Chapter 23- The Sandmen

**At the Beach**

The girls were playing in the ocean while the boys were laying down getting tans. They were all asleep. This put an idea in Maryann's head. "Hey girls!" Maryann called to the others, "Come here!"

The rest of the girls came over to Maryann. "What's up?" Latoya asked.

"I've got a little joke to play on the boys. We can all bury them in the sand while they're still sleeping."

"Cool!" Heather said, "Let's do it!"

All the girls started burying the boys in the sand. Maryann buried Nick, Karen buried Brian, Jamie buried AJ, Latoya buried Howie, and Heather buried Kevin.

Five minutes later the boys woke up buried in the sand. The only thing visible was their heads. "HEY!!" AJ yelled, "Who did this?"

The girls were in the water pretending like nothing happened. Jamie walked over to AJ. "What happened to you?" she asked innocently.

"What does it look like? Somebody, or should I say somebodies buried us in the sand." AJ responded, "And I think I know who it is"

"Oh well, too bad." Jamie said taking AJ's sunglasses off. Brian was laughing at him. "What's the matter Brian? You wanna be next?" Karen asked.

"No!" he responded quickly, "Could you please get us out?" He looked at her with a puppy face.

"OH! How can I resist? Ok We'll unbury you guys" she said, "Girls! Start unburing!"

All the girls started unburying the boys execpt Maryann. "Hey! What about me?" Nick whined.

"You'll just have to wait" Maryann teased.

When the other boys were out of the sand, they started chasing all the girls except Maryann into the water. They tackled them down into the water and the girls started fighting against the boys except Nick and Maryann.

Brian got out of the water for a second to unbury Nick. "Hey!" Maryann shrieked.

"Sorry honey!" he said,"Friends have to help eachother out!" Brian ran back into the water.

As soon as Nick got unburied, he ran after Maryann. She started to run. Nick was faster and he caught her, picking her up around the waist. They ran farther down the beach but Nick tripped over a rock and fell along with Maryann and he landed on top of her.

He looked into her chocolate brown eyes and got mesmerized in them. He wanted to kiss her so bad. Maryann noticed this and got mesimerzied in his blue eyes. She wanted to kiss him too, but she didn't want to get involved with him because she was afraid of getting hurt and she still had slight feelings for Stevin.

Nick leaned down to kiss her and millions of thoughts started running through her head."Ohmigod! He's gonna kiss me! But I'm not ready yet, am I?"

Stevin was watching them from a sand dune."I can't believe that asshole is hitting on my 'woman'! I'll show him." He took a piece of paper and wrote a note on it. He folded it into a paper plane and threw it at Nick.

Just as Nick was about to kiss her, he got hit with the plane. Dissapointed, he got off of her and sat down facing away from her while reading the note on the paper plane.

Hey Nick! "Asshole"

You stay away from MY girl, Maryann. You can try to get her, but you won't succeed. You, me , and espically her know that she's still in love with me, so don't even waste your time trying to get her because you never will.

Your sworn enemy and 'will always be' boyfriend of your 'crush', Stevin

"What's that?" Maryann asked.

"Nothing" Nick said angrily, while hiding the paper and crumpling it."I can't believe Stevin would do this! I was so close to kissing her. The weird thing was that she started tensing up when I leaned down to kiss her. What if she dosen't like me? What if she still has feelings for Stevin? I want her so bad. I love her."

Maryann felt hurt and thought that Nick was mad at her. "Oh" she said as her eyes started to water, "I'm going back inside." She started to run back towards the house.

Nick saw this and started to feel remorse. "Maryann! Come back! I'm sorry I just-" But she kept on running.

"I love you" he whispered.

Heather was looking at Nick & Maryann and a thought ran through her head.'They will make a good couple'. She also saw Maryann run towards the house. "There is something wrong with her, and i'm going to find out with it is!" She thought. Heather got out and walked towards the house. Before she made it to the house, she glanced at the sand dunes. In there was a guy with a pair of bionoculars.........Stevin.

**Inside the House**

"Maryann? Where are you?" Heather asked.

"In here, in the livingroom" Maryann responded depressed.

"What's wrong?" Heather asked.

"I don't know, Nick was about kiss me but a paper airplane hit him in the head, I think it was something bad. He didn't let me read it, he just crumbled it up." Maryann said with tears coming from her face.

"Oh, who do you think might do that?" Heather said sitting next to her, letting Maryann cry on her shoulder.

"I don't know" she sniffed, "Maybe somebody who was jealous...."

** At the beach**

Nick watched Maryann open the house door and go in. "What else does Stevin want from her?" he thought. Nick got extremely angry thinking about what Stevin would do to her."I'm gonna kill him. Stevin hurt her and I won't let him do it again. I have to talk to her." Nick started crying but he quickly dried up his tears and went inside the house.

"Is it just me or is Nick crying?" Karen asked watching Nick going.

"What do you mean? Nick never cries, at least not in front of us" AJ said.

**Inside the house**

"It could be Stevin,but i'm not sure" Maryann said crying more.

"Stevin? Who is he?" Heather asked.

"He is my ex-boyfriend, He cheated on me, with my friend Lauren for 6 months." Maryann said recalling the time at the mall with Karen.

"I'm sorry" Heather said with a grin on her face.

"He is trying to win me back, but I won't let him! I really, really like Nick and he's not gonna stop me." Maryann said proudly wiping the tears off her face.

Just then she saw Nick come inside the house. "Umm, Heather? Could I talk to Maryann alone?"

"Sure" she nodded and left the house. Nick sat down next to her.

"I'm sorry. I even made you cry" Nick said noticing Maryann's tear-stained cheeks.

"It's ok" Maryann said,"What were you reading on the paper plane?"

Nick was not sure if he should tell her but she had a right to know. He gave her the crumpled note in his hand. She read it and starting crying again. But this time her tears were caused by anger and hurt. "I'm gonna kill him!" she screamed, "I knew he was on this beach! He visited me this morning and-"

"Wait a minute, he came by this morning?"

"Yeah, he kept telling me that I still love him but I don't. As of now I don't love him anymore. But he keeps hurting me and confusing me and I can't take it anymore!...." she cried even harder.

Nick did the only thing he could do, he held her in his arms, wiped her tears and gently pressed his lips against hers....

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