Chapter 14- What the Hell Is This?

**Still in the girls' suite**

"I don't think I should of asked that question.....Sorry Mair!" Latoya said looking at her best friend trying to comfort her.

Maryann was bawling all right, "I swear if she crys anymore we could go swimming in the room" Karen said sarcastically. Just then everybody stared at Karen. "What?" Karen asked.

Jamie got up to get Maryann the box of tissues.

"Here you go Mair." Jamie said handing Maryann the box of tissues.(Kn:*At my house it is 4:25am est, and can I ask?? How come all the the good music is on while we sleep?? (That's not fair! WAAAAH!) Right now SMTMOBL is on! This is 5th bsb song in the last hour! But who's can complain?? KTBSPA! Oh, I have a creative bug early in the morning, if you're wondering, BACK TO THE STORY!!! =P )

"Thanks..." Maryann said smiling. "Can some one get me my inhaler? and I have to answer that dare...".

"I'm going to get someone to help you Mair and you're inhaler is low......again" Karen said showing Maryann the inhaler.

"Yeah, it is low. You can go to the pharamacy to get it refilled, get my purse." Maryann said.

Karen handed Maryann her purse. Maryann opened her purse and handed Karen the prescipition paper and told her that she'll pay her back.

"Ok, i'll come back asap!" Karen said leaving the room. Little did she know, somebody was watching her in the hallway.

**In the guys suite**

"Now, what's wrong with you, Aj? You were in there already! You're not going back in there!" Howie complained.

"So, and your point?" Aj asked, "Bye guys!" Aj said leaving the boys' room to go to the girls' room. On his way there, he bumped into Karen.

"Where are you going?" Aj asked.

"To the pharamacy, I have to get a refill, Maryann's inhaler is low, which is very weird being that we came from the hospital this morning!" Karen explained.

"Can I tag along?" Aj asked.

"Like I care, The whole hotel can come with us, and Aj, don't you think about it!" Karen exclaimed.

"OoooH!" Aj moaned.

**20 minutes later-In the Girls' Suite**

Karen returned from the pharmacy with Maryann's refill. AJ was now in the room too. Maryann just finished telling her story about her and Stevin. When she finished, she ended with saying, "I'll never fall in love again."

"I'm,-I'm sorry" Nick stuttered,"I'm sure the right guy will come around." "Damn Stevin, if I ever get my hands on that guy he'll feel extremely sorry for hurting her like that.(MN:Oooooh, threats! LOL!) She needs a real man to love her. I hope sometime in the future I can get her to like me" Nick thought.

"I hope so. I don't wanna get hurt again" Maryann said.

After the game of truth or dare, the girls kicked the boys out of their suite to finish their sleepover.

(MN:This part might confuse you a bit, but you'll figure it out soon!)

Earlier in the day, Stevin and Lauren checked into the hotel since they were also on vacation. Stevin was looking at a bunch of pictures he took that day. As he did so, Lauren came up to him. Stevin quickly hid his pictures. "Whatcha lookin at baby?" Lauren asked.

"Oh, nothing, just old pictures of me" Stevin lied.

"Oh, let me see" Lauren said looking for the pictures.

"NO! They're really embarassing, I don't want you to see them" Stevin said quickly.

"OK, I'm gonna go check out the hotel. You wanna come?"

"No thanks, I'm just gonna hang out here." Stevin said as Lauren headed for the door. Stevin picked up the phone to call someone.

"I love you Stevin" Lauren said as she shut the door. Stevin pretended he didn't hear her because truth was, he wasn't really in love with Lauren, but he felt some kind of attraction to her. They were going out but he didn't seem to love her as much as he loved Maryann. Stevin dialed the number. Someone picked up at the 3rd ring."Hello?"

"Hello," Stevin said,"I've got something to tell you...."

*The Next Morning- In the Girls' Suite**

Maryann, Karen and Latoya were already awake."G'mornin everybody" Jamie said yawning while coming out from her room.

"G'mornin Jamie" the other girls said. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Karen answered it to find Kevin and Howie at the door. "Hey Karen" Howie said, "Can we come in?"

"Sure" Karen responded as she escorted the boys in. When the girls weren't looking, Howie went to the bookshelf, took the camcorder out, and hid it in his coat jacket. "We just stopped by to invite you to breakfast with us at a restaurant in this hotel. You wanna go?" Kevin asked.

"Sure," Maryann said.

"Meet us at our suite in 10 minutes" Howie said as he left the suite.

**10 minutes later-In the boys suite**

The boys were in the suite finishing getting ready to go out with the girls. "So Howie, you got the tape?" AJ asked.

"Right here" Howie said holding it up and putting it down on the coffee table, "I can't wait to watch this."

"You know guys, maybe this wasn't such a good idea" Kevin said. (MN: LOL! He sounds like Chuckie from Rugrats!)

"What do you mean?" Brian said, "We're leaving for our next tour stop tonight and it's not like they're gonna find out what we've done. But to think of it, I'm kinda of feeling bad about what we're doing."

"Me too" the other guys chorused. Just then, there was a knock on the door. The girls came in and just when they were about to leave for breakfast, Kevin's cell phone rang. "Hello?...Yeah.....Right now?..But we were just....Ok..see ya in 10..Bye", Kevin hung up, "We've got bad news, girls. We have an urgent meeting to go to and they need to see us NOW."

"Now?" Nick whined,"Aww man. Sorry girls, why don't you stay here until we come back? I'm sure the meeting's not that long."

"Ok" Latoya said as the boys left.

"Bye" the girls said in unison.

"So, what should we do now?" Karen asked.

"I don't know," Maryann answered, "What about you Jamie?"

"Jamie was busy looking at a tape on the coffeetable. "Hey, what's this?" she asked.

"I don't know, it's probably some porn" Karen answered.

"Eww, I don't think the boys would watch that kind of stuff. Would they?" Maryann asked.

"Hey, you never know. There's only one way to find out. Where's the VCR? Oh, here it is" Jamie said as she put the tape in the VCR. As soon as the tape started playing, the girls were shocked at what they saw......

**An hour later**

The boys were in the hotel walking back to their suite. "Oh god I can't believe that our tour was cut short. I'm so happy, yet I'm kinda sad cuz we would be dissapointing the fans" Nick rambled on.

"I can't wait to tell the girls" Brian said. As they opened the door to their suite, they were met with 4 angry girls. One of them had their tape in their hands.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" Jamie yelled.

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