatting.

"I'm going to write my mom a letter, What is today's date?" Latoya asked.

"It is August 12th" Maryann said looking at the calendar.

"What's up guys" Karen asked.

"Uh, oh!" Maryann & Latoya said in unison.

"What? Did i miss something?" Karen said.

Maryann and Latoya darted away and in the process grabbed Jamie & Heather and headed upstairs.

"Ok" Karen said pouring a glass of orange juice.

"Where is Jamie?" Aj asked.

"Well, Maryann and Latoya grabbed her and Heather and then ran upstairs." Karen informed Aj.

"Thanks" Aj said running up the stairs. "All i want to know is if i missed something?" Karen pondered to herself.


"What's SO wrong?" Jamie wondered as Latoya locked the door to her room.

"Well, let's just-" Maryann started but was interrupted but a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"Latoya asked.

"It's me, Aj, can i come in?" He asked.

"Sure, but is Karen anywhere near you?" Latoya asked.

"No? Why?" he questioned.

"Ok, i'll explain inside" Latoya said opening the door.

"Just sit down" Heather said lookng at Aj.

"Ok" Aj said sitting next to Jamie.

"As i was saying before, Let's just say, Tomorrow is Karen's 21st Birthday." Maryann said pointing to the calendar.

"So what are we going to do for her?" Latoya questioned.

"I got a idea" Aj chimed in.

"I don't think we want to hear any of your ideas-" Jamie said placing her hand over his mouth.

Aj removed her hand, and continued "My idea is to........

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