Chapter 17- Goodbye New Jersey..... WAAAAAAH!

**The Next Morning, In New Jersey**

That Night, Karen, Maryann, & Latoya spent the night in Latoya's old room.

"Ouch! That floor smarts!" Maryann said getting up from the floor.

"Tell me about it" Karen said also getting up from the floor.

"Ha! I told you that you should have slept in your own room!" Latoya said getting out of "her" bed.

"What time is it?" Karen said looking towards Latoya's alarm clock.

"It's 6:48am" Latoya said turning the alarm clock towards herself.

"Hey Toya, turn on the radio" Maryann said walking to Latoya's bed.

"Ok" Latoya pressed the radio button.

"YESSSSSS! 'What a girl wants' by Christina Aguilera is on!! YEAH BABY!" Maryann said starting to dance to the music.

After the song was over, Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You(Before I Met You)" came on.

"SWEEEEEEET!" Karen said jumping for joy.

"What is wrong with her?" Latoya asked.

"Trust me you do not want to know!" Maryann said shaking her head.

(**Kn: just to let you know, I know that these songs just came out, but we love them, so just pretend they came out during the summer. thanks! =P**)

**At the same time... In Florida(Nick's house)**

(MN:Now I know that Nick has recently moved to Cali, (*sniff* he movin far away from me! *sniff*) I'm gonna assume that he still lives in Florida because it works into the story better. K?)

The night before Nick fell asleep thinking of what to do that was nice to try to win the girls' trust back. When he awoke, his mind was filled with ideas. Nick grabbed a notebook and pen, and started to jot some of the ideas down.


"Yes?" Nick asked through the door.

"It's me, Brian" Brian said through the other side the door.

"Oh, come in Frick!" Nick said placing the notebook and pen under his pillow.

"So, what's up, Frack?" Brian asked sitting down on Nick's bed.

"Nothing, why?" Nick asked.

"Oh, no reason. What is that thing I saw you shove under your pillow?" Brian asked trying to get to Nick's pillow.

"A notebook, I was writing down some ideas to do to make up for what we did to the girls" Nick said taking the notebook from under his pillow.


"What to hear some of them?" Nick asked fingering through the notebook trying to find the page where he wrote his ideas down.

"Sure, but I can read it myself you know." Brian said.

"No, that's alright, I'll read it myself" Nick said looking at the notebook that held the truth of his obessions. The reason why Nick wanted to read it instead of letting Brian read it is because the page before the list of ideas he wrote: NICK -N- MARYANN= 4 EVER.... Just like a innocent little girly crush, but it was far from that, cupid's arrow stabbed Nick right in the heart. Maryann captured his heart. He was in love.(CN: OH NO, OUR LITTLE NICK IS IN LOVE!....BTW: CN means cupid's note, lol =P)

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**2 Hours later @ the Airport**

"Excuse Me, where is the plane that is going to West Plam Beach at 10am?" Karen asked the airport attendant.

"That will be gate 129" The airport attendant said with an attitude.


"Why, yes I did! How did you figure that one out?" the attendant snickered.

"Excuse our friend" Maryann & Latoya said in unison pulling Karen by the arm.

"What in God's name is wrong with you?" Maryann said pushing Karen into a chair.

"She gave me an attitude... I was being nice to her, and then she gave me an attitude! I'm not a wimp, I can take her" Karen said getting up from the chair.

"Don't even think about it" Latoya said grabbing hold of Karen's arm.

"Is this the way you want to leave Nj... With an attitude?" Latoya said with a slight attitude.

"No... Wait a second.. I know that guy over there.. It's Heather's dad!" Karen said getting up from the chair.

**In Nick's house**

"I'll tell you something, right now, I like that idea about the flowers, but I would like to put a twist to it..., have it hand delivered by us!" Brian said jumping up from Nick's bed.

"Do you remember when Karen told me that Maryann has asthma, did she tell..." Nick started.

"Hold up? Maryann has asthma?" Brian questioned.

"From what I know, She had it almost all her life, which is 19 years" Nick recollected.

"Oh, then you better get them Teddy bears, or necklaces, or something non-allergic" Brian said just suggesting a couple of ideas.

"How about a box of Puff's Plus Tissues?" Nick joked.

"Funny." Brian said seriously.

"We'll get them teddy bears, with a heart saying 'Sorry'." Nick said jotting down his idea.

"I like it, but there's just one little problem. Where are we gonna deliver it?"

"Oh yeah, I don't know. Dosen't Jamie live in West Palm Beach?"" Nick asked.

"Yeah she does, but how are we gonna find her house?" Brian replied, "Wait! I know, Jamie's last name is Schultz, right?"

""Yeah it is, where are you getting at?"

"Let's look in the phone book for her address, maybe she's listed." Brian suggested.

"Ok" Nick said as he took out a phone book and started scanning it, "Ah ha! I found it!"

** In the Airport **

"Hello, Mr. Bradley, Where you heading?" Karen asked.

"Oh, Hi Karen, I'm heading to go see Heather, How are you, Long time no see, How long has it been?" Heather's dad asked.

"I'm Fine, It has to be at least 5 years" Karen said.

"Call me Rob, 5 years, By the way, where are you heading?" Rob asked.

"Hi I'm Maryann, I don't believe we met, I met Heather though, We are heading to West Palm Beach..... We're moving there, We got appected to 'The College Of The Palm Beaches', Our friend, Jamie, lives down there." Maryann said shaking Rob's hand.

"Pleased to finally meet you Maryann, I recall one time when Karen was over my house, she said your name." Heather's dad replied.

" I'll fill you in later, Oh, I'm totally rude, These are my friends, Mair and Toya." Karen said.

"Hello, sorry to interrupt but our plane leaves in 20 minutes and we have to go to the other end of the airport.....great." Latoya said sarcastically.

"Well, ok, Bye Karen, Maryann, Latoya... Hope to see you all again soon" Rob said leaving.

"Hey, Mr. Bradley, Here is my new address & number, give it to Heather and tell Karen(Heather's Mom) & Heather I said 'Hi', Have Heather call me, I have a surprise for her, HeHe!" Karen said handing Rob the piece of paper.

"Will do & Bye!" Rob said leaving for his plane.

**10 minutes later-On the other side of the airport**


"Good timing, Toya!" Maryannn & Karen congratulated their friend.

"Where are the tickets?" Maryann asked.

"Right here" Karen said handed each of the girls a plane ticket.

They walked over on to the line, and give their tickets to the attendant. As the plane took off, Karen, Latoya & Maryann said "GOODBYE NEW JERSEY" in unison.

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