Chapter 13- Truth or Dare

**10 Minutes Later-In the Girls' Suite**

Brian and Nick knocked on the door of the girls' suite. BAM! BAM! BAM!

Karen stood up to answer the door only to find Maryann at the door greeting Nick and Brian. "Hey Mair, I was supposed to answer the door" Karen protested.

"Oh, it's you guys, come in, care to join us in truth or dare?" Karen said with a smirk.

"Hello to you too! Someone's cranky tonight" Nick joked.

"Very funny, It was so funny I forgot to laugh!" Karen said giving Nick a smirk.

"So guys, care to join us?" Latoya said.

"Ok, we'll play" Brian said then whispered something into Nick's ear, "This way we could find out if they like us instead of waiting for the tape tomorrow."

Just then both of them put a evil grin on their faces and laughed "Mwuhahahaha" only to have 4 girls staring at them with confused expressions on their faces. "We like playing truth or dare" Brian and Nick said in unison.

**In the boys' room**

"HELLO TO AJ! IS ANYONE IN THERE??" Howie said in aj's ear, Aj fainted 2 minutes after he came into the room.(Kn: I wanted to tell you that before i continued! Enjoy!)

"Would you stop that!" Aj screamed when getting up from the floor "I'm ok, it just...."


"Oy,vey" Howie said before caring for his friend.

** In the girls' room**

"Ok, Jaime, Truth or dare?" Karen asked

"Truth" Jaime said bravely.

"Mwuhahahaha......,Ok, Truth, DO you like Aj, and to what extent, Jaime?" Karen said with a sly smile on her face.

" rather not answer that question" Jaime said studdering.

"But you have to, it's not fair" Brian said.

"Ooooooh! Ok! I love Aj, he the best thing that happened to me, and well I'll tell you guys the rest tomorrow!" Jaime said proudly.

"Ok, my turn, Brian, same question but do you like Karen?" Jaime said laughing

"Well, uh, can I answer without her here?" Brian asked studdering.

"That's not fair! Ok, I'll leave but, let me know when you guys are done" Karen said when getting up from the floor.

When Karen left, Maryann locked the door.

"Is she gone?" Brian asked looking around the room.

"Yeah, she just left, why?" Maryann asked.

"Ok, that's good! I want to admit to people that I can trust!" Brian said empiashing trust "I do like Karen" Brian added.

"Ooooooooh, B's in love, B's in love" Nick squealed.(Kn: LOL! I'm evil! MWUHAHAHAHA!)

"Get over here Nick, I'm gonna kill you!" Brian screamed loud enough for Karen to hear it outside the room.

"You know, It is not fair how they have so much fun when I'm not in there!" Karen said to herself.


Latoya, Jamie, & Maryann were on the floor laughing their asses off.

"That's what you get for teasing me!" Brian say when he stopped hurting Nick.

"That wasn't funny!" Nick commented before sitting back down.

All the girls were still cracking up, when Brian started to continue what he was saying before he was rudely interupted. "Ok, I would like to say that I want Karen to like me for myself, not being a Bsb!" Brian said and was interupted by Maryann.

"Well, I can tell you that, before we met you, she mentioned one time, that if she ever met someone like you she would like to treat you like a normal person, and not like a famous person." Maryann babbled on.

"Ok, that's nice to know!" Brian informed Maryann.

"Hello! Can I come in, and what did you do to Nick, Brian?" Karen asked through the door.

"Yeah, you can come in!" Maryann said while still laughing at Nick.

Brian got up to answer the door.

"Hey Karen, come in" Brian said to Karen.

"Uh, Hello Brian, What did you do to Nick?" Karen asked.

"Oh, nothing, why?" Brian asked.

"Sure Brian, sure" Karen said when sitting back on the floor.

"Now it's my turn" Brian said while rubbing his hands together with a mischevious grin. "Hmmmmm, Who should I pick? I know, how about you Latoya? Truth or Dare?"

"Man! I'm gonna be brave so I'll pick dare" Latoya said.

"Ok Latoya, you have to pick one of us to impersonate as a Backstreet Boy" Brian said.

"Ok Brian, since you're picking the dare I'll impersonate you" Latoya said.

"Uh oh" Nick said with a smirk,"this is gonna be good."

"Shut up" Brian said.

"OK I'll start" Latoya said, "Get over here Nick, I'm gonna kill you!"

Everybody started laughing. "I wanna be Nick" Jamie said.

"Ok" Latoya responded.

"Oh no Brian, please don't hurt me! I'm scared!" Jamie squealed.

Latoya started chasing Jamie around the room. "Get over here you little twirp!" Latoya screamed.

"I'm not a little twirp. I want my mommy!" Jamie whined.

Everybody but Nick was laughing their asses off. "Ok that's enough!" Nick said nearly yelling,"I'm not a little twirp!"

"Ok, Ok, we'll stop" Jamie said still laughing.

"Good" Nick said while blushing, "Who's turn is it now?"

"My turn" Latoya said,"Ummmmm, Maryann, truth or dare?"

"Umm...truth" Maryann responded.

"Ok. What happened between you and Stevin?" Latoya asked.

Soon after Maryann heard the name "Stevin" tears welled up in her eyes and slowly started to roll down her cheeks.....

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