Chapter 16- Here We Go Again!

"Yeah, nobody will believe us!" Maryann said purchasing the 'Teenbop' magazine from the news stand.

"We have to let Jamie know!" Latoya said looking at her two friends.

"Well, we just cleared out our apartments, how are we supposed to call her without a phone?"Karen explained walking towards the apartment complex where they lived.

"Maybe Bernie will let us" Maryann said.

"Even if he will let us, I wouldn't touch his phone... YUCKY!" Karen said disgusted.

"What's so wrong with Bernie?" Latoya asked.

"Do you want to loose your appetite, because after we make the call I want to stop and have something to eat, It would the last meal in a NJ Diner! WAAAAAAAAAAH!" Karen said very sad.

**At the park- 12:00pm In Orlando**

"I wonder what the girls are doing right now" Brian asked pushing Angel on a swing.

"I don't know but, I miss them!" Nick said swinging on an empty swing next to Angel.

"Who are these girls you two are always talking about?" Angel asked innocently.

"Some people we met in New Jersey." Nick answered instantaneously.

"Really?" Aaron asked from the swing next to Angel & Brian.

"Yes, why?" Brian asked looking at Aaron.

"No reason....." Aaron responded.

"Why don't you call them" Angel suggested.

"Because, we don't have their number" Nick said swinging.

"What are their names?" Aaron asked.

"Aren't you the nosy type today?" Brian said pushing Angel.

"Yeah what are their names?" Angel said looking backwards at Brian.

"Uh, Their names are Rebecca, Vanessa, Sandra, and Laura." Nick lied.

"Is that their real names?" Aaron asked.

"No, their real names are Jamie, Karen, Latoya & Maryann." Brian said looking at Nick.

"Come on, let's go to a store. I have a candy craving bug." Nick said getting off his swing.

**In New Jersey- At the Bernie's door**

"Just look at me, I'm knocking on Bernie's door, out of all the people, Bernie's" Karen said disgusted.

Karen kept knocking..... "Nobody is home , come on let's go!" Karen said running toward the stairs.

"Get over here girl!" Maryann screamed running after Karen.

"Here we go again" Latoya said shaking her head, walking towards the stairs.

**Still in New Jersey- in the parking lot of the Apartment complex**

"HEY GET OVER HERE!!!" Maryann screamed.

"Why me?" Latoya asked looking at Maryann chasing Karen in the parking lot.

"HA! Got yah!" Maryann said laughing hysterically "HAHAHAHA!" Maryann laughed.

"That's not fair! You're mean!" Karen said swatting at Maryann.

"Told yah I was evil! ,HAHAHA!" Maryann said victoriously.

Latoya walked over to her two friends and grabbed hold on their shirts and dragged them to the jeep. "Where are the keys?" Latoya said pushing her friends against the car.

"Golly Toya, what wrong with you?" Maryann said looking at Latoya.

"You two, that what's wrong with me! You guys are acting like big BABIES!" Latoya said pretending to be peeved.

"Latoya, you are starting to scare me..." Karen said.

**In Orlando- In a Supermarket**

Nick, Brian, Aaron, and Angel were at a supermarket shopping for groceries. They were all wearing "disguises" so they wouldn't be noticed by the fans. They walked to the candy section of the supermarket and starting putting candy in the cart. Aaron and Angel were throwing around a bag of candy playing "basketball" when Aaron accidentally threw the bag too far past Angel, hitting a redhead.

"Aaron!" Brian yelled, "What did I tell you about throwing stuff in the supermarket?" He went over to the redhead to apoligize.


**In the parking lot of the apartment complex**

"So what do you guys wanna do now?" Karen asked.

"Well we can't go anywhere since probably every BSB fan in the world hates us" Latoya said.

"Yeah, why don't we just go back to the apartment and chill? Ya know, reminisce on the good old times?" Maryann suggested.

"Ok" the other girls said as they went back inside.

**Back at the Supermarket**

"Brian?" Jamie said surprised.

"Yeah it's me" Brian said, "Hey Nick come over here!"

"Oh no..I better leave" she said coldly as she turned to leave.

"No Jamie please don't go" Nick said coming over to where Brian was, "Are you still mad at us?"

"No, I'm so happy that you invaded our privacy. What do you think?!" she said sarcastically,"But I'm not really that mad anymore, just a little hurt. I don't know about the other girls though."

"We're sorry Jamie, we'll do anything to make it up to you" Nick said.

"I'ts ok. I forgive you" Jamie said hugging Nick and Brian.

"So what brings you to Orlando? I thought you lived in West Palm Beach?" Brian asked pulling away from the hug.

"I went to visit my aunt and uncle today."

"Oh", Nick said seeing Aaron and Angel coming over to him,"Meet my 2 younger siblings. Angel, who was playing with the bag you got hit with, and Aaron, who threw the bag at you. Guys, this is Jamie... What's your last name?"

"Schultz" Jamie said.

"Hi" they both said.

"Hi" she said back.

"Sorry about the bag", Aaron said blushing,"Are you the girl that Nick and Brian were talking about when we were at the park today?"

"They were talking about me?" Jamie asked, "What did they say?"

"They said-"

"We didn't say anything" Nick said covering Aaron's mouth with his hand,"Why don't you and Angel go look for more candy?"

"Alright" Aaron said with an exasperated sigh, "C'mon Angel." And they went back to the aisles to look for more candy.

"So are the rest of the girls here?" Brian asked.

"No they didn't get here yet" Jamie replied.

"When are they coming?" Nick asked.

"Gosh, what's with the third degree? No, they didn't get here yet. They're coming tomorrow morning. Now if you excuse me, I have to go home now, bye." she said as she walked away.

"Bye" Nick and Brian yelled out.

"Ya know Frick, I think I have an idea on how to get the other girls to forgive us.."

"Oh no Frack, let's just hope it's not like AJ's idea.."

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