Chapter 2- The Biggest Moment of A Lifetime

**45 minutes Later**

With help they found their front row seats. "Thanks" Karen & Maryann said in unison to the security guard. Karen & Maryann found their seat in the nick of time. Eyc opened for the Backstreet Boys. They were good, but it was when Aj, Brian, Howie, Kevin & Nick can flying out on "Spaceboards" that got the crowd to go wild. Maryann drew up 2 signs that said "A little bit of BSB in my life!" and "We are the perfect fans!!"

The concert was great, and the BSB had the most amazing outfits on. Karen and Maryann were shown backstage with a bodyguard. They were next to a closed door. "Wait here.",the bodyguard said and left.

In the meantime, Maryann was freaking out. "What if they like me? What if they don't like me? What if I do something really embarrassing? Do I look okay? Is my hair okay? What if-"

Karen let out a big sigh "SHUT UP!", Karen yelled. "You look fine!"

Since Maryann had to change out of her beloved BSB clothes, she was now wearing a white tee shirt with a dark blue short-sleeved cardigian sweater. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail and she was wearing black khaki cargo pants.

"I can't! This is the biggest moment of a lifetime!!"

As the security guard came out of the "mysterious" room, Maryann & Karen did a last minute hair check and both said "OK" in unison. Slowly the security guard opened the door. There was bsb, Nick & Brian playing Mario Kart, AJ was talking on the phone to his mom, Kevin was at a table writting something, and Howie was in the "Kitchen" of the room. Brian paused the game to greet Maryann & Karen, Nick soon followed.

"Hey, I'm Brian" Brian said while extending his hand.

"Hey, I'm Nick" Nick said. "So girls, What are your names?"Nick asked.

"Maryann" Maryann said.

"Karen" Karen said with joy on her mind.

"So, your names are Karen & Maryann, I always liked the name Maryann" Nick said.

"Would you like to watch us play Mario Kart?" Brian offered. Karen & Maryann sat down on the closest chairs. While watching Brian whoop Nick's butt in Mario Kart.

"Hey, do you happen to have 2 other controllers?" Maryann blurted out.

"Sure" Nick said with a evil grin on his face.

**30 Minutes Later**

"Hey we were supposed to win" Nick whimpered.

After Maryann & Karen whipping Brian & Nick in Mario Kart 20 wins - 4 loses, Maryann & Karen got introduced to Kevin, AJ, & and finally Howie.

"Ok girls you got to go. BSB has to move on to the next city on the tour early tomorrow morning, They need to sleep you know" the security guard said.

"Ok we will be right there" Maryann said with a yawn.

"Ok so I guess this is goodbye" Nick said.

"Yeah, unfortunely" Karen added. "We had a good time, where is your next tour stop?" Maryann asked.

"In the PNC Bank Arts Center in N.J. in 4 days. We're on a break. YESSSSSS!!" Brian exclaimed.

"Oh that is great" Maryann said. "Because we live in NJ. We can show you around." Karen added.

"That would be great" Kevin inputted.

"Sooooo, Kevin actually speaks" Maryann joked.

"Well, I have too, my career is to move my mouth" Kevin added.

"So what hotel are planning at staying in?" Maryann asked the group.

"The Hilton" Howie said walking out of the dark abyss of the kitchen with a big glass of milk and a milk mustache.

"Can you guys keep it down, i'm talking to my mom." AJ asked.

"Oh the Hilton, That is the nicest hotel line the garden state has to offer" Karen said ratherily loud.

"Can you PLEASE keep it...,Ok mom talk to you to soon, Bye." A.j said while hanging up the phone. "GRRRRRRR" is all AJ had to say about that situation.

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