Chapter 15- I'm Going to Miss This Place

**Still in the Boy's Suite**

"What the hell is this?" Jamie repeated.

"Um, um, I'm hungry guys, come on, let's go!" Kevin said heading towards the door.

"Answer my question!" Jamie yelled as she grabbed Howie by his shirt collar and pulled him right infront of her.

"Well, it's a videotape" Howie answered as Jamie let go of him.

"Well we know that Einstein, but the question is, who taped it and why are we in it?" Maryann protested.

"Umm, look, can we talk about this later?" AJ asked.

"NO! NOW!" Karen demanded.

"Oooh, somebody's vicious today" Nick joked.

"Shut up Nick! This is no time for jokes now." Maryann yelled, "What kind of people are you? Do you do this to all the fans you become friends with?"

"No, it's just that....well.....AJ why don't you explain it? It was your idea." Brian said.

"It was YOUR idea?" Jamie shrieked, "Are you some kind of psycho or something?" She started chasing after AJ and AJ ran out of the room.

"You guys are sick" Latoya added.

"Can't we all just get along?" Nick compromised.

"Will you just shut the hell up Nick! You're not helping!" Kevin said ratherly peeved.

Jamie came back into the room rubbing her hands together, "HA! That should teach AJ a lesson."

"Look girls, we're really sorry." Howie apoligized.

"Well I'm not accepting that lame ass apology because we'll never ever forget that!" Karen yelled as she stormed out of the room. Her declaration was a punch to their faces.(MN: Ouch! LOL!!)

"Bye perverts" Latoya said coolly as she left the room.

"I can't believe this" Jamie said also leaving the room with the tape in her hands.

As Maryann headed for the door, Nick stepped in front of her to block her from exiting."Mair, please don't go. Maybe we can talk this out or-"

"Don't talk to me. I can't even look at you" she said as she pushed past him and went to the doorway,"And DON'T call me Mair, only my FRIENDS call me that. And as far I as I know, none of you boys are our friends anymore." With that she left as the boys stared in shock.

(KN: Guess what! Bsb were voted best band, best pop act, I HATE DICKEY MARTIN! For your info, the magazine said he is sexier then NICK! AND I HATE BITCHNEY SPEARS! she was voted best video and was followed up by Larger than Life & I Want it That way! They were also voted for Best Disney Channel "In Concert", Best Cd, Best single for "I Want it That way". Bitchney beat bsb out for Best Clothes, they were voted best song to clean your room to: Larger Than Life" And Best song to do homework to "I Want it That way")

**2 weeks later-The Carter Home**

Soon after the argument, Karen, Maryann, and Latoya headed to their room as Jamie headed to her room to pack up and check out of the hotel. Jamie went back to her house in Florida to start school and the rest of the girls were now packing to move out of their apartment and move in with Jamie. As for the boys, they had no further contact with the girls so far. Since their tour ended early they were back in Florida and now on break.

Brian & Nick were in the Carters' kitchen talking.

"Hey Nick, You wanna know something, I miss the girls!" Brian said depressed.

"Yeah, Me too!" Nick answered also depressed.

"But I understand their anger, We videotaped their sleepover, We betrayed them!" Kevin said coming from the living room.

"Hey Nick, can you take Aaron and Angel to the park?" Jane Carter asked.

"Yeah, sure, Whatever, i need fresh air." Nick said standing up from the table.

"I need fresh air too, Nick, i'm coming, Fresh air is supposed to clear the mind." Brian said walking towards his best friend.

**At the same time- In Karen's Apartment**

Maryann & Karen were cleaning out Karen's apartment when Maryann stumbled across a tape.

"Remember this" Maryann metioned holding up the tape.

"Yeah, I remember, unfortunely" Karen said with a smirk on her face.

"Ok, that's everything in the livingroom." Maryann said handing Karen the last box.

"I have to check my room, Hold on" Karen said placing the box on the floor. Karen walked over to her room and said "Hey Mair, can you help me in here?"

"Yeah, I'm coming" Maryann said.

**5 minutes later**

The girls were still packing. "So you have your share of stuffed animals too I see" Maryann said holding up a stuffed dog.

"That's Bootsie, my dog from my childhood" Karen said remembering Bootsie. (KN: Bootsie was a real dog that I recently had to put to sleep this past May. BOOTSIE~1981-1999. WAAAAAAAAHHH!)

"That's something I didn't know" Maryann said puzzled.

"Well, now you know" Karen informed her.

"Ok, that's interesting" Maryann said sarcastically.

"Ok, that's it" Karen said as she taped the last box, "Let's go see if Toya needs our help."

They walked over to the pile of boxes, picked them up, went to the door, looked around for the last time and shut the door.

"You know, I'm gonna miss this place" Karen said.

Latoya was already done packing and was putting her last boxes outside when Karen and Maryann walked over to her room. "Hey guys" Latoya said,"Are you guys done packing?"

"Yeah" they both responded.


"That's the moving truck," Latoya said, "Let's bring our stuff outside."

The girls brought their stuff outside to pack in the moving truck. They were going to leave for Florida tomorrow morning.

**10 minutes later**

As the moving truck left Karen blurted out,"Let's go to the park."

As they were walking to a nearby park, they passed by a news stand. 3 teenage girls were giving Karen, Latoya, and Maryann smirks. "What are you girls doing in New Jersey?" one of the girls asked bitterly.

"Well excuse us. Does being born in NJ count for the reason why we're here?" Maryann snapped back.

"You guys just disgraced the whole state of NJ" another girl snapped.

"What are you talking about?" Karen asked.

"Listen and listen good" the 3rd girl said,"It says right here in this magazine that each of you and some other redhead dated the Backstreet Boys and dissed their music."

"WHAT!! That's not true. Let me see that," Latoya said snatching the "Teen Bop" magazine from the girl's hand. She read,"4 girls by the names of Karen Lewis, Latoya Andrews, Maryann Valdez, and Jamie Schultz were staying at the Hilton in New Jersey, the same hotel the Backstreet Boys were staying in at the time. The 4 girls were reported to be recently dating the boys. A reporter overheard an arguement that the girls and the boys had in a the hotel room at the Hilton in NJ. The reporter had heard the girls diss the boys on their music and call them names."

Next to the article were several pictures of the girls in the pool playing volleyball with the Backstreet Boys. "I can't believe this!" Latoya yelled throwing the magazine down on the floor,"None of this is true!"

"Even if this isn't true, who out of all people are gonna believe us?" Karen asked.

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