Chapter 22- Men and TV!

"What?" Maryann questioned.

"Nothing, nothing at all" Nick responded as he walked into the kitchen.

Then laughter broke out in the livingroom. Brian and Karen were laughing at Maryann's position. Maryann saw that, quickly responded and walked into the livingroom. Karen noticed that and she got up and started to run. Maryann was in quick pursuit. They ran up the stairs, down the upstairs hallway, back down the stairs, circled the kitchen table and then Karen jetted away. Maryann followed her to Karen's room. Karen tried to shut the door, but Maryann was trying to open it. Karen let go of the door, and in plowed Maryann. Karen quietly sat on her bed, and Maryann punched her in her upper left forearm.

"Ouch! That hurt!" Karen hollered.

**At the same time- Downstairs**

When they heard Karen holler, Kevin said "She got her".

Brian ran up the stairs to see Karen & Maryann laughing.

"Don't you worry, B, I didn't kill her." Maryann joked.

Brian just stood there and watched.

"Mair,before I forget, Thank You" Karen said hugging Maryann.

"You're welcome, and how did that all happen?" Maryann asked.

"Is that any of your business?" Karen asked.

"Yeah, I played Cupid, you know! If it wasn't for me, you two would still be fighting."

"Should I tell her" Karen asked Brian.

"Like I really care.." Brian was silenced by Karen's lips.

"Oooh LAH LA!" Maryann laughed.

"Shutup before I kill you, and I'll tell you something, Nick will hate me after......... Uh, did I say Nick?" Karen said slowly walking out of her room only to be caught.

"What about Nick?" Maryann asked.

"Umm...nothing" Karen said quickly as she walked out of the room with Brian.

"What about Nick?" Brian asked.

"Nothing, But it will all come together either today or tomorrow.

"Ok" Brian said walking down the stairs with Karen. Maryann just stood in Karen's room and pondered.

"I'll ask her later"Maryann thought as she went into her room to change into her bathing suit.

**A few minutes later-In the living room**

Latoya, Karen, and Maryann were in their bathing suits talking about how they would break the news to the boys & Jamie.

"Maybe we should just tell them now" Latoya said.

"Where is our copy of the magazine" Karen asked.

"I have it, it is upstairs in my room, Want me to get it?" Maryann responded.

"Yes!" Karen & Latoya said in unison.

"When you are doing that we will get Bsb and Jamie in here." Karen added.

"Alright already!" Maryann whined.

"I'll get Jamie, Aj and Howie, You get Brian, Nick & Kevin, okay?" Latoya planned.

"Sure" Karen said with a sly smile on her face.

**With Latoya**

"Come out, come out, where ever you all are" Latoya thought.

"Aj? Jamie? Howie?" Latoya yelled outloud.

"Yes" Jamie said pushing Aj away. Jamie & Aj where making out in Jamie's bedroom. "Where are you?" Latoya asked.

"In my room" Jamie responded.

"Ok, Go to the livingroom! I have to find Howie!" Latoya said walking down the rest of the hallway.

"I saw him in his room before." Jamie said.

"Thanks" Latoya said going to Howie's room.

**With Karen**

"Golly, they can hide themselves very well!" Karen joked. Karen thought of where guys would be found, and she directly thought that they would be either watching TV or in the bathroom. Karen checked all the bathrooms and they were all empty. "That is odd! They are in the den!" Karen said lightly to herself. Karen walked to the den. Karen opened the door and heard the TV announce "The New York Yankees are ahead the Florida Marlins 1-0. Tino Martinez is now up. Tino swings,Strike.Tino swinged again, Ball. Tino is now stepping out, giving himself some practice swings, and now stepping up to the plate. Tino swings, Its' going, going, GONE! Tino hit a 2-run homerun!"

"Men and TV!" Karen said.

"What did you say?" a voice called from the den.

"I said Men and TV!" Karen said louder walking down the stairs.

"Oh" Nick responded.

"As I said before, all men do is watch TV and give us girls hell!" Karen said sarcastically.

"That's not true" Howie responded defensively.

"I was being sarcastic! You guys do more annoying things which I'm not about to talk about now!" Karen joked.

Everyone just rolled their eyes.

"Oh, before I forget! Us girls have something to tell you all, so scat to the livingroom." Karen added.

Nick, Howie, and Kevin obeyed and walked up the stairs but Karen and Brian stayed downstairs. "When shall we finish?" Brian joked.

"When ever you want but not right now!" Karen responded pecking Brian on the lips.

"Ok" He responded. They walked up the stairs hand-and-hand.

** 5 minutes later - back in the livingroom **

Everybody (Brian, Karen, Nick, Maryann, AJ, Jamie, Kevin, Latoya and Howie) were sitting in the livingroom. The boys and Jamie were wondering what was wrong. "So why do you have us in here?" Kevin asked.

"We wanted to show you this. Read." Maryann said holding up the magazine.

Jamie and the boys read the article in the magazine. When they finished they all had shocked expressions on their faces. "No wonder why I was getting threats from girls!" Jamie said.

"I can't believe this! We're sorry girls we'll clear this up on our next interview." Kevin said.

"It's ok" Latoya responded, "But the question is, who did it?"

"I have no idea who would wanna do that, maybe somebody wanted to get back at us." Maryann said.

Just then the doorbell rang. Karen answered it. "Heather!" she shrieked.

Heather stood at 5 feet 5 with long curly honey blonde hair and brown eyes. Karen introduced her to everybody. Kevin checked Heather out as she stood there."Wow, she's pretty. But I have Cassie. She was supposed to be here a week ago. I wonder what's going on?"

When they finished the introductions, Jamie lended Heather one of her bathing suits and they all headed out to the backyard to the beach. But what they didn't know was that someone was hiding behind a sand dune watching them: Stevin.

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